Super Tuesday Open Thread

I am afraid I am not up to Lambert’s standard of political night intros, so forgive the casual set up to the Super Tuesday results. Mmany of you will be checking news over the evening, so please post links, tweets, and most important observations!

I’m already a bit late. Biden has been called as the winner in Virginia, with no districts reporting yet. Needless to say, this looks odd given that major news organizations no longer do much if any poll watching. These early calls appear designed to influence California voting. From The Hill:

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Virginia primary, giving him an important victory in the fourth-largest state to vote on Super Tuesday.

The race was called as soon as polls closed, though results are not available yet.

The former vice president was competing against several candidates for support in Virginia, with surveys showing a tight race between Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg in the run-up to Super Tuesday.

But Biden’s big victory in South Carolina last week gave him a burst of momentum that propelled him to a victory in the Old Dominion.

Biden was boosted by a string of endorsements from high-profile Virginians, including Sen. Tim Kaine (D), former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) and Democratic Reps. Bobby Scott, Jennifer Wexton and Don Beyer.

Biden’s victory is particularly harmful to Bloomberg, who invested and campaigned heavily in the state.

Sanders was also called as the winner in Vermont.

Biden was also just called as the winner in North Carolina by ABC and CNN.

Tornadoes hit the Nashville area last night, so some polls in Tennessee will be open later than usual. I don’t know enough about the Volunteer State to judge how lower turnout in the Nashville area might influence results.

In my district in Alabama, turnout was high, likely due to Republicans coming to vote on the Senate race. Jim Sessions, who was well liked during his term in office, is seeking to run against Doug Jones in the fall, but is being challenged by Tommy Tuberville and Bradley Byrne.

And we had an unexpected event:

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    1. Chris

      Yeah… I noticed that too.

      Politico was reporting Biden as winning VA and NC as early as 6:35 PM EST. Given the lack of verifiable data, why even post that? Something something journalistic integrity…

      If this kind of thing keeps up then I guess I’ll have to turn to what comes next. Because it means that the DNC has decided that they don’t want a contested convention, they’ll be signaling that they want to see the Berniecrats grovel and cry before they’re allowed on the floor at the convention. And only then if they’ll sing Biden’s praises.

      1. Yves Smith Post author

        Just so you know, it isn’t nuts to be shaking your head. A colleague who is a very well recognized political scientist commented that this was a little too obvious.

  1. antidlc

    Something interesting in my red area.

    I posted earlier that when I went to vote this afternoon the line for the Democratic primary was out the door and there were only about two people in line for the Republican primary.

    Family member just went to vote and said there were 50-60 people in the Dem line and NO ONE in the Rep line. This is in a red area.

    Perhaps crossover votes from Republicans voting in the Democratic primary. Either that or turnout for the Democrats is pretty high compared to my previous primary experiences. Or a combination of both.

    1. drumlin woodchuckles

      Perhaps its a bunch of Republicans voting for the Dem they think easiest for Trump to defeat in the general election. And if they believe what the MSM and the MSDems are saying, they will be voting for Sanders.. . as being the DemNom easiest for Trump to beat.

      1. Monty

        LOL. You don’t believe that Malarkey do you? They are voting for Joe, because he is a swamp dwelling mess that makes Trump look good.

        1. drumlin woodchuckles

          Well, after all the votes are in and counted, political scientists can begin studying results by small and then smaller geographic areas of analysis.

          If heavily Republican areas yielded much more Democratic primary votes than would be expected from the numbers of Republicans living there, one could then see which nomination-seeker those votes were cast for. Sanders? Biden? We’ll know once all the studies are conducted and described.

  2. ptb

    Yeah they don’t seem to be publicizing exit poll numbers or anything. Hoping to influence the west coast races for Biden, as expected.

    Interestingly, Warren is doing quite poorly so far.

    1. Chris

      Politico is saying Biden is “resurgent” and going to do very well tonight. Oh joy :/

    2. drumlin woodchuckles

      Who’s to say they are getting any news out? Maybe they are just making some fake news up. Maybe they hope to demoralize some wannabe wouldabeen Sandervoters in California. Perhaps the MSM will merely enrage and enhate the California voters instead with these fake news announcements.

  3. John

    The Blue states need to move their primaries up to Super Tuesday or before.

    It’s way past time to stop letting Red states decide our candidates.

    1. drumlin woodchuckles

      Super Tuesday is a Catfood Democrat conspiracy. The Catfood Democrat Party themSELVES engineered Super Tuesday in order to prevent a McGovern figure from winning the most delegates ever again ever.

      1. inode_buddha

        This is gonna sound stupid, but can somebody explain the term “catfood democrats” to me? (relative newcomer to this end of the political spectrum)

        1. OIFVet

          Catfood is cheaper than people food, and better quality than dog food due to cats being picky eaters. So catfood democrats refers to the establishment dems, whose policies and incompetence forces a portion of their electorate to buy catfood to have something to eat, otherwise they would go hungry.

            1. Proximity1

              No. “Limousine ‘liberals’ ” are so-called ‘liberals’ (the ‘trail-blazers’) who live(d) life-styles of the rich-&-famous ‘despite’ their having what they considered liberal principles. Now, of course, today, that may seem like an odd thing to coin a phrase about but once upon a time it was rather remarkable to see supposed liberals getting into, out of and riding around in actual limousines.

              But so many liberals so badly sold-out so long ago that one could be forgiven for wondering how this is even a “thing.”



          1. JTMcPhee

            I understood it to refer to the “Catfood Commission” set up by Obama to justify using that “one weird trick” of accounting, he “chained Consumer Price Index,”, to keep Social Security benefits from increasing along with the REAL rate of inflation. Here’s one explanation: Part of the “eleven-dimensional chess” strategy by which ObamA, carrying forward a long Dirty Dem tradition, was going to achieve that “Grand Bargain.”,_2011)

            The “catfood” idea was that as poor old people fell farther out of livability on the fake-inflation-indexed SS benefits they had earned not keeping up with REAL inflation, they would substitute less expensive and less healthy alternatives to keep themselves barely alive — cat food being a pretty poor substitute for canned tuna, a protein staple for a lot of us older folks which becomes unaffordable as time goes by and your fixed income shrinks (and the amount you get in a “6 ounce can” that your grandmother’s tuna casserole recipe called for has shrunk to a nominal 3.5 ounces.)

        2. Phacops

          It stems from Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform that he packed with right wingers to give him cover for slashing Social Security and Medicare. The objective was to impoverish retirees to the point that they would be reduced to eating cat food.

            1. NancyBoyd

              It happened once before. The “cat food” meme came from the reality in the 1970s that the biggest demographic in poverty were elderly women and they were indeed eating cat food. It took changes to Social Security, pension, and divorce laws to change that.

              The U.S. is cruel to those it decides, at any particular moment, are disposable. More and more, that’s most of us.

        3. drumlin woodchuckles

          It comes from the term Catfood Commission given to Obama’s ” commission to study the deficit and the debt” or some such thing. That commission was co-chaired by notorious Social Security hater Senator Simpson for the Republican side and by notorious Social Security hater Erskine Bowles on the Democratic side. That commission was an elaborate conspiracy to provide cover for advancing the goal of cutting or privatising Social Security. Thereby making tomorrow’s old people so poor that they would not be able to afford people food. Catfood would be the most we could be expected to afford under the Simpson-Bowles plan. And not some cat-gourmet Fancy Feast, either. Generic offbrand cat chow pellets for us, if anything at all.

          And since the commission was called the Catfood Commission, the Clintonite Obamacrats who eagerly and joyfully served on it, as well as all the other Democrats who hoped to advance its agenda, were called Catfood Democrats.

          The word has kind of disappeared lately. It is time to re-appear it. Catfood Democrats.

  4. RWood

    California whirld:
    a sysad: so it’s warren but liking Bernie!
    and a bit in
    yeah, there’s a connection from Assange to Putin.



  5. pretzelattack

    i guess biden was expected to win virginia and north carolina, and bernie of course wins vermont. seems like an awfully early call.

    1. Mo's Bike Shop

      Especially from a party that has botched every count from the start. My current theory is that the DNC can’t operate coherently beyond the next move, and any move has to give closure to the groupthink. Anything they do as a whole has to be tactical, strategy would be too much exposure for any member of the hive.

      I had been naively looking forward to tomorrow being a look at how the dynamics of the rest of the race are going to play out. But since the DNC can only agree on Calvinball, I’m going to lower my expectations.

      So let me put my marker down now: In April, Biden retreats to Jackson Hole with the Super Delegates to create his own Democratic party, with payola and groping. He selects Mike Bloomberg to head his VP search committee…

      1. Carey

        >Especially from a party that has botched every count from the start

        “Botched”? over and over and over and over and..


    2. Yves Smith Post author

      Sanders had looked like he might win both in polls just before SC. Polls after SC showed big swings for Biden….awfully big.

  6. Hamford

    Any TV watchers choosing Fox News over CNN/MSNBC? At least Fox News isnt salivating about AstroJoeMentumTurf.

      1. Hamford

        You’d be surprised. They are doing the math on how many tens of millions, Bloomberg spent to win a delegate.

        1. Monty

          TBH I haven’t had those channels for many years, but I’ll look forward to the best clips on twittah

  7. Hana M

    I’m checking Fox, which these days I trust ever so slightly more that those other guys….

  8. Chris

    Yikes. Politico is calling Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia for Biden. They’re also saying he is leading in Oklahoma, Texas, and Massachusetts.

    What the heck is going on? Have that many people been impressed with Joe? Or has the party had a nationwide come to Jesus moment about Bernie?

    1. Hamford

      After the Klobuchar, Buttigieg, and O’Rourke endorsements the computer tallying systems self-calibrated.

    2. lb

      Err, Texas isn’t done voting. Is the “leading in” on Politico (which I’ve been seeing too) an inappropriate tipping off as to their exit polls, or a mistake, or what?

    3. Librarian Guy

      The deep south loves ’em some old white patriarchs.

      Bernie would alter the status quo. Evidently the Dem party is not the party of financial elites, CIA & Deep State fans (tho’ Mayo-Pete-Bot flamed out quick), and fear-filled followers who don’t want change, just want a little more “dignity” from the Pres. who favors Wall Street and the eternal war machine.

      Not that poor old Joe can beat Trump– unless California keeps Bernie in the running, maybe with a ground game in Texas as well for Sanders (?) there is hope. Otherwise the Dem. party will reach the relevance of the Whigs . . . I admit my own stupidity– I naively assumed the RePukes would be first to self-destruct.

      1. Librarian Guy

        . . .the Dem Party is NOW (remaining) the party of financial elites, CIA and . . .

        letters matter.

    4. turtle

      I’ve been watching the panel on and Texas has been flipping back and forth between Sanders and Biden.

    5. Phacops

      I’m looking at this as an American intelligence test. So far stupid is winning. Given the corrupt state of the Democratic party and the fact that I do not suffer from Trump derangement syndrome I may need to give the middle finger to America and vote for a real Republican rather than a fake Democrat.

      1. WobblyTelomeres

        Just back from poll working in northern Alabama. Long day, large African-American turnout, large young white turnout. Almost as many people taking a Dem ballot as Rep ballot, which is not usual for my precinct.

        The Rep senate primary generated a lot of turnout with many voters wearing Auburn gear in support of former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville. Note that the Senate race is headlined by three guys each swearing they love Trump more than the other guys.

        Biden won here and it wasn’t close. My youngest tells me that a lot of his friends are really worried that Bernie can’t beat Trump, so they voted for Biden, despite uniformly preferring Bernie.

        1. drumlin woodchuckles

          They will weep to learn in the fullness of time that Senator Dead Vegetable Walking can’t beat President Trump.

          They will weep and they will wonder over what might have been . . . .

    1. John

      Looks like they don’t much like Biden in Texas.
      And here I thought I would never agree on anything with a Texan.

      My god Bloomberg is in the lead in Tennessee

      1. OIFVet

        John, do yourself a big favor, and get to know some Texans, especially younger ones. You will be pleasantly surprised, I promise you :)

        1. John

          Gonna be hard since I promised myself to never set foot in Texas again. (I won’t spend any money in Red states if I can at all help it.)

  9. Michael99

    The results in Virginia with about 90% reporting show both Buttigieg and Klobuchar with less than 1%. Almost all in-person voting on election day in VA? Their supporters turned on a dime, apparently.

  10. Hamford

    Damn, Donna Brazille writes a Tell-All Book with kid gloves and gets consigned to Fox News sitting alongside Karl Rove… crazy times.

    And they are clowning on Bloomberg “10s of millions spent per delegate”. Ha!

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Of course it will.

    Lisa Lerer, in New York 6m ago
    Tulsi Gabbard picked up a delegate in American Samoa, but that may not earn her a spot at the next debate. “The threshold will go up,” a party spokeswoman tweeted.

  12. Nancy E. Sutton

    Re: Biden’s victories in So Carolina (and probably Virginia)… from Tim Canova…

    “South Carolina also used new ExpressVote machines supplied by ES&S, the largest and most shadowy company in the highly concentrated voting machine industry. ES&S is owned by an Omaha, Nebraska-based hedge fund, of which we know little about.
    We have already received reports from a leading election expert in South Carolina that perhaps 10% of these ExpressVote machines failed in yesterday’s primary. We’ve learned from our rigged elections in South Florida that we cannot trust any electronic voting machines manufactured by ES&S and that we certainly cannot trust Debbie Wasserman Schultz.”

    1. John

      The fact is we don’t know if any of these results are real or not.

      Most of our votes are cast into a black box of proprietary secret software and the systems they link up to to be tallied are hackable.

      Exit polls were nearly 100% correct in the years prior to electronic voting systems. Once they were installed electronic machines across the country after with the “Help America Vote Act” they exit polls no longer matched the results.
      And they immediately set about discrediting the exit polls so people no longer believed them especially when they differed wildly for the “results”.

      And here we are.

      1. Nancy E. Sutton

        You said it very well, John…saved me the trouble :) Not only ‘hackable’, but the hacking is untraceable… has been demonstrated many times by IT professionals.

        And interesting how ‘proprietary software’ prevents states from examining the voting machines, but in Vegas, the state is invited to examine gambling machines and guarantee accuracy. (Also explains why the DNC never yelled about the obvious rigging…. they are using it now.)

      2. antidlc

        As someone who wrote quite a few programs in a prior life, I can say that incorrect results don’t even have to be nefarious. The programmers could just be incompetent.

        1. Mo's Bike Shop

          The programmers program what the suits tell them to. Incompetence is putting so much decision-making in the hands of programmers that they can pull a Snowden. Not likely with voting machine vendors who know what they are selling and who they are selling it to. These aren’t caucus apps designed by someone’s nephew.

          Water Cooler had a tweet pointing out that we had 50 different election systems, isn’t it really more like 3,000? Heck of an ecosystem.

          1. antidlc

            The “suits” don’t test the software. And the programmers may not do an adequate job of testing. We’ll never know.

      3. Carey

        >The fact is we don’t know if any of these results are real or not.

        Most of our votes are cast into a black box of proprietary secret software and the systems they link up to to be tallied are hackable.

        Exit polls were nearly 100% correct in the years prior to electronic voting systems. Once they were installed electronic machines across the country after with the “Help America Vote Act” they exit polls no longer matched the results.
        And they immediately set about discrediting the exit polls so people no longer believed them especially when they differed wildly for the “results”.

        And here we are.

        Thanks very much for this comment. So many responding as though they know
        that these are accurate, citizens’ will results, despite the various interests involved..


    2. Carolinian

      You could make that argument if Biden won by a couple of percentage points but not if he won overwhelmingly as was the case. Then there’s the other states using different brands of machines or hand marked ballots where Biden is doing well.

      And since I voted with said machine I can tell you that it is simply a printer that prints the chosen candidate’s name and a bar code on plain paper. Of course funny business could take place inside the equipment that that scans the bar code but that would be risking a major scandal should a losing candidate demand an audit of those paper ballots.

    1. shewhoholdstensions

      Agreed – feeling bad enough to shut down the WiFi for the night… what a crock of… I did my part and voted here in CA this morning, can’t bear to watch the tomfoolery.

  13. Monty

    The real takeaway is that the average American is just too selfish, sleepy and suggestible to ever get a decent government in this country.

    1. OIFVet

      The real takeaway is that the average American liberal is just too selfish, sleepy and suggestible to ever get a decent government in this country.

      There, I fixed it for you.

    2. Chris

      I look forward to spending my tax refund on a boat and mosquito netting so I can get to the doctor for my flu shot and coronavirus test…

    3. anon

      It’s very depressing. Americans truly are individualistic and do not care about the collective. Maybe because we are just too large and diverse, so we don’t care for each other in the same way as small homogenous countries do. I have a sinking feeling that America will vote for another four years of Trump. Biden is senile and he doesn’t have the energy to bring out Independents and a growing number of young progressives.

      1. Carey

        >Americans truly are individualistic and do not care about the collective.

        If that’s so, how can this generalization be accurate?

      2. HotFlash

        And why do they behave as a herd? And one that can turn on a dime? This seems very weird for a bunch of ‘individualists’. And really, has 4 years of Trump been *that* much worse than 4 years of Obama?

    4. Democrita

      Too much despair too early in the night!

      Following the numbers too closely makes you crazy. Let it play out and face real(ish) results in the a.m.

      It’s not a sprint.

    5. DHG

      Satan is the ruler of this world, he calls the shots and puts in who he wants and yes he influences all humans.

  14. meeps

    I voted for Sanders last week by mail-in ballot dropped at the county collection box.

    My husband and son didn’t receive mail ballots, so they went to the county clerk last week, as instructed by the SOS, to get paper ballots. The clerk, however, did not have ballots and instructed them to return today to vote in person. We’ve all been a little freaked out about the rigmarole around the vote this year, but they persisted, lol, and successfully cast their votes for Sanders tonight.

    Others in my circle of friends and family are casting votes for Sanders here and in Michigan next week.

    I know some peeps are annoyed by the daily phone contacts from Sanders organizers, but their commitment is paying off. Try thanking one of them for their hard work; their happiness and relief is audible when you give them positive feedback.

    1. Nancy E. Sutton

      Yes, having done a lot of that, starting with Howard Dean, I know that it is rarely appreciated. Also, I think Bernie is starting a ‘collective’ with the ‘Us, not Me’ movement. It will be up to the youngsters to keep it alive and growing.

      1. meeps

        Thanks, Nancy.

        You’re right about the necessity of a continuing impetus for Not Me, Us. I don’t know where the political home for the movement is; certainly not within the extant parties. Perhaps a takeaway is that, by its very nature, the movement is whatever will cohere for people when electoral politics fails them.

  15. jonboinAR

    Can anyone tell me a good site to get text-based (as opposed to video) updates? Thanks!

  16. Hamford

    Poll for the crowd-

    Do you think Obama will endorse Biden if Sanders leaves tonight with delegate lead?

    The only reason I thought former President Obama may have not endorsed already is to leave the big one in the chamber… stun and blind with the birdshot (Buttigieg, Klobuchar et al.), finish with the buckshot.

    1. Monty

      Who are these people that GAF what Obama wants?

      I bet they are going to roll out Unity Michelle at the convention. (In the unlikely event they want to win)

      1. ObjectiveFunction

        Pat Buchanan is betting Biden + black woman VP.

        And remember, Kamala was the Clinton anointee before Tulsi took her down. Her being prez in waiting for drooling Joe would be just the ticket to turn those grift machines back on!

        Will We the Mopes eat that brand of new and improved neolib dog food? Who the heck knows these days….

        1. Briny

          Do remember that Harris spent her formative, grasshopper years at the feet of “Slick Willie” Brown, a long acknowledged expert at the game of Dem machine politics. So, it would be no surprise to me should she be picked for the role of Veep, dancing to the machine’s strings.

      2. jonboinAR

        I’m afraid that to some extent the large mass of voters are a mass of cattle who will go in the direction they’re led or prodded. The big establishment push, fairly well coordinated, and its apparent affect on today’s races so far, for me it has exemplified this theory. I’ve said somewhere else that every time I tell someone who’s not particularly well informed, that is, most of the people I know, that I voted for a “loser”, they ask me why I wasted my vote. Right now I’m depressed.

        1. MillenialSocialist

          it’s an ageist revolution and the over-65s are choosing the death of everyone else because their time is short anyway so who cares? they don’t like their grandkids anyway

          and the feeling is mutual

      1. NotTimothyGeithner

        Obama has his legacy which means not risking anyone better than him but he doesn’t want to endorse a buffoon who simply won’t do a better job until its over.

  17. MLTPB

    Over at NBC News, it reports that in 5 states, over half of the voters polled say coronavirus was an important factor in their vote…51 % in CA, 61% in TX. That half jumped to 67%, for those aged 45 and over, 33% for those younger.

    Biden was the choice for nearly half of those deem it an important factor.


    Is any policy next year not as immediate as a feeling about a candidate? I mentioned yesterday that winning leaders would need to offer what could be done now, fighting it with what we could mobilize today, not necessarily next year.

      1. MLTPB

        It does not say if they weigh the polulation size in their polling, but CA is included.

        Maybe it is the polling itself that is questionable.

      2. MLTPB

        But I also think it is the most important issue and most immediate, I am thankful they are asking.

        Personally, I think this presents an opening for the rest of the campaign, for the candidate who offers ideas that are actionable now, not necessarily next Jan.

        I commented eatlier on further travel restrictions for Korea, comparing where they are now, vs China on Feb 1, 2020, using reported Chinese number, or 10 times that. Not many responded…forgoing a chance to state a position now, without that it is hard to criticize any potential consequence later. Either we say we need more now because the comparison is apt, and the situation similar (equivalently), or say we dont.

        1. MLTPB

          The thing is there are voters who voted for Sanders in 16, but not this year, looking the vote differences in a few states. One possibility is his voters did not show up this year. Another is some of them voted not for him this year. If so, I dont know if we call those voters re***ded.

        2. jonboinAR

          That’s my view. Many, at least, of the people I know are ill-informed enough to be functionally “challenged”, really, when it comes to public issues. “What do you think that will do to your taxes” is a perfectly viable argument to them when Medicare For All is brought up. I can discuss all day long the money that will be saved getting rid of parasitical middle-men and all the rest… “But what will it do to my taxes”? Oh, my Lord, we’re effed! And we ain’t getting MFA.

          This is actually the worst, most disappointing night of my political life, so far. I thought people would vote for an actual mensch.

          1. inode_buddha

            I been telling people I pray that they double my Medicare taxes because it would save me at least 10 grand a year. Then I wait for them to start asking how that works.

          2. Carla

            Hi, Jon, so nice to see you chiming in here on Naked Capitalism. I know you’re a regular reader, but you don’t speak up a lot. Like you, I know a lot of really good people whose politics just mystify me. It’s a horrible and disappointing fact of life. Anyhow, I’m really glad you’re NOT one of ’em! Hope you and your family are doing well.

              1. Carey

                Yes- and that same commenter often refers to others as “idiots” and “morons”.


      3. David Carl Grimes

        Maybe the Coronavirus has been good for Biden. Maybe when people are scared, they reach for the familiar. Biden is familiar.

    1. MLTPB

      Sorry the edit function did not appear for the earlier comment.

      Among those who deem it an important factor, Biden receives 47%, Sanders comes in second at 29%…a sizable difference.

      Why? This is based on 5 states, including CA.

      1. Monty

        What possible reason could a lucid individual give to support Biden as the best choice to fight Coronavirus?

        1. MLTPB

          I dont know, but this offers a chance to clarify, to lead after tonight.

          I also want to mention again, the emphasis should be on what to do now, not necessarily next Jan.

            1. MLTPB

              If the goal is to get votes, a campaign, not this or that one, but any, should want the voters to think it is the choice

        2. Stephen The Tech Critic

          1. Older people vastly favor Biden over Sanders.
          2. Older people are (probably) more likely to have coronavirus as their top issue than younger people. (It is an ageist virus, to a great extent, isn’t it?)

          Even if most people overall think Sanders would be better to handle coronavirus, it’s still possible for both of the above to be true, which is consistent with the correlation seen in the exit poll results. And there is it.

        3. jrs

          THE STOCK MARKET. Nuff said. They figure Biden might be better for it than the ‘ol socialist maybe. Some peoples “concerns about corona virus” are more about their finances and what corona has done to Wall Street than their health (yes of course it could be said they have misplaced priorities)

      2. David

        Why would people turn out for Biden? He’s so obviously senile. Are people not paying attention? Trump is right. Biden doesn’t know what state he’s in or what office he’s running for. I’d rather vote for Trump than Biden. At least I know what I’m getting.

        1. John

          There is no way in h*ll I’m voting for Biden.
          He’s a corporate wh$re through and through.

          And I certainly won’t be voting for Trump.

          1. OIFVet

            Regardless of what happens the rest of these primaries, it is more obvious than ever that the Democrat Party establishment is a toxic tapeworm and the most formidable bulwark for the elites against progressive change. It needs to be thoroughly destroyed if this country is to ever move forward. To that end, I am now indeed really hoping for a brokered convention to help the Democrats self-immolate. I can’t help but burn with hate and loathing after what we’ve witnessed these past 4 or 5 days.

            1. John

              When Trump wins in Nov the D party elites will have gotten what they wished for.

              They just aren’t seeing what that will bring along with it; it will be over for the D party they rule over.

              1. OIFVet

                No, it will be over for them only if we force a brokered convention, it has become obvious these last three days that this is what they are desperate to avoid.

                1. Jason Boxman

                  After last time, I honestly believe Sanders believes Trump is “the most dangerous president”, won’t contest, and will endorse Biden as instructed. I’d like to be proven wrong.

                  1. OIFVet

                    I hope you are proven wrong. If it comes down to that and Sanders endorses Biden, he will destroy his own movement. I don’t think he will do that, I want to believe that his principles are more important to him, and that he is feeling at least some rage about what went down. Like the Russians like to say though, ‘we’ll live and we’ll see.’

                    1. drumlin woodchuckles

                      Why would Sanders endorsing Biden destroy his own movement? Why wouldn’t the Sanders’ own movement merely bid Sanders goodbye and become ITS own movement instead?

                      The movement doesn’t necessarily have to self-destruct just because Sanders leaves it. It may well have learned enough to cohere, survive and keep on movementing all by itself.

                      In that scenario, wouldn’t it be all too deliciously ironic if the no-more-Sanders movement works to put Sanders’s name on all 50 State ballots as a no party independent, against Sanders’s own wishes? And proceeds to cast enough votes in each state for stand-alone Sanders that the DemParty loses in all 50 states?

                      That might be the first step towards exterminating the Democratic Party from existence and wiping the Democratic Party off the face of the earth.

            2. Carey

              Watching tonights mcResults, I fully agree with this comment,
              and I mean fully.

              The Fix is in for Biden, and verily.

              1. Librarian Guy

                What drumlin w. said above= ++++ (for some reason, no option to reply to that comment directly)

                The 99% movement will continue whether Sanders is associated with it or not. And yes, the Democratic party has just stabbed itself and turned the gas on in a serious suicide attempt. Next is the drug overdose, which would be a brokered convention. Obama has killed the Dem party, that will be his lasting legacy.

                I’ll donate more to Sanders short term as the only viable option. Joe could (likely will?) have a Mitt Romney’s dad moment (admitting he was “brainwashed” by military handlers on a trip to Vietnam) & take himself out of the race, though the Corporat Media will try to cover it up.

                Long term, I’m getting a renewed passport and researching how soon I can move to Canada.

          2. Phacops

            I think that a vote for Trump, if he wins, will destroy the Democratic party. At this point that would be the best outcome.

              1. Librarian Guy

                Pretty much agreed. I can’t find any info on California except Sanders is winning? Any chance big enough to put him back in the lead?

            1. neo-realist

              I would hope that it destroys the establishment element of the democratic party, e.g., Schumer, Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz, and Clinton, and that the likes of AOC and Ro Khanna rise from the ashes to a build Democratic Party 2.0.

              1. drumlin woodchuckles

                Maybe they could call it the Real Democrat Party. They would have to be very careful not to let any Clintobama-infected Democratic Party members join it to subvert and destroy it from within.

        2. m

          Biden clearly has dementia and sundowns, his people should be ashamed putting him out there. People like this need routine schedules, little stress and a familiar environment to maintain. So, he will slip out of office for medical reasons leaving his VP to take over.

    2. anon in so cal

      They must be complete dolts, then. Because the NYT ran an article the other day about the lack of US preparedness. The article mentioned the shortage of mechanical ventilators for use in hospitals. A 2005 study of an anticipated flu pandemic revealed a need for 740,000 ventilators. By 2010, there were still only 62,000 available. Today, the massive shortage persists. What did Obama and Biden do all that time?

      1. MLTPB

        That seems to be the same problem the world over. I think one WHO said, hospitals world wide were not ready.

        And whoever made this shortage an issue before last December would seem the choice for a lot of voters.

  18. OIFVet

    I’m shedding liberal “friends” faster than a dog with new flea collar. No great loss. Under a faceborg post of mine re: Biden’s mental fitness, two of them took great offence at me daring to question his mental faculties, attributing his problems to a speech defect. I pointed out how outrageous it is that they are standing up for a guy and an establishment that promise to cut Medicare and SS, while I had to watch my father die because he had to choose between paying the mortgage and Type 2 diabetes medicine, a choice no citizen in the civilized countries in Europe ever has to make. And that unlike them, I will always take the side of people who have to face this impossible choice, rather than side with the people who have to choose between summering on Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons. Shortly thereafter, the comments disappeared, one of them erased them. Since neither one would admit to this censorship, I shed them both. Liberals are cowards, like cokcroaches who scurry into the shadows when the light shines upon their hypocrisy.

    1. Matthew

      My father let himself die of lung cancer because the alternative was leaving my mother elderly and bankrupt. I hate so many of these people that I’m forced to share a party with, and I’m kind of looking forward to making the split.

      1. OIFVet

        It’s hard to convey the rage that seethes in me, for my dad, for your dad, for every single American who has a story like we do, and we are many. Every time I hear a liberal arguing that M4A is too extreme for most voters to accept, every time I hear them ask how we will pay for it but never ask how we pay for the never-ending wars, every time I hear them talking about how we need to protect Blue Dogs in Congress. I can barely suppress the urge to rage and lash out, and thank god for my VA therapist who has helped me to control this rage. Yes, I am a veteran and I have my perfect single payer program, with no copays, no premiums. I am happy with it, it’s seen me through some very serious treatments over the last three years. And I want every single American to have what I have. I am done with liberals, I really am. They are mindless, they are cowards, they are hypocrites, they are demagogues. Most of all, they are sheep.

        1. Roy G

          Man, my heart bleeds for you and your dad, and that doesn’t make me a bleeding heart liberal. It’s just damn hard to know what the right way is because you’ve seen the wrong way. Solidarity, and some day we will see this through!

          1. OIFVet

            Nope, it makes you a human being with a heart. They can put up all kinds of obstacles, but the day will come when single payer will be implemented. But it sure as heck will not be thanks to the Democrat party in its current incarnation. Thanks Roy, thank you Oso, let’s keep fighting for people over profits.

        2. drumlin woodchuckles

          I wonder how the “how will we pay for it” people would respond if one said . . . ” we’ll pay for it with all the insurance money. We’ll just buy M4A instead of buying insurance with all the insurance money.”

        3. Matthew

          I try not to dwell on it because I have rage issues of my own, but yes to everything you said. Thank you for giving voice to it.

  19. Chris

    As fate would have it, I’m helping my oldest with her english lit HW which is to explain the symbolism in Macbeth. Seems a fitting topic for tonight :/

    1. ObjectiveFunction

      In a rare moment of true wit on my FB feed:

      “Wash your hands as though you convinced your husband to murder the rightful king and can’t get the blood off.”

        1. jonboinAR

          In one of the videos floating around a former grad-school or something colleague of hers described her as the most nihilistic person she knew. Is that the same as machiavellian? Opportunistic? If this be so, she may lack Lady MacBeth’s activity of conscience. IOW, she don’t notice no spot.

          1. cripes


            a nihilist’s total lack of principal or morals does tend to manifest in self-serving opportunism.

            hence her chameleon like transformations from reaganite thug to demorat, to M4A pwogwessive tp bernie basher and back.

            If there’s a DNC plot to dilute Bernie’s votes with 21 muppet candidates, then logically a parallel plot to split the sanders votes with the fake-progressive-feminist makes total sense–and MSM mind-fu*cking–to blunt the sanders campaign.

            Somewhere along this path the actual voters smelled a skunk and ran away.

            1. jonboinAR

              I didn’t used to think of her that way. I kind of had her sincere and determined, a female Bernie. Those who see her otherwise have started to convince me. I’m still not sure.

  20. Deschain

    So far this is going about as badly for Bernie as it could be. Biden making it closer than expected in places like MA and ME and MN, which Bernie should have won comfortably, and getting big delegate blowouts in the southern states. Early returns suggest TX will also be very close, where Bernie really needed a clear win.

    1) Clyburn is the MVP for the neoliberals. His endorsement was a huge factor in Biden’s big win there, which in turn allowed the establishment to kick everyone into line over the last two days.

    2) An endorsement by Warren could have been a huge offset to this. People do respond to perceived strength. Instead she’s going to finish THIRD in her home state. The definition of a useful idiot for the neoliberals. Either that or she’s been in the tank for the establishment the whole time. At this point I don’t care which.

    3) At best Bernie finishes tonight even with Biden. Given the superdelegate math, absent a complete physical or mental collapse by Biden in the next month, it’s effectively over. The establishment can just place him in a freezer and have proxies campaign for him.

    I’ll say what I said earlier: the control of the parry fundraising apparatus by neoliberals effectively enforces compliance by people like Clyburn, who are expected to deliver their communities in return for keeping their jobs. It’s sickening. It’s also reality. The neoliberals are going to remain in charge until we enter a really bad crisis (as if we haven’t already), and it will probably be too late.

    1. Monty

      How are these communities able to be delivered in the first place?

      Any braincells to run together down there? Are they full of NPCs?

      1. Plenue

        Stupidity is a choice. A lot of these people are just damn stupid. I’m done trying to make excuses for them. They’ve made their bed, they can lie in it.

        1. Jason Boxman

          I thought Black Agenda Report made a compelling case as to why older blacks vote the way they do. As disappointing as it may be, we’re all worse off for it. Health care is a right for everyone, even those that vote in disappointing ways. To say nothing of climate change, although that’s perhaps not an issue for older voters.

          1. drumlin woodchuckles

            As fast as climate d’chaos decay is heating up and speeding up, I suspect it may become a live issue for a lot of older voters.

        2. Carla

          “They’ve made their bed, they can lie in it.”

          Fine if it were only them. Why the f*ck do I and everyone I love have to lie in it, too? Forever and ever, amen?

            1. Carla

              Len and I are well, thank you, Jon. We actually had quite a little political year here in our inner ring suburb of 44,000 or so souls — putting an issue on the ballot to elect a mayor (changing from appointed city manager) — and after a real under-dog, grass-roots battle, winning handily, 66% to 34%. We won in 33 of 33 precincts!

              I gotta tell you, it’s a gas to win. Not a feeling I’m used to all ;-)

              1. jonboinAR

                Well, congrats! Winning once in awhile does tend to lift the ole spirits. I’m glad to hear you’re well. We are, too.

      2. Deschain

        In my opinion: many black voters – particularly older ones, in the South – naturally distrust white politicians. Which, frankly, they should. They cue their votes heavily – again, my opinion, but heavily backed up by S.C. exit polls – on who their local black politician tells them is least bad. It’s logical, and understandable, but deadly given the dynamics of patronage politics.

        There’s a reason Clinton and Biden both viewed the south as their firewall. It was essentially a sure thing, and it had nothing to do with their politics.

        1. Plenue

          Literally sheep, with their ‘community leaders’ playing the role of border collie. Pathetic and disgusting.

          1. Carey

            Let’s see, Plenue: from you, tonight describing other Americans, just in this thread: “literally sheep”; “pathetic scum”; “idiots”; “morons”; “disgusting”.. i probably missed a couple, though.

            what a humanitarian

        2. jonboinAR

          Yes, that’s what I perceive. They don’t trust any white politician, at all. They inherit, however, from the civil rights movement, maybe?, I don’t know, a kind of discipline and will vote more or less as a block, following certain black leaders. If a candidacy needs the support of the black voters in those areas, it needs to convince those black leaders. It seems the democrat establishment was able to do that. How, I don’t know.

          1. Carla

            Ask Bloomberg. He just buys them.

            And please understand, he buys a lot more white people than black ones. But in both cases, he buys the ones that count.

            We really should skip all this election sh*t and just have Bloomberg and Soros duke it out with Mercer and Adelson.

            1. Rod

              Gilda Cobb Hunter, a powerful black voice in SC(whom I have used/considered as a compass before) went to work for the Steyer Campaign–I believe until November.
              Gilda Cobb Hunter endorsed Steyer as the best candidate.
              Steyer staffed his campaign in a similar fashion throughout the State.
              Michael Bloomberg followed the same strategy as Steyer in NC. Jobs contracted until the end of the year.

              Buyers buy and Sellers sell.

    2. Woodchuck

      At some point, the progressive branch could also just truly rally behind a Third Party. If Sanders decided he doesn’t play ball (it’s not like he has much to lose, he’s not going to be re-running for president in 4 years) and bring his followers with him, Democrats have no way to win anything for a long, long time.

      But then again the brain-washing of the 2-party mentality and the “us vs them” in the US is so, so strong that I’m not sure it would be successful, it would just turn into a lot of rage and hate for all the progressives and would not allow them to reach their objectives either.

      Tonight is pretty depressing though. The Dem establishment rally worked, despite being around an absolutely worthless candidate.

      1. Carolinian

        He won’t do that. After all he refers to Biden as “my friend.”

        Guess we’ll see how this ends up perhaps it was Nevada that was the outlier and not SC. It’s quite possible that Dem primary voters are a lot more focused on beating Trump than the issues we talk about around here and so they swing like a weather vane according to the latest fortunes of one candidate or the other.

        1. John Anthony La Pietra

          Well, there IS that whole “Not Me, Us” thing. Maybe if the Me doesn’t follow where the Us is leading, the Us can find a way to go on without the Me. . . .

    3. John

      Rep. Jim Clyburn On The South Carolina Primary: Candidates Need ‘Exposure To More Diversity’

      On his endorsement of Joe Biden

      “I always say that history ought to inform us. And when you look at the history of the candidates in the race, see where they have been on issues of importance to the Democratic voters, Joe Biden has the best record. Joe Biden is a Democrat. He’s not a democratic socialist. He is not someone who is Republican until several weeks ago. He’s a Democrat. He’s always been a Democrat, elected to the United States Senate at the age of 29, that he has the background and the experience that we need in a candidate.”

      “It is one thing to talk the talk. It’s something else to walk the walk. And Joe Biden has walked the walk. You go through his record and you’ve got to admit that he has the best Democratic record among those who are currently running. And so that’s why my long history with him gave me the comfort level I needed to endorse him in this race.”


      1. OIFVet

        Yes Jim, Biden’s friendship with Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms is indeed extensively recorded, you sellout piece of family blog.

        1. Plenue

          That and Bloomberg having any success by just buying ads. This country is stupid. It’s just damn stupid. It knows nothing. It remembers nothing. Nothing matters. The voters will get exactly what they deserve, which is to be punched in the face by their leaders all day, every day, until the end of time. And then they’ll turn around and vote for more punching.

          And the South is a worthless hellhole.

          No more excuses. No more whining about context. I’m freaking done.

          1. lyman alpha blob

            The last few days make me fear that H L Mencken was right. Again.

            Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

            1. Carey

              Blaming the People, are you? I do not agree: blame the content-shapers and the vote-riggers, not the People.

                1. Carey

                  You bet. I don’t think these vote-numbers for Biden are organic, if I didn’t make that clear enough, and am
                  surprised and disappointed to see so much voter-shaming in this thread.

          2. jonboinAR

            Yes, I’m finally completely done with the democrat party. I’ve never said that before. And I’m going to refer to it as the “democrat party”, disparagingly, as the Repubs I know do. They freaking got to Clyburn, Mayor Pete, Amy. They can all go jump in the lake. I sincerely hope, if the drooling dementia-ite is nominated, that Trump wins in a ’72, ’88 -like landslide and that the democrat party is utterly decimated.

            1. Acacia

              They’ll lose to Trump, but they won’t be “decimated”.

              DNC and GOP have a monopoly, with lots of laws and rules to keep it in place, and like good monopolists they will squeeze the lemon until it’s dry and then pound on it with hammers to get a few more drops of juice out.

              What are ‘murikans gonna do aboutdit? Probably nothing.

              And they’ll vote for the monopolists again next time, too.

      2. antidlc

        “..he has the best Democratic record among those who are currently running.”

        Oh, dear lord.

      3. Matthew

        His record is his identification with the party. That’s it. Cool. This party is completely rotten and deserves to be destroyed.

        1. Matthew

          To amplify a bit, the only thing Clyburn can point to is Biden’s stable party affiliation, and not only because Biden’s policy record is horrible on basically every issue. Clyburn can’t say what it means that Biden has been a Democrat all these years because it doesn’t mean anything. The party only stands for itself and its continued — not even power, because a Democrat with power is like a mule with a spinning-wheel. Its continued prominence, I guess. It’s pathetic.

    4. anon in so cal

      Looking to me as though Bernie was sandbagged. A planned, concerted effort by the DNC, with a complicit Biden, Buttigieg, Clobuchar, and Warren.

      1. pretzelattack

        yeah it was obviously coordinated. and who knows what voting skullduggery, not to mention a complaisant media.

        1. The Rev Kev

          Complaisant? From what I have been seeing, they are a key component of this anti-Sanders campaign.

          1. pretzelattack

            yes, they are. they are going along, just like clyburn. he too was a key component, to get the joementum started so the media could dutifully play its role. i say compliant because they arent driving this, the dnc is.

        2. jonboinAR

          If this weren’t important, as a sports fan, I’d be digging it. It was brilliantly played.

          1. Dirk77

            I admit to viewing it similarly. Yet the game isn’t over. As Joe once said, the future is unwritten.

          2. Matthew

            On some level I still am. They bet that we were dogs, and they won! Gotta hand it to them, provided they don’t ruin it by showing people too much of their actual candidate.

      2. Deschain

        He wasn’t sandbagged. You had to expect this was coming, I was hoping neoliberal incompetence would hold it off till after today, but they got their shit together in time. Lots of $s on the line tends to focus the mind.

        Bernie always had a massively uphill fight with the party against him, the media against him, and the second ballot superdelegate math against him. He needed not just to win early, but win big early. Warren has hurt him. And I think he’s played too nice, but he is a moral man.

        1. ACF

          Warren cost him MN, MA, and is currently making Maine close; without her in the race, he wins all three.
          She’s too smart to believe that she can win enough pledged delegates to get the nomination, so she must be staying in to split the progressive vote. Klob & Pete got out to help Biden; she stayed in to hurt Sanders.

      3. Carey

        Not just sandbagged: vote-rigged. You don’t get these kind of results, otherwise.

        Even Ball and Enjeti are making- um, uhh- uncharacteristic noises tonight.

        1. anon in so cal

          It does seem odd how, in states in which Bernie Sanders was so far ahead and predicted to win big, the Bernie vote suddenly collapsed. It seem too much to all be due to the DNC’s conniving during the past few days.

          1. Deschain

            Bernie performed about as expected in all those states, per the most recent polls. It’s that the AK/PB vote heavily went to Biden, as did a fair amount of the Bloomberg vote.

    5. jonboinAR

      It’s been the entire democratic establishment being in the tank for “Anyone But Bernie” for the past several weeks culminating in two semi-viable candidates throwing in with him just before today that’s been so corrosive to Bernie’s support among the average half-informed voters. I am so done with the democrat party. I think I never quite have realized like I do right now what a pile of s@@@ it is. Welp! Four more years of DT.

      1. Monty

        The fly in the ointment for Bernie has always been the prospect of governing with the Democrats. They suck biggies, so he would be useless.

    6. lyman alpha blob

      Saw Brian Williams on MSDNC crowing that the Clyburn endorsement resounded from sea to shining sea or something to that effect, as if more than 5% of the populace outside SC had ever heard of him.

      The Beltway types sure do like the smell of their own farts.

      1. jonboinAR

        It did though. It was perfect. If you don’t give a flying f*** about the future. Y’all do realize we ain’t getting socialized medicine? Not a snowball’s chance.

    7. Oxley Creek Boy

      I don’t think it’s going as well for the establishment as you think. Apart from Virginia I’m not seeing the massive blowouts that Clinton got in the south in 2016 and Bernie’s ahead in Texas. If I recall correctly Clinton got 2 delegates to Bernie’s 1 out of Texas last time. Minnesota & Massachusetts aren’t great but the significance of the results are muddied by the presence of Klobuchar & Warren. If California is good for Bernie then he could make up the difference in delegates in the South and be in a much better position post-Super Tuesday than last time – with Biden’s best states behind him and everything to play for in the mid-west. Unfortunately, it does look like Bernie won’t be reaching 50 percent of pledged delegates but if Biden gets the nomination I still think it’ll be coming from a pledged delegate deficit in a contested convention with Warren, Bloomberg & super delegates putting him over the top. What that leads to, I don’t know, but interesting times for sure.

      1. OIFVet

        I don’t think you quite appreciate what is going on. Right now, the Democrat establishment is getting what it needs to support its narrative that Sanders is unelectable “because folks think that he is an extreme socialist” and “We need to win conservative voters, California is ours anyway.” Never mind that no Democrat stands a chance in AL, SC, TN, OK, etc, its about the narrative and forming a perception in the contests to come. Several days ago it all looked very different, the establishment managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat though. So yes, tonight will be a wash or a slight Sanders win, but the establishment will have plenty of ammo to make its case against Sanders. And all thanks to Clyburn, SC, the rat boy, Klobuchar, and Warren. With quite likely Obama pulling some strings behind the scenes, because he is too damn cowardly to do it out in the open.

        1. Oxley Creek Boy

          I agree with what you’re saying but I don’t think the narrative will be as one-way as you imply if Bernie wins the two biggest states (states Clinton easily won in 2016) and comes out of the day with even a small lead in pledged delegates. If it turns into a two-person race he could still narrowly win the north and carry a small delegate lead into the convention. Obviously, they throw it to Biden in that case but it will take a lot of finesse to do that in such a way as to not blow the party up. I don’t think they have nearly that much political skill – so not a good result for progressives today, but probably not as good a result for the Democratic establishment as it appears either. Anyway, polls in California just closed, so we’ll soon know one way or another if Bernie can make up his delegate deficit for the day. If he doesn’t then I’ll agree – total establishment victory.

          1. FluffytheObeseCat


            Everyone should keep in mind that

            1) Sanders may still come out of Super Tuesday with a delegate lead: Texas, California, and possibly Maine may go heavily Sanders. Vermont, Colorado, and Utah have already. And there are a slew of little primaries tonight that the MSM doesn’t soil itself by reporting about. I.e. American Samoa went for B[someone], but the Dems Abroad are likely to go heavily Sanders.

            2) There are more delegates still outstanding after Super Tuesday than will have been apportioned after tonight’s primaries.

            The point of the game is getting more than 1991 delegates; not “winning” individual states by thin margins in this one-night media circus.

            1. Carey

              It’s unfortunately not about delegate-counts, because the rules only apply until they’re not of benefit to the Few anymore.

              “If mcVoting could change anything it would be illegal.”

              -Emma Goldman

            2. Librarian Guy

              They can muddle the MSM story all they want that poor senile Grandpa Joe is winning, but may not be so after full California returns come in.

              Nonetheless, the Corporate Dems seem committed to nominating a “moderate” PoS, it ended up being Sleepy Joe instead of Bloomberg, and losing the General, and destroying their “brand” forever.

              So be it Muthafuckas, I may vote for some regional Dems (live in California) but overall the Dem party is dead to me. Will not vote for Biden or Bloomie in the general, and I guess when they lose they’re confident they won’t go in the re-education camps with genuine left Progressives. Don’t bet on it, you garbage.

          1. Oxley Creek Boy

            I’m sure that there will be a full court press to get Bernie to drop out and that’ll be one of the main arguments used. But it’s absurd – in a head-to-head two-man race there is no way in hell that Biden racks up 40 point wins, which is what saying Bernie has a 30% ceiling implies would happen.

            1. Carey

              Maybe Sanders *should* drop out now, and let the full absurdity
              of Bidenry take its course.. Trump’ll crush him like a bug,
              not that it really matters. #orchestrated

              and so it goes..

  21. Daryl

    Well, I’ve had as much as I can take. I’m going to turn this off and check to see what the results are when all the votes are counted (for whatever meaning “counted” has with electronic voting machines, widespread voter suppression and plain old incompetence in play).

  22. anon in so cal

    MSM is reporting problems with the new voting system in Los Angeles; this aligns with my experience today. I took photos of the machine as it kept rejecting my ballot. Other people were also experiencing glitches. It was crowded, hot, stuffy. There was also an older man with a very flushed face who kept sneezing and coughing. Overall, an unpleasant experience (and my fault for being a procrastinator).

  23. Chris

    And now, our moment of establishment Zen from your friend, Max Boot…Bernie Sanders would be an awful President

    No, really! He denounces those who disagree with his principles, instead of compromising with people who he’s campaigned as saying are his ideological enemies. And he wants the working class people of this country to get free stuff, instead of bankers and lobbyists and defense contractors. He’d just be awful. I mean, I bet he’d even outlaw profiteering from a pandemic. How can you trust a guy like that?

    If we’re lucky maybe we’ll get a chance to blockade people coming from DC and NoVA to MD so that they avoid the pandemic. I think Max Boot and others might need a timeout in a capitalist paradise infected with plague to really show their commitment to screwing poor people out of health care :(

    1. David R Smith

      Our Revolution should have sought to draft George Clooney or Matt Damon to replace Bernie at the top of the ticket.

  24. rd

    Bloomberg won American Samoa. Tulsi Gabbard came in second there.

    Fox News having fun with this.

    1. Librarian Guy

      I was never a Tulsi fan, but . . . her winning a single delegate will explode the brains of a lot of Establishment Dems. I sure she didn’t spend 1/100th of what Jeb!! spent in 2016 to get a single delegate.

      There will be some posters on Eschaton (nothing against the site owner, just their commentariat) who believe that Clinton only lost because of Jill Stein (global superpower Jill!) & L,G & M (shitty Neolib Clinton Clan) who’ll wet their pants about her delegate count. So all the best to Tulsi!! (just this once, again, overall she was never that relevant)

  25. Plenue

    Biden takes Colorado. If Warren had dropped out and endorsed Sanders this wouldn’t have happened. And the 3,600 people who voted for Gabbard should be forced to wear a placard around their necks as a badge of shame.

    1. Roy G

      Thanks for being so willing to throw Tulsi’s supporters under the bus IN A PRIMARY! Duly noted, ‘comrade.’

    2. Dirk77

      I kind of like Tulsi staying in. Bernie isn’t alone then. And when she bows out she won’t be getting a call from Obama thanking her for endorsing Biden.

  26. epynonymous

    Was tempted to just jump to my speculations and personal conclusions. Instead, let’s start a little media lexicon?

    “Bernie Sanders is doing well in Texas.” = “Bernie Sanders is winning in Texas.”

        1. Hamford

          The only silver lining right now is that Bloomberg is hurting Biden as much as Warren is hurting Sanders. But damn, if she sticks around after today… “they are what we thought they were”.

          1. pretzelattack

            they already are. i think she will stick around, don’t know what she could possibly get out of it, but i suspect she is still the right winger she was in the late 80’s, according to a fellow professor at the u of pennsylvania law school. so, she hates the new deal, she was never serious about even single payer, etc. she’s a snake. i will happily eat my words if she drops out and swings her delegates to bernie.

            1. John

              I have progressive friends who were fooled by her and got behind her. I told them early on that there was no way she could win.

              I saw her in 2011 at an event where she bragged she got 11 billion back from Wall Street for the America people. 11 Billion when they looted and extorted trillions?! Joke. Sick joke.

              She was frail looking even then and her movements were completely jerky. Bad voice. Knew she could never draw people in on the level you need to to make them starry eyed about you.

              1. Matthew

                Oh, she’s got some people starry-eyed. Those people are the worst judges of character imaginable, but they do exist.

                1. Ionesco

                  They’re not worse than the Buttigieg supporters.

                  A lot of people like sociopaths. I liked Obama.

  27. Jason Boxman

    Like a train wreck it’s hard to stop watching.

    Just got a desperate sounding text from the Sanders campaign asking for more money.

    I feel like every election the immorality of announcing winners before the votes are cast, particularly in states in other timezones, comes up. So there it is again.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Democrat voters “come home” in November to vote for Biden or stay home.

    1. pretzelattack

      well, i’m not. i can’t see myself voting democratic till the dnc is finally kneecapped.

      1. Matthew

        Might be worth voting in state races to keep the Republicans away from a constitutional convention, but I’m not going to be pushing that line very forcefully. And I’m definitely not voting Biden. This is their mess.

    2. Deschain

      The exit polls go up the minute polls closed, by state. The networks only called states where the exit polls overwhelmingly went one way.

      1. Jason Boxman

        But the country isn’t done voting yet — That doesn’t seem right. And it’s systemic; Happens during the general election every time, and every election someone points out the absurdity of it. I wanted to get a head start.

      2. urdsama

        I’m not sure this is true. I’ve seen one case, Maine, where the polls were still open and yet they called it for Biden. They later “apologized” but I think this was a case of letting the cat out of the bag.

        Also, see above where they called CO for Biden, only to have to reverse themselves when Sanders was determined the winner.

        I’ve not seen any evidence they were using exit polls in states they called IMMEDIATELY for Biden as the clock struck the hour.

      3. Yves Smith Post author

        AP stopped doing exit polls. Other media networks have cut way back due to cost.

        I saw no one saying the early call in VA was based on exit polls.

        1. Schtubb

          While you are certainly right that the much of the news media is being drained of resources, newspapers in particular, it’s worth pointing out that exit polls are an excellent diagnostic for a rigged election. So, dispensing with them suits vote rigging as well as cost savings. A true win-win.

          1. Carey

            Thank you. No exit polls for the last few 2016 Dem Primaries, including all-imp’t California, and I expect the same this year.

        2. Deschain

          NBC has pretty comprehensive exit polls up. Actual results have been pretty close to polled estimates.

    3. OIFVet

      Liberals will, because they are sheep. Some progressives will, albeit while holding their noses, and afterward will p\be throwing up and will be consumed by self-loathing. A substantial portion of progressives will stay home, or vote third party. I am not a betting man, but I am willing to wager my entire net worth that Jim Clyburn will not be able to deliver South Carolina to Biden during the GE, nor will Biden win Alabama, NC, OK, and the rest of the southern states that are swinging the primaries. A Pyrrhic victory for the establishment, but then again they always preferred to lose to Trump than to win with Sanders. They want to avoid a brokered convention though, so there is something we can do about this: keep fighting to obtain plurality for Sanders, and force the Democrat establishment to self-immolate in Milwaukee. It is imperative to force them to broker the convention, this is what they desperately want to avoid.

      1. Daryl

        It’d be better for them to avoid it, but they don’t seem particularly concerned. They started messaging about it weeks ago, and all the non-Bernie candidates have already stated that they’re fine with winning a brokered convention.

        1. OIFVet

          I hear you, but then notice what happened after SC: the word came on from on high and the cockroaches left the race to endorse Biden, the snake was ordered to remain in the race to split the progressive vote. Oh no, they are desperate to avoid a brokered convention.

      2. pretzelattack

        this seems like a worthwhile goal. and keeping fighting is important in any case, we still don’t know about texas and california.

      3. Phacops

        Agree, so made another donation to Bernie. I shake my head in disgust at how our nation can reject an upright man like him. Are we become so degenerate that we cannot see a person with an unwavering moral compass.

        1. OIFVet

          Did, and will keep donating. Will keep fighting. Eff those effers, I keep fighting to my last breath. This is what happens when your dad dies from a massive heart attack in your arms, brought to this end by the impossible choice of paying bills and mortgage, or paying for Type 2 diabetes medications. In any civilized country he would still be alive, it’s so effing treatable. I don’t ever want anyone else to experience what I did, it still haunts my nightmares 12 years later, and drives me into a rage I can just barely control. So no, I will never ever stop fighting for what is an universal human right. The establishment will now doubt be drinking champagne tonight and breathing a sigh of relief. Me, I am digging in.

      4. jonboinAR

        I really thought that the idea of the democrat establishment preferring The Donald to Bernie was silly tin-foil-hat type exaggeration until witnessing them during the past few weeks systematically work to eviscerate Bernie’s campaign chances. The fact that they so efficiently and smoothly have accomplished that dirty task -“Dirty deeds and they’re done dirt cheap!”- tells me for certain that they’re not stupid enough to believe that Biden has any particular chance of beating Trump. Bernie has the character to assemble and lead a movement. That’s what the democrat establishment is determined to prevent. Stopping Trump’s reelection is secondary.

  28. KLG

    Well, what the hell. I just sent another donation to Bernie. What else is to be done?

    If Pelosi Schumer Clinton & Obama LLC get what they want out of this election, Trump will run to the left of Biden and utterly destroy him. He will mean none of it, but so what…it will get the job done.

    Then there is this. Can’t resist:

    Behold, the Hero of the Democrat Party speaks! But Yogi was right. It ain’t over. Yet.

    Don’t lose heart!

    1. katiebird

      I did too. He’s not giving up and neither am I. Although I am not allowing anyone here to watch the results on tv.

        1. Carey

          > We can’t give up.

          Agree 100%, but under the circumstances, adjustments are in order.

          imagine the possibilities

  29. Jokerstein

    According to Real Clear Politics, as of the time of this post Warren has not gained a single delegate.

    1. pretzelattack

      hmm you don’t get much for selling out in academia, either. maybe she will be assistant at the bureau she created.

    2. Librarian Guy

      She’s revealed for what she is.

      The betrayer of any hopes of progressive change, saboteur of the even slightly (Bernie) Left.

  30. chuckster

    Over on Daily Kos they are actually debating whether or not Mitt Romney would be a good VP choice for Biden.

    I officially give up.

    1. Jason Boxman

      Best quote ever someone here posted once:

      One need not hope in order to undertake, nor succeed in order to persevere.

      William I, Prince of Orange (As quoted in O Canada: An American’s Notes on Canadian Culture (1963) by Edmund Wilson)

    2. Daryl

      Bwahahahaha, thanks for a bit of humor in this dark time. Makes sense that Mittens long track record of winning elections would be attractive to Democrats though.

    3. The Rev Kev

      Surely that cannot be so! (I know, don’t call you Shirley). Do they not remember that he stood as the Republican candidate for President back in 2008? At least that other has-been John Kerry stood for the candidacy as a Democrat so why not him? Daily Kos has seriously lost the plot.

    4. anon in so cal

      Makes sense. Biden, Romney, CIA Dems, and brainwashed masses are united in hatred of Russia.

  31. Lee

    On CNN Terry McAuliffe salivating over the prospect of Bloomberg money for the DNC and Biden.

  32. kimsarah

    Carville says everyone wants a revolution, but now is not the time. Beating Trump is the priority. Bernie should drop out now for the good of the party and country, he says!

    1. pretzelattack

      yep good ol left winger and devoted admirer of the towering intellect of chris mathews, if james carville says it it must be true. christ to think they pose as having a shred of sympathy for progressivism.

  33. flora

    “If you are standing in line waiting to vote tonight: STAY IN LINE.”


    ‘No matter what happens tonight, the battle isn’t over. “There are no final victories, no final defeats.” The battle never ends. We keep on fighting, for ourselves, for each other, for the people we’ve never met. “So toughen up, bloody toughen up.” ‘

  34. Jason Boxman

    There is some great news tonight; The liquor store is _still_ open, I think. I shall return for the CA and TX results.

  35. Hamford

    Biden confuses his Sister and Wife at the beginning of his speech: “they switched on me”.

      1. Hamford

        And “Let Dairy Die” protesters somehow storm the stage while he is speaking… phenomenal security Mr. Biden has. Wow. Can’t make this up.

          1. John Anthony La Pietra

            Which one of him? And how can we tell if we elect the right one? After all, all Bidens are created — you know. . . .

  36. ObjectiveFunction

    Our Commander in Chief, keeping it classy as always, has tweeted a video loop of Bloomberg shoveling pizza into his face straight from the box and licking his fingers.

    And check out how he continually projects crude primate dominance over the nerdy science guys in the NIH clips, head thrust out and angled back, looking down his nose at their nervous hand movements, with an occasional nod, acknowledging but unsmiling, owning the tension. Trump remains a grand master bully, at the Stalin level.


    1. Daryl

      I went and watched that video. Honestly, might be the most humanizing thing I’ve seen about Bloomberg, including his own campaign materials.

  37. VietnamVet

    Joe Biden is the Last Emperor. His voters long for the status quo and for what once was. They don’t acknowledge that he was the point-man for off-shoring, financialization and militarization of America that made the collapse of the Western Empire inevitable when a pandemic and economic depression hit at the same time. Neither he nor Donald Trump have any idea how to dig themselves out of the mess that they created.

    If elected, the security state will have its senile 78 year old figurehead that they want.

    1. Lee

      The left of Biden vote is being split between Warren and Sanders, to put an optimistic spin on it.

      1. Yves Smith Post author

        A political scientist who lives in MA and has done some deep dives on MA elections said precisely that. And he’s not an optimist and interestingly was for Warren until she started showing her true colors.

      2. epynonymous

        Alot of people could care less, as long as their grass is green and everything is quiet.

        The rest are stuck on some idpol thing.

        I miss Lyndon Larouche, just a little bit. The post-John Birch and pre-Libertarian third party candidate. I think his supporters are all drinking Q-Anon cool aide or the equivalent these days.

        Side note: The term third-party is interesting, because there are more than even 3 political parties… The wiki gets more interesting than you’d think pretty early on…

  38. WJ

    Older voters, black voters crushed it for Biden. Sanders’ ground game was plainly overwhelmed by sheer demographic heft. I expect him to underperform expectations in TX and CA as well. I am so down.

    1. John

      My take on older voters not going for Sanders.

      They have their Medicare. The Right has been running ads non stop and pounding the message on TV and radio that Medicare for All means Medicare for None. That seniors will lose their Medicare if Sanders wins.

      1. Monty

        There really is nothing more American that a “Got mine F you.” attitude from a position of profound ignorance.

        1. Carey

          Generalize much? I like my neighbors, admire a few of them, and am pretty
          ok with most of the people in my Region.

    2. Daryl

      He’s currently outperforming in TX, if I recall the polls right. I would hazard a guess that TX and CA have more delegates than the rest of the states combined. Will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

      1. Daryl

        Since this is within even my limited math capabiliities:

        TX + CA = 643
        Other states = 701.

        So not quite, but close.

      2. John Anthony La Pietra

        One big turning point for Texas would be if Bloomberg drops out of the money. Even if that means a narrower win for Sanders, as #1 out of two he’d get a majority of the pledged delegate (barring odd splits in the districts. That’s better than Sanders would get as a 40% winner having to split delegates with two other candidates.

        1. John Anthony La Pietra

          As I write this (1am ET), Fox puts Biden now 2% ahead in votes in Texas with 67% of precincts in, but Sanders and he are tied in delegates. OTOH, they have California at 35% reporting, with Sanders near 30% and both Biden and Bloomberg in the 18s — if either or both of them drop out of viability, that could be a big delegate boost for Sanders too.

  39. Lee

    Biden: “There’s nothing that America cannot do!” Except never ever providing universal health care.

  40. Deschain

    Alright I’m going to try to put a positive spin on tonight. If things hold up as projected:

    Biden will have won in only 2 non-Southern states, MA and MN (and lost TX). In MN he had the benefit of an endorsement from Klobuchar, and it looks like the Sanders + Warren vote will be > 50%. In MA Sanders clearly lost votes to Warren that he got everywhere else, and the two combined may yet > 50% (it’ll be close).

    It doesn’t help with the difficult delegate math. It is a pretty good narrative (but not one the MSM will pick up on).

  41. Martin Oline

    Why is Biden winning? Because he is the weaker candidate. Nine of 14 contests are open primaries. The Republicans are free to wander into the polls and vote for their favorite Democrat. Biden will lose in a landslide.

    1. John

      Trump will come after Hunter Biden (and Joe Biden) like a heat guided missile.

      There will be nothing left of Biden by election day but ashes.

      1. WJ

        It is a sign of the depths to which I’ve sunk that I’m actually looking forward to this with glee. Might even vote Trump out of sheer spite. Don’t want him to win, but do want to see Biden–and all the corruption hypocrisy he represents–utterly destroyed.

      2. cm

        Not to mention Biden fondling girls under 12. Trump will destroy Biden, and the DNC is OK with that, as long as Sanders doesn’t get into power.

        1. pretzelattack

          i don’t think he’s that good an actor. the moments of dementia look spontaneous to me.

    2. The Historian

      Biden is not winning. He has one basis of strength in this country and that is the South, and no presidential candidate can win by showing strength only in the South. He’s not going to win CA and probably not TX.

      When are people going to think strategically about what is going on here? Sanders has great strength in the West and the DNC knows that. Did you really think Buttegieg and Klobuchar were serious presidential candidates? Their only job was to try and deny Sanders the Midwest – that was the ONLY way Biden stood a chance. And I think Bloomberg is in the contest for the same reasons – to deny Sanders NY.

      Look at the votes – Sanders is second in all states that he hasn’t won (except, I think, AL) and he is a VERY close second in the Midwest. He hasn’t lost by a long shot.

      1. The Historian

        I might add that I think the DNC made a very big strategic mistake by pulling Klobuchar and Buttigieg out this early. In order to give Biden a boost on Super Tuesday by denying Sanders Minnesota, they may have lost the rest of the Midwest to Sanders.

        1. Yves Smith Post author

          That is an astute call. I also think the Dems deployed way too much firepower too early to try to stop Sanders’ momentum. He was going to get CA regardless and may get TX. If he gets TX, it means he can say that he can win in red states, ones with the potential to be purple.

          Or put it another way, this is how much juice the party had to put into the Biden zombie to have it manifest a semblance of life.

        2. Carey

          That presumes that Team Dem is going to operate by some consistent and
          principled set of rules. I see no evidence at all of that.

        3. cm

          Can you elaborate? Yves agrees w/ your position, and I don’t understand where you two are coming from. Thanks!

        4. pretzelattack

          god* i hope you’re right.

          *you know.
          god has many names, and biden couldn’t remember any of them.

      2. lyman alpha blob

        Looks like Biden in getting creamed in CA. The Democrat party make take for granted CA’s electoral votes in the general, but if Biden is the eventual nominee, the CA primary result is a terrible sign for his chances overall. Not that that will stop the establishment from pushing this colossal fraud.

        1. The Historian

          I wish people would remember George Washington before they get all panicky. He knew he didn’t have to win every battle or even the majority of the battles – he just had to win the right ones. CA is one of the right ones.

  42. bob


    Is she hoping for a job in Biden’s admin? There’s something going on there, some ask she’s made that no one is buying.

    She’s always had a lot riding in elections she’s not running in. Her ending up as Senior Mass Senator after kerry left for SOS was one example.

    I don’t believe her votes will go to bernie.

    1. Fern

      You’d be surprised how many progressives backed Warren. The “cultured” ones. Like everyone in my circle. People aren’t very good judges of character and they don’t think politically. They see what they want to see. Most of them would have voted for Bernie over Biden if given that choice.

      1. Carey

        The couple of PMCers I know fell hard for Warren, FWTW. Not looking too closely helps, as does badly needing a merito-saviour later in life.

      2. bob

        I bet I wouldn’t be surprised. She came in 3rd in her home state. I don’t see the deadenders who are still supporting her as anything other than faculty lounge refrigerator police. Suspicious of everyone.

        I’m referring to something that I believe must be going on behind the scenes

    1. tongorad

      Tucker Carlson (!) delivers the goods on Biden:

      Probably the only group sincerely cheering Biden on tonight are the credit card companies. For decades Biden was their paid lackey in Washington. They bribed him with cash, they gave jobs to his son. In return he carried their legislation through congress, dutifully for many, many years. Meanwhile, untold Americans, “Average Joes,” as Joe likes to say were crushed by credit card debt.

      The average credit card interest in this country is 21%…21% at a time when the Fed is giving banks billions of dollars nearly for free. That’s how low interest rates are for them, but you’re paying 21%.

      This is a disaster…ask yourself, how many people do you know personally whose lives have been diminished or destroyed by credit card debt…Joe Biden is one of the decision makers who made that possible. Now they’re telling you “for the good of the country,” you’ve got to vote for Joe Biden.”

      Tucker: Democrats pin their hopes on gaffe-prone Joe Biden –>>

      1. cm

        This morning, listening to NPR, I was debating the classic Democracy vs. Republican forms of government, and was thinking to myself that D may not be that bad.

        Seeing a bunch of ill-educated voters in the South (yes, I am bird-calling, or whatever the phrase is), who would support Biden, who supports eliminating social benefits, and putting a certain class of people in prison, and basically being the slave of the credit card business, I have to say that a) those who support Biden deserve what they get b) echoing the Founding Fathers, democracy only works when the population is well educated, and we do not satisfy that criterion.

        Let it burn.

  43. JBird4049

    My polling place was shifted to a hard to find place in the hills with bad parking. Then I was told that I had to vote with a provisional ballot because I was supposed to have a mail-in ballot at home. When I told them that I never asked for one, the best guess was that that my visit to the DMV a month ago caused the DMV’s system to in for a mailed ballot for me. The woman did say that an unusual number of people seemed to be needing them.

    Just so you know, I have been registered at the same address for a decade now. Recapping, first my voter’s registration was absent at the state level, but not the county; I had to verify with them that I was registered to vote. Second, the polls were moved to an out of way place with bad parking. Unlike the others near the bus stop and plenty of parking. Third, I was listed as a mail-in and wasn’t supposed to vote at the polls and had to use a bright pink ballot unlike the regular white ballots. I certainly did not ask for a mail-in ballot. Fourth, 1-2 election cycles ago, you could still get a mailed ballot and still vote non-provisionally at the polls. Fifth, the county, along with others in California, just changed to a new and “better” system. Lots of blather about how great it is without any explanation of what problem it was supposed to fix.

    Anyone of these things and I would be “eh, life happens,” but now with all these things all at once, it stinks.

    1. anon

      I was all in for HRC 10+ years ago. I’ve always like Daou. Glad to see a fellow former HRC supporter now for Bernie. There are a lot of us, actually.

    1. Daryl

      Somewhat disturbed to learn I live near people who voted for Michael Bloomberg. Hidalgo county going for him is somewhat shocking (for reference, it’s the county that McAllen is and one of the most Hispanic and reliably Democrat-voting parts of Texas).

  44. Kurt Sperry

    FOX gives CA to Sanders 10 seconds after the polls close. Must be a hefty margin! Also, they have Sanders up by 27,000 in TX! Looks likely that Sanders will come out of tonight with more delegates than Biden. It’s still out there to be won. With Biden, we’re always inches away from the precipice. He can self-destruct at any moment using only his mouth (or hands). The numbers will be interesting when the counts are finished.

    Sorry for the late night sunshine!

    1. Samuel Conner

      We can look forward to the pleasing prospect of JB having more opportunities to speak in the remaining D debates. And perhaps MB will relinquish his function as punching bag for EW.

    2. pretzelattack

      sunshine like that is welcome any time of the day. god knows how legit the numbers are, but i will take tx and california after the way the night was looking earlier.

  45. tongorad

    From twitter:

    A: Bernie campaign asking for urgent help RIGHT NOW tonight for thousands of college students in line to vote. Currently 2-4 HOUR waits at USC, UCLA and other colleges. They have to stay in line to vote, maybe past 11pm!

    Needed: Water, pizza, jokes, morale!

    1. OIFVet

      And the liberals call republican voters, particularly Trump voters, low information voters?!?!

    2. Yves Smith Post author

      Sorry, you have not proven your contention. And I am getting tired of your broad-brush, cynical, defeatist smears.

      That is 6% out of 55% who like single payer didn’t vote for the candidate who is for single payer.

      So 10%.

      You are assuming that all the are single issue voters. That is one hell of an assumption on your part.

      For starters, any single payer voter who is pro-Israel might vote for Biden because he doesn’t like Sanders on Israel and has determined Warren is past her sell by date.

      How about voters who are pro cop and don’t like Sanders using Erica Garner and BLM imagery in his ads?

      How about people who like single payer in the abstract but are nervous about the charge that Bernie hasn’t made his funding #s add up and don’t like Warren’s incrementalism, as in they know it won’t work? As in they like single payer in the abstract but not what they’ve seen about it from Warren and Sanders?

      I could go on….

      1. Plenue

        Then ban me, because I’m not going to stop smearing these idiots.

        “I’d like to give everyone healthcare, but Sanders is too mean to cops and Israel” is the definition of stupidity.

        And your worthless state is ground zero for the idiocy.

        1. Yves Smith Post author

          Tell me, how well did treating voters that didn’t see things the candidate’s way for for Clinton in 2016? You’re running a leftie “deplorables” campaign. That’s a fast track to losing.

          So everyone who doesn’t share your priorities is an idiot. You’ve made your intolerance obvious.

          In case you missed it, in a democracy, the onus is on the candidate/party to sell their views. And as much as I like Sanders, he’s been awfully sketchy on his single payer details in debates and hasn’t had good soundbite pushbacks to predictable attacks. He’s not managed to make the obvious point, in multiple times on the debate stage, that this is a left-pocket, right pocket issue. Yes, you WILL pay more in taxes, but you will pay less overall because what you pay personally will fall more than your tax bill.

          And you also are a closet authoritarian. Since when am I dictator of Alabama?

          Your comment is what Lambert calls a reader assisted suicide note, and we are only too happy to oblige.

          1. Monty

            To be fair, unlike HRC, they are some anonymous schmoe and not the candidate running for president. It’s a bit different when the heckling is coming from the stage itself, rather than the peanut gallery.

          2. Eric

            “And as much as I like Sanders, he’s been awfully sketchy on his single payer details in debates and hasn’t had good soundbite pushbacks to predictable attacks. He’s not managed to make the obvious point, in multiple times on the debate stage, that this is a left-pocket, right pocket issue. Yes, you WILL pay more in taxes, but you will pay less overall because what you pay personally will fall more than your tax bill.”

            Thank you for this insight Yves.

            I’ve also been concerned with
            Sanders message on Medicare For All. His message can be so much better and it needs to be better if he is going to win, especially since it’s clear youth turnout will not carry the day.

            It would be helpful to perhaps host an open thread about what Sanders can do to improve his message. Phrases like Left Pocket vs. Right Pocket cut through BS.

            Narrowing the contest to Sanders vs. Biden is an opportunity. Your site offers an opportunity to share ideas that could help persuade a fickle electorate.

            Here is a repeat of a comment I made regarding “Psychologists Explain Why Economists – And Liberals Get Human Nature Wrong”
            (February 12):

            I was more interested in this article from the political perspective; i.e. what liberals get wrong.

            Like many who read this site, I’m interested in the primary elections and want Bernie to win.

            But Bernie’s message could be better by being more attuned to some of the “Moral Foundation” issues Haidt raises.

            Take Medicare for All which, by most accounts, is the leading issue to most voters:

            Talking more about Medicare being a simple and successful 50+ year program appeals to authority. Medicare Advantage plans can be framed as subversion. Or loyalty / betrayal. Also consider sanctity / degradation.

            Talking more about the 80/20
            aspect of coverage addresses fairness / cheating and “free stuff”.

            Not talking about eliminating
            private insurance shows concern for liberty / oppression. I would actually make a joke about people who would still want private insurance after M4A becomes

            Just food for thought in terms of how the ideas contained in the article could be applied.

            And the next time some nefarious reporter asks how we will pay for this or that; I wish someone will just say “Mexico will pay for it”.

  46. Peter

    So the thought going through my head right now is this – we have an incredibly contagious disease that’s spreading across the world right now. It’s just starting to get a foothold in the US. It’s known to be especially deadly to men over 70 years old.

    At the same time, we have a presidential contest going on where the top candidates from both parties are all 70+ year old men. They are going to be spending the rest of the year going out among as many people as possible, having rallies, shaking hands, attending meet and greets, going to conventions, etc. Doesn’t this put them all in the high risk category for catching the Corona virus? At their age and with at least some of them having underlying health issues, which greatly increases the lethality of the virus, isn’t there a realistic possibility that not all of the candidate out there right now will be around come November?

    1. dcrane

      It will put a damper on the huge rallies. And how will polling stations work out if the disease is running rampant in November?

  47. Samuel Conner

    On the radio this evening, around 8:30PM, there was chatter among NPR talking heads about remarks from the Bloomberg campaign that made it sound like MB might suspend his campaign — if it appeared that JB could prevent Sanders from winning the nomination outright. They didn’t quite say it as baldly as that, but I think that was the clear implication.


    I’ve been trying to locate a link for information on the outcome of the Pelosi primary; can’t find one in the search results I’m getting thus far. Would appreciate a link if anyone knows of one


    It will be interesting to see how the final vote counts dribble out of the states with many early votes. I remain hopeful that Sanders may yet end the night ahead of Biden in delegates, and may (a slightly but not much higher hurdle) win more delegates; it depends a great deal on what happens in CA. But if Sanders’ margin turns out to be in the mail-in ballots, that might not be known right away.

  48. anonymous coward

    Shane Goldmacher, in New York 10m ago
    Elizabeth Warren’s message to supporters: “There are six more primaries just one week away, and we need your help to keep up the momentum.”

    What momentum? A third place finish in her current home state (MA) and two fourth place finishes in previous home states (OK & TX) where she is not even viable.

      1. Carey


        Elites and their minions feeling confident ATM.
        Let’s graciously help them to a new understanding.

    1. ambrit

      The subliminal text is: “We need your help to keep those d—-d Working Class Commie hands off of OUR government and OUR economy.”
      Warren is a spoiler for the Left, pure and simple.

      1. Aumua

        She has turned out to be just that. I guess she meant it about whole being a capitalist thing. If Warren had done the right thing here, dropped out and endorsed Sanders, then tonight would had a different mood guaranteed. She simply doesn’t stand for what she talks about, fighting Wall St. and all that Hoo Hah.


    2. Deschain

      Joe’s momentum.

      A Warren endorsement of Bernie yesterday would have held MA, ME, MN, TX for Bernie, and the narrative would be completely different.

      Warren killed the progressive movement tonight, put the knife right in and twisted it. Don’t care if that was her plan or not.

      1. OIFVet

        She was a Reaganite, so I am firmly convinced that was her plan. Snakes shed their skins, but do not change.

        1. Carey

          I was always able to see through Mister Obama, but for a (very) short time Warren had me fooled. #humbling

  49. Daryl

    In non-presidential Texas election news, I’m disappointed to see that MJ Hegar cleaned up in the Senate race. While the Democrats are continuing their 4+ year long Trump freakout, the party is continuing to fill up with spooks.

  50. Amfortas the hippie

    I voted at 7:30 am
    late for me(polls open at 7)
    Bernie, and that Tzin Tzin woman for cornyn(WHORE*)’s seat.
    nobody there, really.
    not unusual, for this place.
    avoided news all day.
    got sh&tfaced drunk, instead.
    and jammed to everything from janis joplin to huun huur tuu

    (*cornyn IS a whore, and i have a long, long history of calling him that…just ask the FBI(or his phone person))


    1. Daryl

      I guess the senate race goes to a runoff. I’ll show up and vote for the one who supports Medicare for All.

  51. snot

    If Biden’s the nominee, Trump will shred him 6 ways. Among others, remember all that incriminating evidence Giuliani claimed to have gathered on the Bidens? I’m sure Trump’s oppo researchers have been busy. Unless Trump really would rather face Sanders – and I’m not entirely convinced of that – he’ll wait to use the dirt on Biden until after the Dem convention. Between that, Biden’s senility, and the disgust among progressives, there’s no way Biden will win.

    (Re- Biden and the media claiming credit for high turnout – I can’t rule it out, but really?)

    1. dcrane

      I would agree straight away but don’t forget coronavirus. If things get really difficult later this year and the Trump people stumble badly enough in the process, he could be badly weakened. It’s a serious X factor. (Could go the other way as well, of course.)

  52. barrisj

    Big win for the “plutonomy” candidate, as Demo elite going berserk at the zombie Biden rebirth. Mini-Mike will be pulling out imminently, Warren – who knows? Bernie will keep slogging to the Convention, with only some “platform” issues tossed his way as a consolation…dreadful show all round. And, yes, all those Red State Biden wins: tRump wins in November. Plus ça change…etc.

  53. AdamK

    listening to CNN I truly don’t understand why they are so enthusiastic. They are going to lose BIGLY, and we can be sure Trump is going to have his second term. He will eat him alive. It will be humiliating.

    1. paros

      Biden still has to get the nomination. He was somewhat shielded in the last debates by having so many other candidates to take attention away from him, and it seems like the more people see of him the worse his polling numbers fare. He will not be able to hide going forward.

      1. Carey

        If it were a fair fight, you’d be absolutely right. It’s not a fair fight, and won’t be.

        We The People need to be like weeds now; quietly insistent weeds.

      2. ambrit

        Biden’s primary job is to deny the nomination to Sanders. The same for Warren. Once their job is done, expect to see a “Unity Candidate” trotted out at the convention to “universal acclimation.”
        There is one person who has already run at the national level who “should have won in 2016.” This time, the mantra will be; “This time it’s going to be different!”
        Realistically, all Trump has to do now to win a second term is to avoid blowing the world up.

          1. Carey

            Rested, ready, and recently *way* too quiet.

            Our elites are not looking for consent, now.

      3. AdamK

        As I said it will be humiliating. Not to mention his history, his relatives benefiting from his position in politics, his son Hunter, Ukraine and more.

        1. Jeff W

          There’s one more scheduled for 15 March (a week from this coming Sunday) in Phoenix.

      1. Carla


        He hasn’t been in Ohio, and I know someone who “kinda liked Warren, but she can’t win,” so that someone early-voted for Biden today.

    1. ambrit

      My takeaway here is that Fear is a great motivator. Give people something or someone to fear and you have them by the “short and curlys.”
      Sanders has been constantly demonized as a “Dangerous Radical” out to take everything away from certain demographics. That this message seems to have worked is the death knell for representative democracy. Coming up, a New and Improved Security State.
      Watch the ramping up of a campaign to officially implement internet censorship. “Have to keep America safe from those insidious Commie propagandists!”
      “We have always been at war with the Deplorables.”

      1. jrs

        organizing is maybe the wrong tact. Yes there was get out the vote aplenty and it was good. But so many people lack basic understanding of anything that educating might be more necessary than campaigning.

        1. ambrit

          Classic revolutionary theory posits the control of the education system as a primary task in implementing “reform.”

    2. jrs

      yes everyone worked hard almost, even those who had lame policies and just surrendered to Biden at the end. They all worked hard to be the nominee at one point. And all to lose to a nothingburger who put in very little work at all. With no movement and no grassroots organizing, no plans and no white papers, no smoozing or selfies, no good debates where he stood out. He only stood out by being not that “out of it” sometimes! Nada. Nada. Nada.

      Ah so this is what American meritocracy means!!!

      But there are still elections ahead.

    3. Yves Smith Post author

      You don’t get it.

      The Democratic party apparatus sent the message on all channels that Biden is their man.

      To party loyalists, this matters a ton. The party just cashed in tons of chips. They’ve now made clear they want him to be the nominee. It was possible heretofore that they might tolerate tossing it to Bloomberg if he continued to show enough muscle. Similarly, last week, Pelosi said if Sanders won she’d back him.

      And they understood the compressed media cycles shockingly well. I though the signal came out too late to help much but I was wrong. They got those fast turnaround polls (which may have been largely cooked, but they still worked) showing a monster Biden bounce in VA and some other states. Then the second hit of the PB/Klob pullout and endorsments, and then endorsements from important party pols in VA and TX.

      1. antidlc

        Oh, I understand all too well what happened. Anyone with half a brain knew what the party pulled here.
        Your post proved my point. Biden didn’t have to campaign because the fix was in.

    1. flora

      adding: the Dem primary race for Texas 28th District is pretty interesting.

      Progressive challenger Jessica Cisneros vs party estab boss incumbent Henry Cuellar.

      This is the race where the progressive challenger was showing so much unexpected strength that Pelosi *and* the Koch political machine showed up to support and campaign for the ‘centrist’ incumbent Cuellar.
      The race will probably go to the incumbent, judging by the current votes, but it’s a closer race than the estab expected. Beating him would be a huge upset. Yet, Pelosi was scared enough he might lose she went to Texas to campaign for him.,_2020_(March_3_Democratic_primary)

    2. ChiGal in Carolina

      those are sweet numbers!

      btw the intercept/democracy now election night coverage (7-12) was a great alternative to cable news. hope they keep doing it.

    3. Carey

      Is is just too obvious to state that elections themselves are just more #lookOverThere?

      Maybe “don’t vote, only organize” [offline!] is the Way..

      1. flora

        If you don’t vote, why organize? I’d rewrite the line as:

        ‘Don’t just vote, also organize.”

        1. Carey

          >If you don’t vote, why organize?

          You’re smarter than me, so I think you can easily sort that bit out.

  54. John k

    Normally the swing states determine the election, as in 2016. Bernie needs a good story in Wi, Mi, Pa, Fl to go along with NH… these states should have gone first. SC going early is gross, most southern states will vote rep regardless of the candidates, states that are predetermined should go last.
    Trump will crush biden if the economy holds, but biden likely wins if it tanks. It’s the economy, stu…

    1. flora

      Those states would go first for the Dems if the Dem party was a national party. Judging by the Dem estab’s destruction of the 50-state policy,and losses in statehouses, it now looks more like a regional party with a few coastal big city enclaves.

  55. Hepativore

    The main problem as I see it is that even if the Democrats might have expended most of their power through Biden prematurely, there is going to be a massive media firestorm pushing Biden as the “inevitable” candidate over Sanders and this could lead to a huge bandwagon effect among voters.

    So, how should the Sanders team look to counter the latest round of bogus media narratives that are going to follow? Plus, what strategy should Sanders do next? For one thing, I think that Sanders should get it into his head that the time to play nice is over. Biden is not his “friend” and he should show older voters the butchery of Medicare and Social Security that is soon to come with somebody like Biden.

    1. Daryl

      We’ll see how the media firestorm works out. Some of the upcoming states are swing states that voted for Trump, and have not been receptive to the media’s message that everything is going great except for that Trump guy.

    2. jrs

      But it probably won’t come for older voters even if Social Security and Medicare are cut. It will probably be phased in. The boomers will slide until they exit the mortal coil. They’ll absolutely butcher Gen X and anyone after (anyone after might die from climate change first at this point. But just in case they don’t). This is what Reagan did, the full retirement age is now ridiculously high for many who haven’t reached retirement yet. It’s not obvious what a crisis this is BECAUSE they haven’t hit retirement yet. And most existing pensions went away at the same time (never did *everyone* get pensions, but noone does anymore). Mark my word old people dying on the streets in mass. It’s coming. And yes of course Biden may make it worse. But Boomers got theirs!

      1. John

        Cheer up.

        The retirement age for anyone born after 1960 is now 67.
        They are already telling us in ten years they will “have to ” cut Social Security benefits by 1/3. They are saying Medicare will be insolvent by 2024.

        And this is all before Trump or Biden go to work on slashing both in the next 4 years.

        Boomers are not going to “get theirs”.

      2. aletheia33

        thank you for that, i am already a boomer “getting mine.” do you have any older people in your life who are not comfortably off? if not, why not?

        1. aletheia33

          i would like to retract this comment, rereading it later and realizing it does not make sense. must refrain from commenting before morning coffee, my brain does weird things.

  56. Clive

    Well, that was fun. Thank you all so much, as always, for enabling non US residents to get the low down outside the awful mainstream coverage. I won’t dwell here on just how bad it is if you have to otherwise, as I do, rely on BBC, the Telegraph and the Guardian (plus the cable news shows — ugh!). I won’t even mention Twitter.

    All I can add to this is, unfortunately, however, the result is apparently “go long embalming fluid”.

    1. Carey

      “Our evilNeoLibCon project is working precisely as planned!”

      The organizing [offline, now] is the thing.

    2. ObjectiveFunction

      Or quicklime and crematoria, if you’re on the really pessimistic side.

      Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

  57. Kasia

    Terrible day for Sanders. Social democracy in America has basically been defeated by a high-low coalition of wealthy cosmopolitan coastal elites pushing their Russian smear combined with (hate to say it) African Americans, who arguably already largely benefit from a weak form of social democracy and do not trust the system enough to share it with poor whites and Hispanics.

    Biden will go on to play the role of 1996 Bob Dole.

    1. Carey

      >combined with (hate to say it) African Americans, who arguably already largely benefit from a weak form of social democracy and do not trust the system enough to share it with poor whites and Hispanics.

      Please say more about this part, if possible. Fully agree all with the rest (assuming Biden’s not just a placeholder).

    2. PewPew

      WRT to African-Americans, that isn’t my take at all. And they certainly do not have some special set of welfare programs that they can reliably depend on (college admission affirmative action is not some sort of cradle-to-grave social democracy).

      The reason that the AA vote goes more strongly for conservative dems is because virtually the entire AA population is in the D party, including those with a more conservative temperament. If you compare total AA population to total white population, a similar (or larger) proportion is going for change candidates like Sanders. They also have a similar breakdown based on age.

      1. Librarian Guy

        You’re probably right. Older black Americans go to church, there’s still a lot of homophobia of the type that Joy Ann Reid used to gleefully spew among that group . . . socially conservative and more comfortable with an uncaring sleazebag who they associate with Obama. Even though, like the Boomers, they will be badly hurt when Biden takes the fall and Trump becomes full-on God King.

  58. cripes

    If California has 416 delegates (still not reported by media that rushed to post Biden delegates this evening) and WAPO sez 48 to Bernie and 27 for Biden and zero for the stragglers, lets do back of napkin math if that ratio holds:

    266 for Bernie
    150 Biden

    Its about 116 more delegates for Sanders than Sloppy Joe.
    Does this put him in delegate lead after last night?

  59. cripes

    Okay, Vox says as of 1 am, Super Tuesday Delegates:

    Biden 242
    Sanders 186
    Bloomberg 29
    Warren 7
    Gabbard 1

    Biden 242 + 150 = 392
    Sanders 186 + 266 = 452

    So, with straggler™ delegates pending, and vote-rigging not factored in, looks like Cali could put Sanders over the hump?


  60. cripes

    Lets try it with Vox’s All Delegates awarded since Iowa:

    Biden: 415
    Sanders: 338
    Bloomberg: 38
    Warren: 29
    Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (dropped out): 26
    Sen. Amy Klobuchar (dropped out): 7

    Biden: 415 + 150 = 565
    Sanders: 338 = 604

    Still could be ahead 39.

    If we’re lucky, tomorrow we will watch the media spin a Bernie lead into a Biden “victory.”

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Shockingly, the NYT headline isn’t a ringing endorsement:

      “Biden Revives Campaign, Winning Nine States, but Sanders Takes California”

      Similar to the BBC “back from the dead”.

    2. Yves Smith Post author

      Both the WSJ and Bloomberg have lower “real time count” numbers.

      I wonder if all the CA delegates have not been fully awarded because it takes them forever to get all their votes counted?

      1. Carey

        > wonder if all the CA delegates have not been fully awarded because it takes them forever to get all their votes counted?

        Maybe, but as with 2016, I think it’s about stringing out a less-than-perfect narrative. All bullshit aside, there’s no reason for it to take weeks or months
        to count the CA ballots. Early 2016 reporting was HRC winning by 20+
        points, with the final margin being, IIRC, six points, by which time no
        one noticed..

  61. cm

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves because somehow from this site I was given the opportunity to get sucked into website surveys. From a vast amount of lying and deception on my part I was then led to which probably won’t work but should be tried for science…

    I encourage everyone on this site to do something similar. You will be astonished at what the website prompts for. They are very obviously targeting voters for low-information responses. Turns out, Idiotcracy was a documentary after all!

  62. Chris

    The dog woke me up to go outside and I made the mistake of checking to see how things ended up. How sad to see the voting results.

    I know people are saying that there are many more primaries to go but Sanders’ theory of change is that he can bring the votes to enact a revolution. I could have believed him Monday. After last night… I mean even Minnesota and Massachusetts went for Biden. Pelosi got 72% of the vote? It’s hard to see how even if Sanders is the nominee anything will change.

    I guess the wild cards here are the economy and the brewing pandemic. If the economy tanks and people need help, maybe that means Trump won’t win and voters will be more receptive to Sanders plans. I can’t imagine why people think Biden would be a better executive than Trump in a public health emergency, or why they wouldn’t be beating down Sanders door for M4A once those Coronavirus bills start rolling in, but what others are telling me is a big viral scare coupled with Trump being Trump means that Biden has a good chance of beating him.

    So gaming this out, is the best we can hope for now is to fight like hell for a contested convention and then raise hell again over superdelegates and hope Bernie wins through that? If so, I don’t see it happening.

    Slate curiously published a piece making Biden sound like an idiot tonight so maybe not all is happy in neoliberal land. I still think it’s possible Bloomberg or someone else is ultimately nominated. I don’t expect to be voting for them at this point. And I hope after everything they did to stop Bernie he takes his voters and burns the party down for their treachery. I know that’s small minded of me. I know it’s petty. I know it won’t be “productive”.

    I just can’t get over the fact that given the challenges mounting on our country this year, after years of complaining about Trump, the DNC chose to resurrect Biden. The party deserves what it’s about to get. I guess I need to focus on how best to help my neighbors because it’s clear no one in the government will be coming to give any aid for a long time.

    1. jrs

      ” can’t imagine why people think Biden would be a better executive than Trump in a public health emergency”

      this is where you are legitimately going to lose credibility with most people. Because the way Trump has handled it so far is unbelievable bad. Obama would have done better? Oh heck yes. So horray Obama, forever? Uh no one can hold more than one idea in their mind at the same time, Obama sucked on hey even dealing with climate change, but I don’t think the level of incompetency in a pandemic would be this great, all departments Trump cut, that Obama actually staffed. The health care system would still suck of course. But Biden is half senile? Yep, but his staff will not be, they will be Dem mainstream and not anti-science like Trumps jokers. Oh maybe it’s death on the slow train or death on the fast train, but most discern the difference. I wish they’d stop CHOSING DEATH PERIOD, because ta vote for the status quo is a vote for death but …

  63. David J.

    I know people are saying that there are many more primaries to go but Sanders’ theory of change is that he can bring the votes to enact a revolution. I could have believed him Monday. After last night… I mean even Minnesota and Massachusetts went for Biden. Pelosi got 72% of the vote? It’s hard to see how even if Sanders is the nominee anything will change.

    It’s not surprising to be a little disappointed in last night’s results. I know I had hoped for better. However, giving credit where it is due, the events coordinated/leading to the consolidation for Biden over the weekend were some really crafty, pragmatic calculations. On one hand, it could be the death knell for the Sanders campaign. On the other, it could be that the establishment got lucky with a “Hail, Mary” pass which came at the end of the first half. Splashy, good realpolitick, but not determinate of how the cycle ends. We’ll see over the next few weeks and months.

    In either case, I’ll repeat here what I told a younger voter who had some doubts. He asked me, “What do we do if Bernie loses?” I said, “Whether he wins or loses the answer is the same. We continue to organize around the ideas, we train up people to run for everything from Dogcatcher to the Senate, and we play the long game.”

    So, imo, last night doesn’t invalidate Sanders’ “theory of change.” Because in the long run, he is correct. Either we transition to a new post-neoliberal way of governing or we go the way of the Gracchi brothers. I think we’ll have an answer by the time AOC is eligible to run for Prez. In the meanwhile, lots of work to be done to wrest the power from those who are currently doing a really bad job of running things. The key is to capture enough of the younger Bernie enthusiasts and getting them to do the work to slowly but surely transform the system.

    A side note about last night: I was driving home around 9ish, listening to NPR, and they were broadcasting a Bloomberg speech in Florida. The cheering for him as he paused after each talking point was clearly synthetic. Same tone, same timbre; clearly manufactured, imo. Looking at results this morning, I am actually more saddened by the fact that Bloomberg had managed to buy his way past Warren. I am a Sanders voter, but I respect the hard work she (and other candidates) have put in. That this is allowed to happen is more telling of the state of our Republic than the machinations which brought some life back into the Biden campaign, the which I consider to be hardball politics within the traditions of American political history. (e.g. the so-called “corrupt bargain” between Adams and Clay contra Jackson.)

  64. ObjectiveFunction

    Sanders is an FDR figure, a President for the downtrodden precariat. Our next Depression hasn’t happened, yet. So the more or less secure upper half of the electorate is still feeling… more or less secure and prefers the Morning in America BOMFOG.

  65. anon

    I’ll stay with Bernie until he drops out, but it’s clear that the DNC and the media for their chosen candidate, Biden. As a young minority, I’m once again disappointed in older African Americans voting for a senile old man simply because he was Obama’s VP. As a human being, I’m disappointed in older white voters continuing to vote for either neofascism or neoliberalism because they are afraid of the word socialist. The young people will continue to suffer under neoliberal policies until the boomers die out or become old enough (apparently they aren’t there yet) to finally let go of their massive power and stranglehold on this country.

    1. Kurtismayfield

      A vote for Biden is a vote for endless war.

      A vote for Biden is a vote for more incarceration.

      A vote for Biden is a vote for endless debt.

      I have no idea how to convince people that Biden is an awful candidate.There are so many facts going against him that the only reason I can see voting for him is “Not Trump”. And my state still went for him. I don’t mind living in a center right country if there was actual responsibility for the elite, and if the corruption wasn’t so in your face. After this election I am not sure if our country wants out of endless wars, personal debt, and corruption.

      1. Grayce

        The present administration presides over the greatest deficit in the history of the country. Why do you insist that endless debt is a Biden thing while his opposition uses “borrow and spend” to create headlines about the Economy?

    2. aletheia33

      be careful what you wish for … every generation grows old and impedes “progress.” yours will too. would you want your grandchildren to be impatient for your generation to “die out?” i do not believe that is not the way forward to restore decency to a society that has lost it.

      1. Tim

        I disagree. This is a one time shift going on. Moving on from the era of common media for all (TV and radio) to the information age (internet) where people can access the truth without the propaganda.

        Until the TV/Cable generation, which is by habit and experience reliant on the old common media, passes away we will continue to be affected severely and negatively by mainstream media’s ability to influence perceptions in the direction the wealthy want them to.

        After they pass, it will be a time where propaganda has lost its sting. Then we will see organic evolvement of consensus building amongst the entire electorate.

        Bernie Sanders even now is simply 20-30 years too far ahead of his time.

      2. c.kimball

        I believe that there are a multitude old ones, including here, that revere
        life and its continuum. Since 2015 I have believed that Bernie would be
        our president. Though the events of last night brought up concerns, I still
        believe that he is supported in depth of our humanity and that the little bird that landed on his podium while he spoke in Oregon demonstrated a rare
        congruence with the natural world. The details of today are distracting.
        From my journal:
        Bernie Sanders proposed a 16 trillion dollar climate change proposal
        to support sustainable energy and turn away from fossil fuel industry.
        I mention this because I felt my spirit leap with joy that we could
        do something constructive.

        Aug 27 at 10:17 AM
        This is it! Bernie has issued
        the clarion call to every human
        to feel the truth of an opportunity
        to change direction and work for
        humanity and all of nature.
        If we can agree to implement this
        transformative plan the benefits will
        spill over to the rest of the world and
        we may face our children and grandchildren
        and the world with optimism for a future to be in.
        It is what we have been wanting
        to leave a better way for our children
        and those who follow and
        show that we can begin again and
        that we can respond and learn.
        I read this and my heart felt like
        it would burst with joy.
        I believe it is a call like this that
        will bring forward the creativity
        and genius and love
        of our human species which will
        find the way forward.
        We must say yes to the big idea and
        step off the cliff to endure both
        physically and psychologically.

  66. Pat

    I get the Clyburn effect. I have also loved and trusted people past when their untrustworthy nature should have been obvious. It may sadden and dismay me, but I get it.

    I do not get how anyone can look at the clearly failing Joe Biden, especially if you add in his record, and say that is the man to lead us through a pandemic (and the financial crisis that will accompany it.) Sorry that is brain dead thinking in my book.

    And no one will convince me that the levers did not include creative programming of the various electronic voting machines.

    It isn’t over amazingly enough, but I still weep for my country because it should be.

  67. Watt4Bob

    I find all the weeping and moaning tiresome, considering the final delegate count is not in.

    And I find the triumphalism of the DNC/Biden crowd a bit pathetic for the same reason.

    Can we at least celebrate Warren’s evaporation?

    1. pretzelattack

      if she would just go ahead and fully evaporate i will celebrate. till then she’s draining support from sanders.

    2. HotFlash

      I think she is just putting off her final loss of relevance, which will be her endorsement of Joe Biden.

      1. ambrit

        One of two things here. Either Warren hasn’t yet gotten the preferred “payoff” she wants out of a presumptive Democrat Administration, or she has been told to stay in for as long as Sanders is a credible threat to the Democrat Party nomenklatura’s power.
        She might stay in all the way to the convention and hold her delegates as a “wild card” force. Being a student of finance, she should be very aware of the theory of “leverage.”

  68. DHG

    Quite telling about the people who voted, they were not moved by Trumps smears against the Bidens even though his record proves is is right wing, boasts about bringing in a republican for his VP running mate and they absolutely were propagandized by the ruling elite and moneyed classes against Sanders. The neo-liberals win again, You all deserve the government you get. I dont support worldly governments anymore but the Kingdom of God.

    1. Daryl

      I don’t think people are very aware of Biden’s track record at all, let alone what his son has been up to. I mentioned his long-held and well-documented desire to cut SS to someone and they were taken aback.

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