Links 9/7/19

How gardening helped me heal after a personal tragedy – and can help you too Scroll

Passengers were in for a long flight delay. Then one of them stepped up to fly the plane. WaPo

Ex-drug company CEO Martin Shkreli sues former investor AP

Mugabe’s rule led many people to dismiss the concept of nationalism – but that opened the door to something far worse Independent (Patrick Cockburn)

Justin Bieber Unpacks the ‘Quite Unexplainable’ Effects of Child Stardom in Emotional Instagram Post New York magazine

Coral reefs: breakdown in iconic spawning puts species at risk of extinction – new research The Conversation

Woody Allen Defends His Record: “I’ve Done Everything That the #MeToo Movement Would Love to Achieve” Hollywood Reporter

Mouthwash Cancels Out Key Benefits of Exercise, Study Finds Gizmodo Interesting – but note small sample size,

Hurricane Alley

They Survived Dorian but Wonder How Many More Hurricanes They Can Withstand NYT

Category 1 Hurricane Dorian Makes Landfall in Outer Banks (PHOTOS) Weather Underground

Should there be a tax on short, cheap flights? TreeHugger

Waste Watch

Scrap Collector: Plastic makes its way into oceans – and 2020 climate forum Waste Dive

Migration Watch

Australia’s Shame NYRB. J.M. Coetzee.

Our Famously Free Press

Native advertising may jeopardize the legitimacy of newsrooms Columbia Journalism Review

Ralph Nader: Chuck Todd Is Everything Wrong With U.S. Media TruthDig

I now publish #MeToo stories on my blog, for free. Here’s why. Columbia Journalism Review

L’affaire Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein’s Donations Create a Schism at M.I.T.’s Revered Media Lab NYT

Class Warfare

Felicity Huffman’s fear of being a bad mother got in the way of common sense, William H. Macy tells college cheating scandal judge – and they’re in therapy to fix her relationship with daughters which ‘exploded’ after her arrest Daily Mail

Giant warehouse with 1,000 jobs planned in Clay, McMahon says (bob)

Amazon Pushes Fast Shipping but Avoids Responsibility for the Human Cost NYT

His Mother Was Killed by a Van Making Amazon Deliveries. Here’s the Letter He Wrote to Jeff Bezos. ProPublica

How Adidas and Nike Are Cementing Football’s Wealth Gap Der Spiegel

Distribution center near Liverpool would be 2nd biggest in world; is it Amazon? (bob)


Brexit: Boris is broken

Max Hastings: Boris, Churchill and the implosion of the Tories FT

Boris Johnson short of options as rebels vow to secure Brexit delay Guardian


Big Brother IS Watching You Watch

Suspicion creeps into the Five Eyes The Interpreter Lowy Institute


Lebanon’s crisis is almost unstoppable. Drone warfare is on the horizon Independent. Robert Fisk.


Iran injects gas into advanced centrifuges, violating deal AP


Joe Biden Is Proud of His Record on Iraq, but His Plan to Segregate It Would Have Unleashed Chaos The Intercept

DNC blocks virtual caucuses in Iowa and Nevada Roll Call

‘Shameful’: Warren Warns Trump Plan to Privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Would Make Housing Crisis Worse Common Dreams

Sanders Shines and Biden Crumbles During Epic Town Hall on Climate Crisis TruthOut


Gujarat Pilots Emissions Trading Programme to Tackle Air Pollution The Wire

India’s space hopes dashed for now with loss of lunar lander Al Jazeera. Oops.


China Experiments with a New Kind of Megalopolis Der Spiegel

Hong Kong police fend off airport protest after night of violence Reuters

Real-time maps warn Hong Kong protesters of water cannons and riot police Quartz

Trump Transition

Want US citizenship? Your social media IDs, please Economic Times

Trump deepens legal war against California, automakers Politico

“Precious hours were wasted”: Trump’s doctored map affected hurricane forecasters Ars Technica

US Beekeepers File Suit Against Trump EPA Charging ‘Illegal’ Approval of Insecticide Linked to Mass Die-Off Common Dreams

Meditations On Twitter’s Silencing Of Daniel McAdams Caitlin Johnstone (The Rev Kev)

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