We Have Published 25,000 Posts! And Recently Hit 1.5 Million Comments!`

Thanks so much to all of our terrific contributors, readers, and donors. Naked Capitalism just achieved 25,000 published posts, ironically with this morning’s piece on Glenn Greenwald’s abrupt and revealing departure from The Intercept.

We also passed 1.5 million comments a couple of weeks ago, and are now at 1,506,143, for those of you who like precision. Please thank our comment moderators: Jules, Lambert, and in the past, Andrew Dittmer and crittermom. All have played invaluable roles in making the comment section critical to the success and vibrancy of our work. This site is a collective enterprise due to your thoughtful participation and their willingness to ride herd on remarks that are unduly heated or sloppy. There are so many important commentors that we could easily list a couple of hundred names of important voices and still miss way too many valued participants. So forgive us for not taking a stab but I am sure you understand why.

So again, let’s keep pushing on to our next big milestones! And we very much appreciate your support, and hope you continue with us.

And to continue with the Japanese theme, if I ever get around to doing a podcast, the intro music would be from Paprika, which aside from being a personal fave, is also a thematic fit, and not just by virtue of being high energy and celebratory-sounding. A female scientist first investigates, and then enters a collective nightmare created by a dream machine gone kerfluie (not entirely by accident either). Listen to the choruses, say the one from 1:12 to 1:44 or 2:55 to 3:27:

But so many things to do, so little time!

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    1. zagonostra

      Hear, hear, I second!

      Where else can you get the world’s stories gleaned from the roiling universe of disinformation and read other’s interpretation of them, contribute your own, and learn words like soi-disant to boot.

  1. PlutoniumKun

    Congratulations! Thats quite a milestone. And I’m glad you love Paprika too, its one of the all time great soundtracks.

  2. The Rev Kev

    Congratulations on such a magnificent effort. It is not so much that it represents a torrent of work but that it is a torrent of quality work. And we should thank Yves, Lambert, Jerri, Jules and everybody else for making it all possible.

  3. TMoney

    3 Cheers for all those past, present and future contributors to NC. I’ll breakout the good stuff and raise a glass this evening.

    What boggles me is the sheer number of posts that I want to read every day !

  4. Ari

    There are no words to convey how important this site is to me, especially the commentariat. Maybe that’s why I’m not much of a commenter :). But I read every single one, on every post, everyday.

    Naked Capitalism, thank you.

  5. Mohd MATEEN

    From the day I joined naked capitalism, I learnt a lot.
    You are doing the wonderful job of enlightening us, educating us and above all giving us a rational outlook on subjects which are very much relevant and touching our day to day life.
    Best wishes!

  6. Phillip Allen

    Much congratulation!

    And, Ms. Yves, you’ve quite surprised me, with your affection for Paprica. The chorus would be a superb podcast intro.

  7. Jeff N

    Thanks to comments moderators! I mod for a tiny FB group so I know it must be quite a burden for a site of this volume!

  8. .Tom

    Hat tip. Props. Congrats. Huzah! Appreciation and thanks to Jules, Lambert, Andrew Dittmer and crittermom.

    Is anywhere written a history of how NC got started?

  9. Matthew G. Saroff


    I just realized that I’ve published 24019 posts on crappy little blog since 2007, and I get maybe 50 readers a day.

    I don’t call myself the “Worst Writer on the Internet” for nothing.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      You are to be commended for your dedication. The discipline of writing regularly is an important way to clarify one’s thinking. And think of all the diaries that don’t get mined till years after they were written.

  10. Zephyrum

    Congrats all! A magnificent achievement. The articles are fabulous but the comments are not to be missed. Neither comes without considerable effort and I thank you for all your fine work.

  11. ChiGal in Carolina

    The curation and the commentariat rock. I have shared so many posts from here with others over the years it’s like they are NC readers too.

    The sheer volume is astonishing. I look forward to the day when I have time for every single must-read—when I retire, that is.

    But it’s the quality, of original posts, curation, and commentariat that makes this my go-to, every single day.

    A thousand thanks and congrats to Yves and everyone else involved. NC is everything good about the Internet!

  12. Lex

    What does it mean, Ives, 25K posts and 1.5 million comments? What do the numbers translate into for NC?

    I can find information here in aggregate I can’t find any place else. Some mornings I’m here reading for hours. It is an education in The Big Picture, if ever I can wrap my mind around it. I have a few goals left with the time remaining and understanding seems the most worthwhile.

    My thanks in particular to the mods for maintaining the peace. They’re like the librarians of yore saying to the Loud –Shhhhhh!’– with some muscle behind it.

  13. jr

    You cannot beat NC. Thanks, Yves and the crew, for the hard work and thanks for having standards in a world of smoke and mirrors. And thanks to the commentators. Every day here is like opening a goody bag filled with the choicest bon-mots of information and thinking on just about everything. And some razor blades too.

    Also, I really want to join the Dream Parade someday.

  14. EEKirkman

    Many Congratulations! I have been reading the page for a very long time. If I had to pick one source for news, it would be here!

  15. Maurce

    Congrats to all for the years of working for all of us! You’re an oasis of sanity and critical thinking that allows for the possibilities of “another world is possible”….it will take time

  16. ChrisAtRU


    Amazing milestone! Thanks as always! Such an amazing (and wholesome!) family blog … ;-)

  17. Juanstantine

    I’ve been here for a year and I’ve certainly appreciate all of the BS you’ve sifted through for us. Hurrah for NC!

  18. thoughtful person

    Funny, i was thinking naked cap would make a great new home for GG but he’s already published here

    Congrats on milestones!

  19. Mucho

    Congratulations! Thank you for your integrity and efforts. I hope to keep reading for many more years, and I hope I’ll get the chance someday to go to a meetup!

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