Reminder: Fort Lauderdale Meetup for Thursday, February 7

I know Florida is a VERY big state, but I hope Floridians in the NC readership can find a way to join our first Sunshine State meetup. It will be a small group, which lends itself to conversation.

I’ve tentatively set the start time for 5:00 PM and will stay as long as the participants like. But if everyone will be coming in from somewhere else, it might make sense to begin the meetup a bit later than our usual geriatric hour.


Funky Buddha Brewery
1201 NE 38th Street
Oakland Park, FL 33334

See you soon!

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  1. orlbucfan

    Hi Yves,
    I am a long time NC lurker who considers your blog my daily newspaper. I live in Orlando. If you ever decide to hold a meetup here, I would be there. Good luck with the South FL meetup. This state needs to get politically organized as it has been a corrupt mess for decades. The recent elections of Scott and DeSantis are just the tip of a very bad ice berg. Thanks to you, Lambert, Jerri-Lynn and the commentariat for a great new source. Take care.

  2. commandante pablo

    A South Florida lurker here. I do not finish work until 6pm, and would have to drive from Boca Raton near the turnpike down to the brewery, no easy journey between 4 and 7 pm.

    5 pm is too early for me, but I hope you get a good turn-out so that you might return one day when I can come.

  3. Ampeliska

    I have no idea how long these meetups usually go, but you might want to consider that some people have expressed coming via Brightline and the last train back to Miami is at 10 pm, with an earlier one at 8pm. Also, it’s 4.2 miles from the Brightline station to the meeting venue which I would go by bike, a 30min bike ride. I’m not familiar with the area and just hope it’s manageable riding the bike on the sidewalk at night. Hope to see you there if I can make it.

  4. zagonostra

    I’m an avid NC reader who grew up about 3 miles from the Funky Budda (Wilton Manors) I’m sending my sister and her friend on my behalf. I want them to know what NC is all about…they are both teachers and hopefully will spread the word.

  5. Andrew D. Thomas

    I live in the Tampa Bay Area. 4 hour drive. But i’m retired, and love driving. Unless you call it off, I’ll be there.

  6. TalkingCargo

    I’ve been reading NC for several years now and it is my main source of news. While I seldom comment I always start my morning by checking NC. I’m in Coconut Grove so I might come up early to avoid the traffic. I had to take my car into the shop this AM but if necessary I’ll rent a car for the day.

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