Links 9/4/19

The UK is getting its first bat highway! TreeHugger.

Cancer now ‘leading cause of death’ in rich countries AFP

A Feminist Capitalist Professor Under Fire WSJ. In. Worth reading despite the silly headline – interview w/ Camille Paglia.

Taliban warns against travel to U.S. due to gun violence Duffelblog

Here’s the 2019 Booker Prize shortlist, including Margaret Atwood and Elif Shafak. Literary Hub

Barn owls reflect moonlight in order to stun their prey The Conversation

Mort du sociologue américain Immanuel Wallerstein, figure de l’altermondialisme Le Monde (EM)

‘Pure criminality’: 5 killed in attacks on foreigners in S Africa Al Jazeera

Hurricane Alley

Those Hurricane Maps Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean NYT (dan k)

Hurricane Dorian Lashing Central Florida’s East Coast; Hurricane Warnings Extended into North Carolina Weather Underground

Stunning aerial footage from CNN shows the devastating Hurricane Dorian damage in the Bahamas AlterNet

Alaska’s Sea Ice Completely Melted for First Time in Recorded History TruthOut

Climate change: Greenland’s ice faces melting ‘death sentence’ BBC

Waste Watch

A Crash Course in Dumpster Diving Der Spiegel

Bernie Sanders’s $16.3T climate plan promises major waste and recycling shifts Waste Dive

Class Warfare

Billionaires prepping for an apocalyptic ‘event’ — but what happens to everyone else? AlterNet

California city experiments with universal basic income AP

Student Debt Is Transforming the American Family NYT

Kill Your Inner John Bolton Caitlin Johnstone


What if Joe Biden wins? It could mean long-term trouble for Democrats AlterNet

‘Details Are Irrelevant’: Biden Says Verbal Slip-Ups Don’t Undermine His Judgment NPR

Buttigieg racing to build person-to-person network in Iowa AP


Walmart plans to dramatically step back from ammunition sales after ‘horrific’ shootings CNBC

Guillotine Watch

The £335 flip-flops: what the super-rich wear to look like everyone else Guardian

Trump Transition

Despite Reversal for Harvard Student, Deportations Based on US Search of Social Media Denounced as Troubling ‘New Normal’ Common Dreams

A modest (real estate) proposal: The Donald should sell the U.S. to Denmark Globe and Mail (The Rev Kev)

McCarthyism 101: Actors demand ‘blacklist’ of Trump supporters in Hollywood RT (re Silc)

France explores a credit line for Iran, but needs Trump’s buy-in Politico


The Amazon fire crisis has been 500 years in the making – as Brazil’s indigenous people know only too well The Conversation


I concur with what Lambert posted yesterday, this is an overly dynamic situation, so I link to some of the competing live blogs, which offer different perspectives. Also, Yves uploaded a  Brexit post earlier today, despite it being our holiday period, and opened up comments on that post. Interested readers may comment there.

Boris Johnson news – live: PM set for another day of historic defeats as Labour vows to block ‘trick’ general election and secure bill to stop no-deal Brexit Independent

PMQs: Boris Johnson faces Jeremy Corbyn after Brexit vote defeat – live news Guardian

Live Brexit in Westminster – Johnson faces MPs RTE

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn spar; pound rallies in pivotal day for Brexit — latest news FT

Beyond the Brexit Debacle Craig Murray


Searching for Kissinger’s ‘Decent Interval’ in Afghanistan American Conservative


Germany: Beef Curry Removed From Menu at Indian Food Festival After Threat of Protest The Wire

India, Russia want to diversify, strengthen bilateral relations: PM Modi The Hindu

As India Hosts Global Desertification Meet, A Third Of Its Land In Crisis IndiaSpend

After 17 years, my dream of zero traffic deaths on India’s dangerous roads has come a step closer Scroll

Apple proposes retail stores in India Asia Times


Chinese authorities rush to tame rising pork prices Global Times (TP)

Beijing calls on all Hong Kong institutions to fight ‘violent criminals’ and end protests SCMP

Hong Kong leader announces withdrawal of controversial extradition bill Reuters

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