Yves Will Be Writing Regularly for New York Magazine (in Addition to Everything Else!)

New York Magazine has asked me to become a regular contributor, which will hopefully be twice a month, starting in October. They’ve asked me to write about the sort of things we discuss here at NC, but for a somewhat more generalist audience (New York Magazine readers are savvy but not necessarily tracking our topics with the intensity that we do).

Needless to say, this should help the visibility of Naked Capitalism and offset some of the damage done by Google downgrading sites like ours in searches. We’ll let you know when our pieces run and hope you enjoy them too.

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  1. Andrew Watts

    Congrats. I’d call that a big win given the circumstances. Anything that amplifies alternative messaging is welcome.

  2. ChrisAtRU


    I eagerly await your contributions!!! To paraphrase my favourite septuagenarian, “This is YUUUUGE!”

    We desperately need alternative voices in media. You having this platform is going to be amazing in terms of advancing so many of the ideas we discuss here, as well as providing a counterbalance to popular (and oft fallacious) narratives.

    Colour me excited!


  3. RBHoughton

    Woohoo. Congratulations at long last. Very happy to see NYM has recognised you and how relevant your views are. Good luck.

    1. Tom Stone


      And Tony, when will we see more coverage of CalPers by you?
      Your columns have been thoughtful and well written, and it’s an issue that should not go away.

  4. Michael K

    That’s wonderful news Yves! New York Magazine is a great channel to publicize the issues that interest us in the NC community, as you correctly describe. Sadly, I haven’t read it regularly since I moved to California from NYC 25 years ago. Now I have no excuses!

  5. ChrisPacific

    Interesting. That’s the second blogger that I respect that’s ended up writing for them. Perhaps I should pay closer attention to them.

    Can we have links to them on the regular blog so we can discuss them in comments?

        1. Edward E

          This is what you call a win-win-win, she’s perfect for it. New York Magazine had the great financial writer George Goodman who wrote as Adam Smith, wrote a lot about Wall Street. So now they have Yves Smith, this is just one of those wonderful deals. I’m so happy for you. Go have a great time.


  6. flora

    They are smart to bring you on board, considering the political and financial foment of the times. Glad your writing will reach a wider audience. Has there been a subtle shift in the zeitgeist, in part by your NC writing? One hopes. Congrats.

  7. Altandmain

    Congrats. I am hoping that NC and websites with similar views gets mainstream acceptance at some point.

  8. Geo

    Congrats!!! That’s wonderful to hear.

    Will be great to get a larger platform for so much of the valuable insights and info you share with us every day. As you said, your readers here get to discuss and digest this stuff all the time but outside of these rare communities much of it can be revelatory and challenging. Heck, all I have to do is repeat some of what I read here to my social circles and they all think I’m a genius.

    Will be great to see how the wider audience reacts to your pieces and really hope these valuable conversations can reach many more. Even if it means my friends will realize I’m not a genius and just repeat what I learn on NC. :)

  9. Wukchumni

    I’m happy that a deserving voice will be heard in a more widespread manner outside of financial blogs. Congrats.

  10. readerOfTeaLeaves

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall at CalPERS when they read this news ;-)))))
    (If I happened to be a fly, I’d probably fall right off the wall from giggling so hard…I have an image of glass shattering, books hurled across rooms, howls of anguish ;^)

    Very smart of NYMag.

  11. UserFriendly

    Here’s hoping they know what they’ve gotten themselves into. ;-)
    I can all too easily imagine some editor insisting on not criticizing the democrats fecklessness, or pushing you to carry water on Russiagate. I presume you warned them, lets hope they took you seriously. Thinking strategically, it might behove you to start on issues where there is common ground and make a few friends first before you move on to the hard truths. I’m sure you will do wonderfully and I can’t wait!

  12. Eileen Appelbaum

    This is really great news – you will reach lots of people who need your insights but haven’t found their way to NC!! Congratulations.

  13. nonesuch

    Wow! Congratulations. I’m hoping they are serious about this and don’t treat you as Time treated Barbara Ehrenreich back in the ’90’s. You’re a valuable, sane voice that needs to be heard in this spiraling insanity.

    1. flora

      And yet it was Time’s loss, not Ehrenreich’s. Ehrenreich still has the same cultural and financially /politically engaged readership. Time’s latterly fading ‘flash in the pan’ approach to journalism/columnists in no way diminished Ehrenreich’s strength. (Time mag has sadly shrunk to PennyShopper size and readership, imo.) Shorter: popularity is fleeting, real value is long lasting. etc.

  14. JBird4049

    I guess you are one of those people who don’t need sleep. ;-)

    Congratulations on the new position.

  15. David in Santa Cruz

    If this drives more traffic to NC, then good on ‘yer. But beware of Greeks bearing gifts. First-Look Media managed to take Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi out of mainstream circulation — just as owner Pierre Omidyar’s pal Obama needed to run for re-election in 2012.

    I’m a regular reader of NYM, but Pam Wasserstein is reportedly in bed (figuratively of course #metoo) with Aryeh Bourkoff and LionTree Partners. Friend or foe? Don’t spread yourself too thin!

  16. ArcadiaMommy

    WOW! Yves, her team and her readers have done so much to educate me. The forum that NC has provided for the exchange of ideas has reshaped how I see things. I am so glad there is an opportunity to reach a wider audience. Congratulations!

  17. Pespi

    Love your work, can’t wait to read it, maybe even throw in a subscription. Wishing continued success to everyone at NC, with all that entails in the world!

  18. ewmayer

    This is great news – congrats on some well-deserved recognition beyond the blogosphere. Of all the major NYC publications – I’m looking at you, NYT and New Yorker – New York Magazine is the one for which I have the greatest respect.

  19. c_heale

    It’s great news and tbh I’m surprised it’s taken so long for someone else to ask you to write for them.

  20. Darius

    I have new respect for New York Mag. Well done, Yves! You’ve got a community here, bursting with gratitude and anticipation.

  21. skippy

    Kudos Yves and look forward in anticipation of seeing what a new readership dynamic might bring.

    You unequivocally earned it.

  22. kk

    Dear me, conflicts of interest? We all start out as rebels and then end up as part of the establishment

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Help me. Did you miss I came out of the Establishment? If I wanted to sell out, I could do so for a hell of a lot more than what I’ll get writing two articles a month at contributor rates.

  23. Brooklin Bridge

    Congratulations! We readers are the lucky ones. Your title line, “(in addition to everything else),” suggests the only shadow.

  24. A Small Part of the Pantomime

    How wonderful, congratulations! Hope you will not be pressured to dilute your message and can continue to “give ’em hell”!

  25. Michael O

    Smart people: I’ve always liked New York magazine. There’s a good piece today by Olivia Nuzzi who was in the White House for something-or-other and was summoned to the Oval Office to meet with Trump, Pence, and some others to show there’s no chaos. Of course – grabbing a random reporter with no notice, no agenda, and no apparent reason – shows just the opposite.

  26. JTMcPhee

    Glad you are being admitted to a larger audience, Contributions of cash just sent to you and Lambert. Just please don’t go all Markos on us, ok? The temptations and pressures just grow and grow, as I am sure you are well aware.

  27. ChiGal in Carolina

    Another feather for your cap as you Pied Piper them back to NC, links, and WC.

    Congrats to you and your incredible crew and thanks for all you do!

  28. RUKidding

    This is great news, Yves. Very happy for you. All the best.

    Plus it’s super good deal for NYM. A total win-win. Yay.

  29. Check the Ticker

    Fantastic! So needed. A sign of hope in today’s world that NC will reach a larger audience.

  30. bassmule

    NY Mag is smart to add you. May it be a place where you’ll have a bigger megaphone!

    PS: If you happen to walk past Jonathan Chait, give him a wedgie, please?

  31. o4amuse

    Congratulations! I discovered NC a few years ago when Politico picked an essay of Yves’ and after checking NC every day I move on to NY mag for theatre and entertainment updates.

  32. Pelham

    Oh man, am I looking forward to this! Congratulations!

    But NY mag being part of the mainstream media, this development certainly cuts against the grain, doesn’t it? Many of our best voices can no longer get a mainstream hearing on these shores, including Noam Chomsky, Thomas Frank, Seymour Hersh and Chris Hedges. Maybe Yves’ presence will be the exception that proves the rule.

  33. Jeremy Grimm

    New York Magazine — that will mean a lot of new lurkers and commenters — we should more carefully reason and better write our comments.

    1. Edward E

      I recommend that you don’t change anything at all, because when you’re looking like you’re trying to impress someone you actually may find that they’ll see through it. In other words, if you’re popular the way you are and it got their attention, you’ll look phony and the people won’t be impressed.

  34. Anon

    Like I’ve said, Yves is a national treasure.

    I’m lobbying California state officials to name an Yves Smith Redwood tree in the Grove of Titans at Jedediah Smith State Park. Long live the Titans!

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