NC Open House/House Cleaning in NYC Sunday 6/23 With Book Giveaways, Other Goodies

Dear patient readers,

If you are in the New York City area, I hope you will join me on my very last Sunday in New York before I depart the city for good. Yes, I expect to be back regularly, but it is still hard leaving after nearly 40 years. So I hope I can treat this as a farewell party of sorts.

I’m holding this at my apartment, in part so readers can get some bennies from my streamlining for the purposes of moving. I have over 100 books I am giving away, ranging from ones sent by publishers (finance and econ, some very good) to second copies of books I like (as in “How did I wind up with two?”) to some finance and econ standbys that I think I’m not likely to read a second time, to classics on Japanese culture, and a few novels and histories.

To make sure late arrivals aren’t shut out, the people who get here in the first hour get to pick only 2 books, then after the first hour, it’s first come, first served.

I am also long copies of ECONNED, and will give them to those of you who promise to give it to someone who is reasonably likely to read it or to a local or university library. I’ll have a very few other barely or unused odds and ends, like a lobster pot, with the tools for breaking into the lobster too, in case any reader would like to take them. Just be sure to take ONLY things that are clearly in the “to go” category.

There are sure to be books left over. It would be very nice if one or two of you would be willing to haul them away to give them to a library or sell them at the Strand. I don’t like throwing out books, particularly ones that have merit. I have a few goodies for the reader or readers who take up this task; hopefully they will be adequate as a thank you.

I also hope someone will want to buy a 27″ 4th gen Apple monitor I have used for less than a half hour total. I turned it on all of three times, once to conclude I didn’t like working on it (the resolution isn’t as good as on the “retina” screen on the my MacBook Air and later my MacBook Pro, and I found it jarring to go between the retina screen and the less sharp big screen), and twice to watch two of the 2016 debates as long as I could stand to, which was less than 10 minutes in each case. It at least has some cachet as far as pricey paperweights go.

I don’t have the time to sell it on eBay or Craigslist, so I hope someone in the readership will make a fair offer and enjoy it.1 I also have some new in box podcast equipment which it would make more sense to sell than give away, if anyone is interested.

Don’t expect much in the way of refreshments. I usually overdo as a host, but this will not be one of those times. I’ll get a couple of bottles each of a decent rose and a red. If you’d like beer, please bring it. Ditto a white or if you are feeling generous, a sparkling wine. If the response level suggests we might need more potables, you could be a sport and bring a bottle of your liking, and I’ll open it only if we need to. Be prepared to take home what the crowd hasn’t finished. If you think munchies are important, bring what you like or if you need ideas, Terra Chips or mixed nuts go over well.


Sunday June 23, 4:00-7:00 PM
903 Park Avenue (northeast corner of Park and 79th)

The nearby subway stop are the number 6 (Lexington Ave local) at 77th and Lex or number 4 or 5 (express) at 86th and Lex. Or you can take the Madison Avenue or Lexington Avenue busses, or alternatively if you are coming from the West Side, the 79th or 86th Street crosstown bus.

Please feel free to come by regardless if that Sunday works for you. Even though the apartment has been rearranged as a result of the upcoming move, you’ll get an idea of the life I am leaving behind (well, a neater version, I am big on the notion that most things don’t need to be filed because they become irrelevant after a few months).


1 If you are interested in the monitor and would prefer to pick it up another time, so long as it is by 6/24 evening, that would be fine. Please e-mail me at yves-at-nakedcapitalism-dot-com with “Mac Monitor” in the headline. Regardless, you should let me know if you are interested and make what you consider to be a reasonable price, otherwise I will give it to a charity.

I also have nifty ceiling fixtures and if they don’t wind up at Doyle (I find out this week) they might be better in the hands of readers who are considering sprucing up their digs than as a tax deduction. This is a variant on the old saw, “MBA means May Be Available”

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  1. Susan the other`

    I wish I lived in NYC. This sounds like a great moving party. Maybe you can post some selfies so I can live vicariously. Good luck with it, all and cheers.

  2. j7915

    I kudos for the plan to unload, wish my Mom were still in NYC. but we moved her to Tulsa, OK a few years ago. I took way too much stuff with. Breaking down a 40+ year home is hard to do, how can one person collect so much in a one bedroom apartment?

    My memories, things she might ask about.

    Now I’m stuck still sorting and deciding.

    All the best,

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      This is a large one bedroom with very high ceilings. I have four armoires, a desk, a huge bookcase, books in one of the armoires, as well as piled up under night tables and on the floor. Also reasonable size closets by NYC standards packed to the gills.

  3. Anon

    I flew to the address given using Google Earth Pro.(The Street View shows a double-parked shipper getting a ticket from the constable (traffic cop?))

    So-o-o close to Central Park! Yes, moving is full of hassles big and small. Trepidation clings to all of us (young and not so young). Letting stuff go is hard. Took me years to empty my storage unit.

    Leaving NYC and the perpetual stimulation of a local vibrant community will be challenging. But a less urban environment can make for calmer hours in the day. And the Interwebs really are helpful in staying “connected”.

    Enjoy the journey.

  4. Anders K

    Best of luck and hope the party is good. While moving can always be bittersweet, ’tis an I’ll wind that blows no minds. Or something to that effect!

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