Down to the Wire, Last Chance for 2018 Fundraiser!

Only a bit over five hours remain in the Naked Capitalism fundraiser. Show your support of critical thinking, relentless pursuit of captured officials and lame pundits, demystifying finance, exposing looting, and cute animal pictures. In the last two hours, we’ve gotten 30 more donations, moving us even closer to our target of 1750 donors! Will you be one of the 57 to help push us over the top? Please go to the Tip Jar now to contribute.

Every dollar you give now helps fund more original reporting. And when you look at our budget compared to that of mainstream media newsrooms, Naked Capitalism delivers on a remarkably skimpy resources. Your contributions make a tangible difference here in a way they do at few other places. So please give whatever you can, since any donations, $10, $100, or $1000, is an investment in helping us do what we can to understand and influence the dramatic shifts happening in the economic and political realm.

And readers continue to send notes that express their enthusiasm for what you readers have helped build, a real community.

From William S:

I am sending the symbolic $27 your way for this fundraiser. At first I had planned $25, a nice round number, ’til I saw today’s post reminding me. Past fundraisers I have been unable to contribute, and indeed this time around I was close to the same, but I’ve had a slight windfall and I am proud to make my first contribution, though also slightly ashamed I haven’t given to the tip jar previously; I’ve been reading Naked Capitalism since I believe about 2009, when my father showed me the blog. The Links, Water Cooler, and feature articles/reposts are an integral part of my weekday now, especially since (being in Oregon) on my midmorning break the Links are already long up, along with the quality contributions of the commentariat, and by my lunch break in the early afternoon the Water Cooler has followed. On literally no other website do I enter the comments section expecting to be edified or to find excellent follow-ups to the article itself. Naked Capitalism is truly a treasure in a dark time for anyone left of neoliberal.

From Pat:

Just sent $5, more than I can afford at this point (paying off loans and credit cards; interest alone is killing me), but I didn’t want the fundraiser to go by without contributing some small token. Jerri-Lynn’s “Ode to the Commentariat” did it. I’m sure I’m not the first NC reader to say that comment holidays remind me how much the comments section means to me.

And Charlie H:

I just donated – Sending a quick note that even though my motherboard on my laptop just blew and I had to get a new computer pronto that was not in the budget, I still wanted to give to NC. NC is the most informative source out there and is a beacon in this era. Keep up the phenomenal job!

And Laughingsong:

K, I confirmed that the paychecks go in at midnight tonight and we have no debits scheduled so we can make it within the timeframe! Woo hoo! This is the third contribution, because I really can’t express how much this site and the writers and commentariat have educated me.

Join us and participate via our Tip Jar, which tells you how to give by check, credit or debit card (be sure to send us a message, “Check is in the mail” with the dollar total in the message body so we can count your donation in the fundraiser total).

With our deadline of midnight PDT (3:00 AM EDT) we can still make it if those of you who haven’t had time yet chip in, and those who’ve given earlier make an additional donation on behalf of those that are suffering financial hardships. If you can give a little, give a little. If you can give more, give more. If you can give a lot, give a lot. You are investing in making a difference and in making the next year the best one ever for this community. And thanks again for your generosity!

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  1. Dominique Vidrine

    Please keep up the great work! It’s my go to website for solid news in this day and age of “info”tainment news..
    Much thanks!

  2. rfdawn

    Thanks for being the source that tells me stuff I actually need to know. Even/especially stuff I’d rather not.

  3. Chip

    I’m a longtime lurker in flyover country, have never commented, nor donated before due to limited finances. I have greatly appreciated the existence of this website, and all the members of this community who provide critical comments. As I have come into a little extra cash, I’m going to finally make a donation. Thank you Naked Capitalism, you have helped me stay sane in these difficult times.

  4. JB

    Just donated, my pleasure. I read Naked Capitalism on a daily basis, it’s an incredibly important part of my life.

  5. davis sullivan

    I just saw that Paul Craig Roberts was banned from twitter and had to donate again. Is this the blue wave?

  6. Lambert Strether

    Yves is being far too modest. She writes:

    … relentless pursuit of captured officials…

    We don’t just pursue them, we catch them! This year, CalPERS CFO Charles Asubonten, and in past years the SEC’s Andrew Bowden. We don’t sit around drinking gin and eating bon bons!

    1. Redlife2017

      I would like to add that Gin and Bon bons are an acceptable addition to your pursuit and capture of captured officials. Even you and Yves need downtime!

      1. The Rev Kev

        I would be very careful about accepting gifts from strangers of bon-bons as it is a very old way for spies to send explosive booby-traps. You know – the old bomb-in-the-bon-bon-box trick as explained by Agent Maxwell Smart.

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