Links 9/2/19

What is a king tide? TreeHugger

Thousands celebrate East Timor’s 20th anniversary but the scars remain Reuters

WWII’s start marked in Poland with German remorse, warning AP

Biohackers are pirating a cheap version of a million-dollar gene therapy MIT Technology Review

One Scientist’s Quest to Bring DNA Sequencing to Every Sick Kid Wired

Part cow, part… bacterium? Biotech company makes heifer of gene-editing blunder Ars Technica

When the Public Feared That Library Books Could Spread Deadly Diseases Smithsonian

How an L.A. man with cancer got a parking ticket while in the hospital and ended up losing his car LA Times

American Airlines booted allergic black man from plane so dog could fly first class: lawsuit AlterNet


Moment of truth approaching for Trump’s trade war Asia Times

Hurricane Alley

Dorian, Still Heading West, Batters Northwest Bahamas With 185 MPH Winds Weather Underground

South Carolina to evacuate entire coast as Hurricane Dorian closes in NY Post

Argentina Imposes Capital Controls as Reserves Drain Away Bloomberg

Class Warfare

As Grass-Roots Labor Activism Rises, Will Unions Take Advantage? NYT

Report Reveals That ‘Like Everything Else’ About GOP Tax Scam, Program Purported to Help the Poor Really ‘Just Another Handout to the Rich’ Common Dreams

One Job Is Better Than Two NYT

Boeing Gets Almost $1 Billion To Keep The A-10 ‘Warthog’ Flying International Business Times

The Extortion Economy: How Insurance Companies Are Fueling a Rise in Ransomware Attacks ProPublica

Julian Assange

A Society Is Only As Free As Its Most Troublesome Political Dissident Caitlin Johnstone


Too old for president? Health and fitness a better question AP

Trump faces more 2020 danger if Democrat scores upset in N. Carolina special election NBC

Sanders previews plan to cancel all past-due medical debt The Hill

Sanders Campaign Demands Washington Post Retract ‘Fact Check’ of Medical Bankruptcies Remarks Common Dreams

Health Care

Hormone therapy during menopause raises breast cancer risk for years, study finds Stat

Hong Kong

Masked protesters wreak havoc on Hong Kong airport and trash railway station, forcing desperate travellers to head to city on foot SCMP

Protesters rally at Hong Kong airport to disrupt travel Reuters

Beijing’s treatment of Cathay is just the start. Welcome to Hong Kong’s future of corporatism SCMP


Era of Swiss bank secrecy over, Govt to get details from September Economic Times

‘We risk everything’: Reporting Kashmir amid lockdown, harassment Al Jazeera

A celebration to ‘remove obstacles’ BBC

Both Indian Democracy and Pakistan’s Militarism Have Failed Kashmir The Wire

Artificial highlands aren’t enough to protect Kaziranga animals during annual floods Scroll


“SELECTIVE LEAK … ” Intercept. Glenn Greenwald.

Nearly 2,000 new fires have started in the Amazon in the last 48 hours despite burning ban from government Business Insider

Flight Shame: The Climate Hazards of Air Travel NYRB

Waste Watch


Bernie Sanders’s $16.3T climate plan promises major waste and recycling shifts Waste Dive

How Does Plastic Pollute the Ganga? An All-Women Scientists’ Expedition Is Looking for Answers The Wire


Brexit: what just happened?

Leaked no-deal report says lorries could face 48-hour delays at Dover Guardian

I recognise Boris Johnson’s coup for what it is because I’ve seen this before – in Turkey Independent. Patrick Cockburn.

Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to rewrite the rules of the UK economy FT

Trump Transition

US Sanctions Are Designed to Kill Jacobin

The Federalist Society Says It’s Not an Advocacy Organization. These Documents Show Otherwise. Politico

It’s pointless to work long hours so why do it? FT

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