Links 9/1/19

Manta rays form close friendships, shattering misconceptions National Geographic

Ethereum ‘Almost Full’ as Controversial Coin Gobbles Up Capacity Bloomberg

RIP Shareholder Primacy Boston Review

Superhuman AI for multiplayer poker Science

Crowdsourced archaeology shows how humans have influenced Earth for thousands of years


Brexit: Michel Barnier rejects demands for backstop to be axed BBC

Hard Brexiteers simply don’t know their Irish history The Irish Times

What to expect from Boris Johnson RTE

Investors pull billions from UK on prospect of no-deal Brexit FT

French Businesses Wake Up to the Reality of a No-Deal Brexit Bloomberg

Brexit bombshell: Archbishop Welby savages Remoaners by telling them to ‘stop whingeing’ Express

Final sovereignty on Brexit must rest with the people Jeremy Corbyn, Guardian. Via a general election, not a referendum.

UK’s reputation takes global hit with Parliament shutdown AP

Brexit in the Garden Places Journal


India–Pakistan nuclear escalation: where could it lead? Nature

Annexation of Kashmir and India’s nuclear threat The News

Diverging Gulf Responses To Kashmir And Xinjiang Ripple Across Asia Lobe Log

A Mass Citizenship Check in India Leaves 2 Million People in Limbo New York Times. And then there are the Rohingya, another stateless people. And when the waters rise, the Bangladeshis.

Hunger for concrete eats away at mountains Agence France Presse

Water Wars: A Song of Oil and Fire Lawfare


Protesters Are Using Old Tools in New Ways (cf.) and If we burn, you burn with us Bloomberg. We ran the latter article two weeks ago, but I’m re-upping it because it’s still germane.

Fire and Tear Gas as Hong Kong Engulfed by Chaos Agence France Presse. “Chaos” in the headline is lazy, but the article is pretty granular.

Bravery and Nihilism on the Streets of Hong Kong The New Yorker. Dunno about “nihilism.” I’ve been tagged with the label plenty of times by liberal Democrats because I rejected TINA.

UK risks being pulled into Hong Kong crisis over citizenship row FT

* * *

Well, so much for filial piety:

Not to mention socialism. Granted, such an app might be an improvement over that we have in the United States.

Trump Transition

China, U.S. kick off new round of tariffs on each other’s goods Reuters

The Trump Narrative and the Next Recession Robert Shiller, Project Syndicate

Donald Trump’s spat with Jay Powell is a conflict for the ages FT


The Oddest and Most Awkward Diplomatic Posting in the World Bloomberg. Deck: ” For months, envoys to Venezuela shunned Maduro for Guaido. Now they are — uncomfortably — flipping back to Maduro.”

Campesinos Defending Chavez’s Project: A Conversation with Andres Alayo Venezuelanalysis

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Uh-oh: Silicon Valley is building a Chinese-style social credit system Fast Company

Our Famously Free Press

How Sarah Schulman managed to get ‘Pinkwashing’ into the New York Times Mondoweiss (CL). And a young editor learns an important lesson.


What You Need To Know About U.S. Election Security And Voting Machines NPR. “Some experts fear that without a paper record for a person’s ballot.” It remains an article of faith in the political class that paper provides a record of the “ballot.” No. Paper must be the ballot, and be hand-marked, and hand-counted, because digital is hackable, by definition.

Labor Day

Appalachia’s Long, Proud Tradition of Labor Militancy Teen Vogue

Five Reasons for Workers to Celebrate This Labor Day Truthout

Auroras may light up the night sky this Labor Day weekend National Geographic

Los Angeles invites doggos to swim in their public pools on Labor Day Boing Boing. No.

Then again:

‘I don’t know why you’re freaking out,’ a 911 dispatcher told a woman minutes before she drowned The New Yorker (KW).

Guillotine Watch

Sacklers could hold on to most of personal fortune in proposed Purdue settlement WaPo. Well, surely they should lose something to which they are greatly attached.

Class Warfare

Elon Musk and Jack Ma agree: The biggest problem the world will face is population collapse CNBC. Everything’s going according to plan!

How a Trump Tax Break to Help Poor Communities Became a Windfall for the Rich NYT (jerryb).

Black Socialists of America Is Putting Anti-Capitalism on the Map The Nation

If You’re Over 50, Chances Are the Decision to Leave a Job Won’t be Yours Pro Publica

World’s oldest scuba diver Ray Woolley breaks own record aged 96 Sky News. Diamond geezer.

How to lose weight with intermittent fasting: Alternate day fasting benefits Today

Antidote du Jour (Amfortas the Hippie):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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