Hooray! Thanks! Hit Our Third Fundraiser Target, Well on Our Way to the Fourth: Guest Bloggers

Thanks to the prompt responses of over 815 members of the Naked Capitalism community, we’ve met our first target, an increased budget for site improvements and IT support, and the second target, funding for meetups, travel and related site coverage, at wrap speed. I have to confess I was getting concerned yesterday, since the pace of donations fell, but your responses to the Double Your Donations challenge and The Rev Kev’s missive this morning more than made up for it.

Not only did we meet third target, funding comments section support, early today, while I was off the grid, but we are already closing rapidly on our fourth target, funding for guest bloggers. Because I do a precise tally only once a day, these figures are rough, but we are already at at least $14,860 towards our new target of $19,000 for guest bloggers.

As long-standing readers know, over the years, we’ve been improving the caliber of writers who contribute to Naked Capitalism. We like to send our mainstays, Lambert and Jerri-Lynn Scofield, a significant honorarium out of the fundraiser. They have done important heavy lifting this year by virtue the time sink of my move out of New York and have expanded and deepened their work. Where would you be without Lambert helping keep our collective sanity by DJing debate open threads? He’s also done deep dives on the major Medicare for All plans. Jerri-Lynn was early to write about the war on plastics and the right to repair, and the media is only now waking up to another one of her beats, the high environmental cost of fashion.

Even though we pay our contributors for helping fill this site’s regular schedule at a good level, writing isn’t a very well remunerated line of work. Our guest bloggers regularly turn out in-depth analysis quickly, but the fact that they can do so is a result of their considerable experience and expertise.

So we hope you’ll acknowledge their skills and dedication with a big, generous thank you at the Tip Jar.

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  1. jhg

    I have been reading the NC blog now for over 5 years now, I think. Yves, Lambert, Jerri-Lynn and others as well as the commenters such as Plutonium Kun, vlade, Colonel Smithers, Clive, Susan the other, etc provide a discourse that is not found anywhere else on the web. I mostly lurk, but I read it all, think, and try to understand. I have sent 200 dollars and I hope it helps. Best wishes from North of the Border. Peace.

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