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By Michael Hudson, a research professor of Economics at University of Missouri, Kansas City, and a member of the Democracy Collaborative in Washington. His latest book is J is for Junk Economics

Who among us has time to read the press and e-sites that Yves and her other editors scour every day from the United States to England, Europe and Asia? It takes an enormous effort for them to sift through the ore and find the most relevant economic, scientific and political reports and news stories. That effort saves us time that we never would be able to spare to search out the articles that NC finds every day.

That’s why Naked Capitalism is the first site I visit when I turn my computer on in the morning. After I’ve done my three hours of writing, I return to NC because between links and sightings by the commentariat, and the afternoon Water Cooler update, it also keeps on top of breaking news without getting sucked into outrage du jour stories. Please go straight to the Tip Jar to keep this critical informational guide healthy and vibrant.

The efforts by Yves, Lambert and Jerri-Lynn to umpire the discussion and the excellent commentary by NC readers makes this blog unique. The great majority of alternative “prop-or-not” sites lack the resources to make such an effort or avoid sectarian cultishness. I send my articles first to NC because it is the best and most distilled guide to today’s global financial malaise, the most egregious neoliberal threats from Washington, the floundering Democratic Party, the bank jungle and Wall Street scandals, scams and frauds.

Sites like Naked Capitalism are even more under attack, as last week’s news showed with Facebook and Twitter taking sites opposed to police brutality and promoting peace off their platforms. By keeping this community close, as in on NC’s own servers, Naked Capitalism has fortifications that other alternative media sources lack. But that results in a high IT overhead that your donations help support. The staff at NC also spend a great deal of time on overseeing comments and participating in the discussion. Help defray support these features by making a contribution to this site.

Yves minimizes the intrusive advertising that disfigures most sites. That also makes donations even more important, so please give now. Whether you can send $5, $50, or $5000, all contributions help meet NC’s targets.

Piercing the shell of neoliberal doublethink in today’s financial End Time is an art. That is why it is so important to give what you can to keep NC thriving. Think of it as subscribing to the best daily paper.

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  1. Anon

    It takes an enormous effort for them to sift through the ore and find the most relevant economic, scientific and political reports and news stories.

    To continue your mining theme, another benefit of NC is that it reduces the overburden and tailings that seem to be ever present in more conventional media as they strip-mine the landscape.

    Contribution shortly.

  2. Demented Chimp

    Couldn’t agree more. Been reading since 2007 for all things financial. Also particularly like the links digest. Always some gems and saves so much time.

    Will donate today and encourage others reading to donate what they can afford. I know I would miss this ray of light in the cave

  3. Philonius

    Just donated for the first time. Like many contributors and commenters here, NC is my go-to news site first thing in the a.m. and first thing in the evening too with Water Cooler. I really appreciate the economics and financial educational perspectives this site provides, esp. on topics like MMT which has helped my understanding of how the financial world works.

    It’s encouraging to find my daily NC habit matches what other readers and writers do. And glad to support the comments section in particular–just as important as the daily links and in-depth discussions. Always enlightening and encouraging.

  4. tricia

    Sending in a check today- finally. My (now ‘our’) giving has been sporadic over the years because, very hard times. Better now in the financial area at least.
    Wanted to say that what’s been especially meaningful to me about this site is that it was in a way (via Links and Water Cooler) my “gateway drug” to alternative media sites that have been played a huge role in opening my eyes about the world (particularly this country’s ruling elite and their malign role in the world)- Black Agenda Report and Moon of Alabama come immediately to mind, there are others.
    Helped me dig myself out of the MSM Narrative hole I’d been in most of my adult life.
    And love love love Lambert’s little bit of commentary. His humor is a bit of therapeutic balm for the anger I often feel in response to the news (including my residual anger over obama and his hope & change con).
    So thanks to all at Naked Cap!

  5. Jonathan Holland Becnel

    Michael Hudsons down for the Revolution, Rades!!!!

    When actual people rule the Empire, Naked Capitalism will be the Vanguard of the Internet Dregs!!!!

  6. mrtmbrnmn

    The estimable Michael Hudson neglects to mention (out of modesty no doubt) that NC has the estimable Michael Hudson in its lineup!!!

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      I’m not sure what you think the advantage would be. We did that when we first published private equity limited partnership agreements, to save our host the brain damage of possibly being subjected to spurious DMCA takedown notices. Zero Hedge has its servers in Sweden, but that’s because it did and may still plagiarize entire Wall Street research reports. Everything we republish is with permission and we would take an article down pronto if that changed.

  7. DaveA

    I try hard to read news from multiple sources, my rss reader is full of them. But what happens? Everyday NC sucks up all my reading time. Always interesting, always sensible and often useful. But all the things I fail to learn because of them! Keep it up – I’ll do my best to fend for myself…

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