Confirming Fort Lauderdale Meetup for Thursday, February 7

A few readers e-mailed me saying they were on for a meetup in Fort Lauderdale, with some of them coming long distances (from Miami on the Brightline!). So we’ll likely have an intimate but lively group.

They recommended Funky Buddha Brewery, which looks like it has a very interesting bar menu, such as a burger made of bison + pork belly. And it has a limited selection of wines and soft drinks if you don’t do beer.

I’ll tentatively set the start time for 5:00 PM and will stay as long as there are people up for conversation. But if everyone will be coming in from somewhere else, it might make sense to begin the meetup a bit later than our usual geriatric hour.


Funky Buddha Brewery
1201 NE 38th Street
Oakland Park, FL 33334

See you soon!

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  1. ex-PFC Chuck

    If you can squeeze it in to your schedule why don’t you make a quick trip tomorrow to the Twin Cities? If we finish up by 8:00 pm Tuesday the temperature (not wind chill) will be only -19F, on it’s way down to the -29 predicted for 4:00 am Wednesday morning. You’ll probably want to sleep in that morning until, say, 10:00 am. By that time it’ll be up to -24, according to the NWS.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Haha, I lived in Escanaba, MI, and one January, and the entire month the temperature did not get above 0, including one Saturday AM when I went to Marquette. The temperature was -27 and I had to trudge from a parking lot not all that near the debate venue (a 5 min walk in that temperature is Not Nice, and it was at least that long).

      That month I learned:

      -5 = hairs in your nostrils freeze and unfreeze with every breath
      -15 = you feel the cold bite in your trachea

      I do want to go to the Twin Cities, but maybe April. I want to get past snowstorm season.

      1. Jeff N

        On the second coldest day in Chicago history (in 1994), I had a 6p night class in college. Hung out in the library from 3-5:45p, walked to the class and found it was cancelled.

      2. Jonathan Holland Becnel

        My best friend lives in Escanaba!

        He sent me a pic of his trucks dash temperature gauge…-15°!!!!!

        What a weird coincidence!

  2. Michael Olenick

    Completely random association but my nephew was one of the original brewmasters for Funky Buddha, back when it was one room in Palm Beach County, and I write for NC. If I still lived in FL I’d be there for sure, or host it in my living room if not too many people were showing up (Funky Buddha, at least the original, didn’t look so different than my living room).

  3. urblintz

    I sooooo want to be there, but it’s a 4 hour drive from Tampa Bay and a stubborn/puzzling health issue (we think it’s vestibular migraine) is gonna make that impossible. Let’s hope that one day I will be more mobile again or that you might make it to the Gulf coast side of this drowning red state.

  4. Carla

    I love reading about the NC meetups all around the country. If y’all decide another trip to flyover country is in order, hope you’ll consider Cleveland/NE Ohio.

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