Links 9/6/19

Video: Chinese Company Makes Genetic Engineering Leap by Cloning Its First Cat Sputnik (The Rev Kev)

Scientists Unveil Weed Breathalyzer, Launching Debate Over Next Steps NPR (David L)

New marine heat wave resembles killer ‘Blob’ that devastated sea life on West Coast, NOAA says Seattle Times (chuck l)

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe ex-president, dies aged 95 BBC

Why Is JPMorgan Chase Always in the Middle of Scandalous News? Fake Gold Anyone? Wall Street on Parade (UserFriendly)

‘Information Gerrymandering’ Poses A Threat To Democratic Decision Making Science Blog (Dr. Kevin)

The Fall of the Chosen Ones Ecosophia. UserFriendly: “He’s been hit and miss, but this is a hit. neoliberalism infected fiction.”


Walgreens asks customers not to openly carry guns in stores, joining Walmart, Kroger, Target and other large retailers Chicago Tribune

Waste Watch

How the plastic bottle went from miracle container to hated garbage National Geographic (re Silc)

Renewables Threaten German Economy & Energy Supply, McKinsey Warns In New Report Forbes (UserFriendly)

The dark side of renewable energy Earth Journalism Network (UserFriendly)

Sometimes, a Greener Grid Means a 40,000% Spike in Power Prices Bloomberg (UserFriendly)

Could Steel Tariffs Slow The 100% Renewable Movement? Forbes. UserFriendly: “this is old but useful info on steel and concrete requirements for wind.”

Class Warfare

CANCELLING STUDENT DEBT REDUCES THE RACIAL WEALTH GAP Current Affairs. UserFriendly: “better than the headline”.

Exclusive: The Letter Travis Kalanick Never Sent Gizmodo

How Robert Bork Fathered the New Gilded Age Pro-Market (AS)

This is why Apple, one of the world’s most cash-rich companies, just sold $7 billion of debt Business Insider (The Rev Kev)

THE SCALE OF WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST Current Affairs (UserFriendly)

This Company Hired Anyone Who Applied. Now It’s Starting a Movement. Pocket (Dr. Kevin)

A city auditor was investigating DWP contracts. She says she was warned not to be ‘thorough’ LA Times. David in Santa Cruz:

I don’t know if you’ve been tracking the FBI raid on the L.A. Department of Water and Power; good reporting here. The woman from the Auditor’s Office appears to be credible.

DWP has been the paradigm of California corruption for over a century. “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown…”



CAPITALISTS FOR CORBYN Stumbling and Mumbling (UserFriendly)

Why The Third Man is an essential primer for no-deal Brexit Guardian (BC). One of my favourite movies.

Boris Johnson met with Mike Pence and left the room ‘visibly befuddled’ with an awkward joke about chickens Business Insider (The Rev Kev)

Rees-Mogg apologises after comparing no-deal medical expert to anti-vaxxer Guardian

Trudeau’s oil pipeline tarnishes his climate credentials ahead of Canadian election Reuters


5 Takeaways From the Democrats’ Climate Town Hall NYT (UserFriendly)

The Problem With Warren Counterpunch

Elizabeth Warren blasts the plastic straw debate as a fossil fuel industry distraction tactic Vox

“Flip the switch:” Stuck in the polls, Buttigieg plans to beef up campaign staff McClatchy (UserFriendly)

Amy Klobuchar only finished 2nd in DFL State Fair straw poll Bring Me the News (chuck l)

Why Renewables Can’t Save the Climate Forbes (UserFriendly)

Bernie Sanders talks tough in well-received address to US Muslims Middle East Eye (UserFriendly)

Black farmers say Warren’s plan wouldn’t solve their biggest problem WaPo (UserFriendly)

The Enduring Mystery of Tulsi Gabbard The Atlantic (re Silc)


BRICS was created as a tool of attack: Lula Asia Times. Pepe Escobar.


Fact Finding Report from Kashmir Reveals ‘Grim and Despairing’ Picture of Media The Wire

Welcome to the Indo-Russia maritime Silk Road Asia Times. Pepe Escobar.

Should G-7 be expanded to include India? Economic Times


‘Five key demands, not one less’: Hong Kong protesters make clear that Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s bill withdrawal is not enough SCMP

Trump Transition

DOE has decided many lightbulbs don’t have to meet efficiency standards Ars Technica

EPA moves on implementing landfill emissions rule, still hopes for delay WasteDive

Justin Amash was part of the conservative in-crowd. Now he’s trying to figure out who his real friends are. WaPo (UserFriendly)

Jim Mattis and the surrender of America’s adultsFT (David L)

The Pentagon Wants More Control Over the News. What Could Go Wrong? Rolling Stone (UserFriendly, re Silc). Matt Taibbi.

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