Quarantine Cat Tricks

I should be writing about something serious. These are serious times, after all.

There are many candidates, although some, like the Democratic Party in New York state being particularly shameless about screwing Sanders, is so sadly predictable as to not rate as news. Another is how a bunch of squillionaries is going to save us: The Secret Group of Scientists and Billionaires Pushing a Manhattan Project for Covid-19. Maybe I should be grateful, but I am reminded of the Japanese saying: “Too many captains and the ship climbs up the mountain.” And I am even crankier than usual.

So distraction is in order. A lot of people stuck at home have too much time on their hands, and their cats are getting more attention. That may or may not be a plus from the perspective of the cat.

For instance, a selection from a post on cat tanks. These are my faves, but check them all out! Hat tip DK:

The one star matching the cat and the texturing (tread, rivets) are nice touches. By contrast, the next is self-consciously silly and the cat is in on the joke:

A battlefield promotion?

A more interactive, multi-cat project:

SNL tried getting in on the act:

There’s a lot on #QuarantineCats.

More construction projects:

More opportunities to get really good cats doing their thing pix:

Not necessarily with happy expected outcomes:

One not sure of what to make of his human hovering:

Human briefly modeling mask wearing:



A non-quarantine find:

And some fine portraits:

There are never too many favorites! I do miss having a cat.

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    1. rd

      “Can we say that a temporary operation is fine, but a permanent one is not? That is problematic too. We carried out several rounds of QE operations after the financial crisis, expecting them to be unwound some years later as the economy improved sufficiently. But the economy did not improve sufficiently, the neutral rate of interest fell more persistently than we expected, with the result that the amount of gilts we own has so far not been reduced.”

      I think the primary issue with government response in the US and Britain over the past decade is that they still ascribe to trickle-down economics where you give the money to the 1% and that somehow makes everybody else better off.

      I think the MMT approach works in the long run if the money is funneled down quickly to the people who spend it instead of saving it. So tax cuts for the wealthy should be out while temporary unemployment insurance quickly handed out for the 90% should be in as a general philosophical approach. The lack of this over the past decade is probably the primary cause for the economy not improving and inability to pay off the debt. Handing out money to the 90% is likely to be recirculated in the economy within 30 days, stabilizing retail, housing, and debt loads which in turn will stabilize the financial system and provide taxes to put back into the fiscal system. Tax cuts and subsidies for the wealthy just props financial and collectible asset prices with little recirculation of that back into the economy. A collapse of asset prices isn’t good, but the eocnomy has revoered from that well in the past, but a plunge in demand undermines the fundamental economy.

  1. jackiebass

    Nice to have something on the lighter side. I’m a life long registered democrat living in NYS. I’ve decided to change my registration to independent. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. How the DNC leadership behaves is a shameful. The Democratic Party no longer supports traditional democrat values. They have become another version of the Republican Party.

      1. petal

        And powered by Bud Light! Obviously it is the missing fuel ingredient, akin to dilithium crystals. Somebody tell NASA…or Star Fleet?

  2. Big River Bandido

    I am not a cat person but I love this. Mr. Big River Bandido, however, adores cats and I must share this with him. Thank you for this!

  3. The Historian

    With my two big kitties, I know I am guaranteed a few laughs every day! Makes all the pet bills, the hairballs, the litter, and the getting me up at 5AM – even if I went to bed at 2 AM – worth it.

    1. sharonsj

      I agree, except for the hairballs, which clog up the kitchen sink and then turn all my dirty dishes into their own quarantine site.

  4. Eclair

    Annnddddd ……. moving up on the inside on a guaranteed run for the Best NC Post of the Year! (Or, at least, for the CoronaVirus Lockdown months.)

    Love that we can bookmark this post, pull it at the end of a day of most depressing news, and savor one or two most favorite cat videos.

  5. xkeyscored

    I far prefer things like the Quarantine Cat Olympics to the usual fare of football and more football with occasional tennis or car racing, which interest me about as much as which brand of disinfectant Trump uses. Definitely another thing I hope does not return to normal!

  6. JL

    “I should be writing about something serious.”

    Yves, you (and the rest of the Naked Capitalism team) add some much more value “in these times” compared to many other outlets. You deserve some relief and “fun”.

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