Don’t Miss Free Books, Good Company, Plus Other Giveaways at Our NYC Open House Next Sunday June 23

NYC denizens! I know I’m swimming against the stream in announcing an event for a summer Sunday, when many people choose to blast out of town. But I hope you will make an exception and join me on my very last Sunday in New York before I depart the city for good. We’ll have drinks and freebies and good conversation to induce you to fit us into your busy weekend schedule.

I have over 100 books I am giving away, ranging from brand spanking new finance and econ offerings, as well as some finance and econ warhorses that I think I’m not likely to read a second time, to classics on Japanese culture, and some novels and histories.

I am also long copies of ECONNED, and will give them to those of you who promise to give it to someone who is reasonably likely to read it or to a local or university library.

There will be a very few other unused or barely used items (like virgin kitchen equipment well-meaning friends gave me, not understanding that I don’t have the patience to cook).

I also hope someone will want to buy a 27″ 4th gen Apple monitor I have used for less than a half hour total.

I hope someone in the readership will make a fair offer and enjoy it.1 I also have some new in box podcast equipment (2 Sennhauser microphones, model HMD-XQ-2, ne Lexicon Lambda Desktop Recording Studio, version 2.0, 1unopened copy of SoundSoap 2)

I usually overdo as a host, but this will not be one of those times. I’ll get a couple of bottles each of a decent rose and a red. If you’d like beer, please bring it. Ditto a white or a sparkling wine (if we get a lot of interest in comments, I will get more bottles). Be prepared to take home what the crowd hasn’t finished.


Sunday June 23, 4:00-7:00 PM
903 Park Avenue (northeast corner of Park and 79th)

The nearby subway stop are the number 6 (Lexington Ave local) at 77th and Lex or number 4 or 5 (express) at 86th and Lex. Or you can take the Madison Avenue or Lexington Avenue busses, or alternatively if you are coming from the West Side, the 79th or 86th Street crosstown bus.

If you think you might take more than a couple of books and have a car, parking is actually not bad on a Sunday in the mid-late afternoon. You should be able to get a space reasonably close by and could stash your haul in the lobby while you bring your car around to take it away.

Please feel free to come by regardless if that Sunday works for you. It would be lovely to see some of you before I blast off.


1 If you are interested in the monitor and would prefer to pick it up another time, so long as it is by 6/24 evening, that would be fine. Please e-mail me at yves-at-nakedcapitalism-dot-com with “Mac Monitor” in the headline. Regardless, you should let me know if you are interested and make what you consider to be a reasonable price, otherwise I will give it to a charity.

I also have nifty ceiling fixtures and if they don’t wind up at Doyle (I find out this week) they might be better in the hands of readers who are considering sprucing up their digs than as a tax deduction. This is a variant on the old saw, “MBA means May Be Available”

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  1. Carla

    Good luck to you, Yves, with your Sunday open house in NYC. We Clevelanders SO enjoyed your visit — and meeting each other! — at Bar Cento last Wednesday. To our surprise and delight, we were joined by Harold from Windsor, Ontario; Dennis from Detroit; and Phil from Holmes County, OH.

    Although the meetup was billed as being from 5 to 8, we didn’t break up until almost 10. Yves moved from table to table so that all 25 of us had time to talk with her. Many thanks to our guest of honor and all who attended!

  2. Democrita

    Didn’t reply earlier, but I am looking forward to this. It mirrors a ttafition of my own.

    I did 3 separate stints in Japan, and at the end of each I would hold a party and give away all my books. It was great fun and the best way to leave a bit of myself behind with friends.

  3. cripes


    You’re leaving a NYC apartment that’s probably rent-stabilized?

    How did I miss this?
    Can I ask whereabouts you will be going?
    City state or country, farm, town or island?

    Best of luck…

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