Meetup Reminders! Boston, This Thursday, April 25; Announcing Location for Minneapolis Meetup, Thursday May 2; Still Seeking Location for Milwaukee Meetup Wednesday May 1

Hope to see you soon at a meetup in the next month, or in a city near you soon! Readers very much enjoy the lively and informative discussions and good cheer.


In Boston, we are meeting at 49 Social, the same spot as in 2017. We have reserved the upstairs, which gave us lots of room and the opportunity to mingle.


5:00 PM to 8:00 PM (based on past experience, we’ll almost certainly go later)
Thursday April 25, 2019

49 Social
49 Temple Place
Boston, MA 02111

As you can see below, 49 Social is near stops for the Red, Orange and Green lines.

In Minneapolis, reader Chuck L went venue scouting, so give him a big thank you!

4:30 PM to 78:00 PM (we may go later…I’m staying hard by so we could decamp to the lobby bar)
Thursday May 2, 2019

Gray Fox Coffee & Wine
801 S Marquette Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Map below for those of you who like maps, but organizer Katy VERY MUCH wants attendees to RSVP on her SurveyMonkey form, which also has venue details.

Katy also warns parking in the building is pricey before 5:00 PM, so plan accordingly.

For Milwaukee, our meetup is Wednesday May 1 but we are still up in the air as far as a venue is concerned. Reader JC suggested Water Street Brewery, but the quote I got for booking their side room was a minimum spend that sounded considerably higher than what made sense for us. JC may have been able to work out another arrangement, like booking tables in a section, but he seems not to be getting my e-mail replies to him. So please pipe up in comments!

If Water Street Brewery is a no go, another option is Riverwest Public House, which would reserve an area. However, they have trivia that evening starting at 7PM. They said they sometimes use microphones and there was a risk it would be “annoying”.

So please help sort this out! Thanks!

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    1. Joe Well

      Question: who won the Nobel Prize for economics in 2002?
      Answer (shouting angrily): There is no Nobel Prize in Economics! It’s all a neoliberal scam!

  1. Johnnygl

    Have fun, all. I’ve gotta miss the boston event on the 25th. Family stuff making life complicated! Come back soon, please!

  2. Swamp Yankee

    I second Johnnygl’s emotion. Have to give a talk that night down here on the Deep South Shore but would have loved to attend otherwise. Please do return when possible!

  3. JC

    this is JC – WSB has a separate section – I will take a photo this morning and post if possible. One section would accommodate 15-20+ and would be considered ‘reserved’ but no minimum food charge or rental charge. Piped sound system cannot be muted is a negative.

    this link shows what they tables would reserve for us – this image shows 2/3 of a backroom and separate from the large dining areas — and would rearrange tables as desired.

    Across the street is a pizza/pasta/beer (Pizano’s -a national chain) with no charge for a large private room and no food minimum.

    To note – WSB and Pizano’s are both easily reached by I-94 to Milw downtown. would be easier on any of those coming to Milw from Madison (1+ person interested?) or for those in greater Milw area.

    Check out the online photos for Riverview Public House – another phone call might be needed as a group of 15+ could overwhelm the local regulars.

  4. JC

    JC here. Visited WSB this morning spoke directly with Laura.
    The back room can simply be reserved .. they will set up a long table to accommodate the size of the group and the peripheral tables could be occupied by any other patrons at the the WSB. (area is semi-private) but the long table would be only for the group.

    For now the reservation is in my name and they will hold the tables even if the Bucks have a playoff game that evening.

    Important: they need to know how many will be present (April 29th) so tables can be arranged.

    Conditions: 20% gratuity instead of the usual 15%
    no more than 6 checks – so groups of 4 and more will have be prepared to work together (ie bring some cash).
    no minimum for food or beverage or for the room.
    sound system cannot be muted.
    image of the room repeated here>>

    Note to those coming from west -regardless of which location chosen, there is a home game 6:40pm for the Brewers and I-94 going east often gets jammed up early.

    Pizano’s is across the street and has a private room for no cost.

  5. Alternate Delegate

    Unfortunately the Gray Fox venue in Minneapolis is a leader in the War on Cash, and won’t take the stuff. I didn’t know we even had anything like that in town. I was looking forward to the meetup, but regretfully had to cancel. Maybe next time.

    1. Reverse issue in Milwaukee

      Bring cash to cover your bill and someone else with credit card should be willing to combine checks.

    2. Katy

      Hi Alternate Delegate, just wondering if your two statements are connected. Are you not coming because you don’t want to patronize the establishment? Because although we have reserved a private corner, the venue is located in a public atrium that is functionally a Commons. Anybody can be there.

      So you can both boycott the coffee shop financially and attend the meetup. It’s not an either/or proposition. :-)

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