We Are Fourteen Years Old

This blog was fourteen years old yesterday too, but we were too busy to make noise about it then.

I hope you’ll give a big round of applause to everyone who has helped us get through a year that has been daunting even for the well situated: Lambert, Jerri-Lynn, Hubert Horan, John Siman, Thomas Neuburger, Michael Olenick, Clive, and our new contributor Nick Corbishley, our comments DJ Jules Dickson and our tech mavens Dave Jagoda and Keith Freeman.

We also want to thank our commentariat, who play an absolutely indispensable role. As Lambert first said, “NC has the best commentariat.” Many of you have said you come for the comments at least as much as the posts, because we have so many thoughtful participants from so many different areas of expertise, parts of the world, and walks of life who are working together to make sense of what is increasingly an informational hall of mirrors. I know that I enjoy the many personalities and perspectives, even when they take issue with our arguments, our information, and our too frequent typos. And we very much appreciate your link and antidote/plantidote submissions.

There are so many people who’ve contributed to this endeavor over the years that I am afraid I’ll miss some key individuals. Richard Smith warrants special recognition for his posts as well as his considerable behind-the-scenes help, such as providing essential research and editorial support during the insanely time constrained production of ECONNED. We recently commemorated the loss of his longstanding partner, Morag Maclean. Andrew Dittmer was also an essential participant in ECONNED and produced many fine posts. We were fortunate to have Matt Stoller, Philip Pilkington, and Nathan Tankus as regulars before they went on to bigger and better things. Political scientist Tom Ferguson has often listened to yours truly vent and provided excellent counsel and intel. Ed Harrison helped cover the site when I was on “book leave” during ECONNED, and our mutual friend Marshall Auerback has given us permission to run his posts for many years.

We also want to thank Mark Thoma, who encouraged us back in the day when our site got fewer than 100 page views a day, and would sometimes link to use from his popular Economist’s View blog. Felix Salmon gave us a boost by letting us guest post in his place when he took a three week break from Slate. Paul Krugman also promoted our work when the econoblogosphere was vibrant. We were grateful to have the opportunity to appear on the Bill Moyers show several times; Bill was an exceptionally gracious host.

Since the winter solstice is almost upon us, let me also wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday and New Year! Now back to the barricades!

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  1. skippy

    Having a life time of watching stuff, as a kid at the executive dinner table and other social offerings [eating escargot at the owl restaurant in Sedona, Arizona in the early 70s] moves across states and summer relocation to resolve parental work w/side of naked house antics for the newly liberated to the backwaters of their imperative … as want in the day … no clay under my skin … I have arrived …

    So whilst I was reading lots of books, getting an education[???], did some military stuff and did the whole post military ETS skill set reward option [prego roll], whilst polishing off my MBA, then did the whole 80s thingy in Calif work/social paradigm, then transported myself to Boulder CO to spend quality time with my west lake girl, only to pull the pin on that, and then marry an Oz lass on a work holiday.

    Anywho … this internet thingy had me scanning outside my own network affiliations and this bird Yves caught my eye, before NC was a thing, pod casts, interviews, her breath and depth of a subject was intoxicating compared to the offal that media had become. It rang with my past desire to rise above any ideological or political machinations in determining what has occurred, but no one will speak its name, because that might offend the orthodox and which way money flows to getting a ticket on the life boat.

    There are many that have attributed to the depth of this blog over the years, sadly some commenters are missed, but personal lives dictate decampment, whilst others were, how should I say self excluded due to reoccurring fallacies against site policy.

    I would not have it any other way all things considered and count myself as one of the 7 … albeit the one that is the charmer of the group ;) …

    1. Ed Miller

      “this bird Yves”. I want to correct (nitpick?) to highlight her greatness in my humble view.

      I am sure you meant to say “her breadth and depth of a subject was intoxicating”. I am equally certain that all of us visiting this site agree.

      Regarding the topic of this article, my first thought was – what if NC is no longer on the web in the future? Visions of nightmares immediately come forth.

      1. skippy

        I’ve been in Oz for a few decades so some of it has rubbed off, granted this is a U.S. centric site, and having been around from the early years you might be shocked at what some regulars would say – back in the day.

        I’ve been watching the nightmare for most of my life, so I don’t need to imagine one, especially based on pro forma. Doc Holiday was a kick in the pants …

    1. JG

      Wow, 14 years, where have I been? Following for 7 years, perhaps. Unknown, know that the page is bookmarked and… anxiety presents if I do NOT do stop by. The North 40 in SW Oregon can be a lonely place; my go to for daily deets. Deep gratitude for the work done by many. Gaining neural firing, while at the same time, entropy has set in.

    1. Janie

      Yes, I get lost on this site daily. I’m grateful for weekends; that’s when I find time to vacuum and do laundry. I can’t imagine how you all do it.

  2. Jeff W

    …our comments DJ Jules Dickson…

    I can’t imagine how Jules does it. He’s always right there, fixing links. I would guess he’s the one moderating the comments in the background, which strikes me as a Sisyphean task. As someone who is utterly essential and more or less “behind the scenes,” he deserves some extra recognition, I think. Bravo, Mr Dickson!

    (And congratulations, NC, on fourteen years!)

      1. Swamp Yankee

        I also thank you for endless work, Jules! Editing the best comments section on the Internet cannot be an easy task. You do it extremely well.

    1. The Historian


      I too appreciate the work Jules does, even when he censors some of my posts. Sometimes my fingers engage before my brain does – especially on issues I care deeply about! It is so nice to have him there to keep this comment section from degenerating like so many others have!

      And Happy Birthday, NC! I don’t know what I would do without you to keep me thinking and informed.

  3. Judith

    I think I discovered NC after Obama announced the surge in Afghanistan. Thanks for helping clarify my understanding of what was and is going on in the world.

    Now my daughter Is also reading NC.

    1. Susan the other

      Yes. Me too. Thank you NC and happy anniversary. Many more. My daughter/son-in-law now read NC and it won’t be long before my grandkids do. Maybe another 5 years for the oldest. It always pleases me to see the posts and editorial comments that are geared to the freshmen – which I also still am.

  4. David

    I was going to post this thought anyway, but here is a good place.
    Over the years (and I have been reading the site since 2007) NC has become my daily newspaper.

    Just think about the implications of that. I used to be a news junkie, buying multiple newspapers, reading multiple magazines, watching and listening to TV news and current affairs programmes. I have almost entirely stopped doing that. I rarely switch on TV or radio, I no longer buy newspapers, and I only skim major English and French language internet news sites. These days, I find the vast majority of the coverage trivial, mendacious or just incompetent. Apart from specialist sites run by people who know what they are talking about, and smaller aggregation sites, I read mostly sites about technology, culture and expensive stationery. On the other hand, I know that when NC comes on line, dedicated and selfless professionals will have donned their hazmat suits, crawled through the effluent of the media and brought back things that are actually worth reading. Likewise, when most of us stumble accidentally on a pearl among the dross we try to bring it to the management’s attention. The end product is, for most of us, indispensable, but it’s also a terrifying indictment of the media and the Internet that this kind of effort is even necessary.

    Take the Guardian as a case study. I bought the Guardian every day for more than thirty years, from the days when it was still printed on hot metal and nicknamed the Grauniad because of its frequent misprints. These days, I refuse to subscribe to its internet site in spite of the begging letters about independent journalism. (Seriously? You should pay me to read it). Morosely scanning the endless list of IdPol special pleading and deformed political rants masquerading as news stories I might click on one of ten items in the RSS feed. And I’m not convinced that the general run of the media is any better. It’s quite a thought that there are more resources devoted to news and comment today than at any time in the history of the world. And this is what we get.

    So keep up the good work, team. You are even more important to us than perhaps you realise.

    1. Larry

      Couldn’t agree more. It’s my essential daily read. Happy birthday to NC and all that put in the work to bring it to us.

    2. JCC

      Yes, to all the above.

      NakedCapitalism has been my GoTo Source for daily news since early 2007.

      Happy 14th. Please keep up the Great Work.

    3. flora

      +1. Great comment. I found NC in 2008 when I went looking for answers about wth was happening with the GFC and the MSM was repeating nonsense.

      The only “down side” to reading NC everyday is that I can’t anymore happily agree with friends who are still believers in everything the MSM reports, I just nod and smile; that’s a small price to pay for the accurate and early information I find on NC.

      Happy Birthday, NC !

      1. flora

        adding: comments from readers keeps me better informed, or more carefully informed with details about what is happening in other countries at ground level than does the MSM. Canada, France, UK, Germany, Uruguay, South Africa, Japan, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, and many more.

        1. Keith Newman

          Totally agree with David’s comment, and that of Flora re the commentariat. Earlier today I was relating a bit of the NC discussion initiated by IM Doc re the Covid vaccine to a group of people, encouraging them to read it themselves.
          I savour NC every day. It is a remarkable resource and I gratefully thank Yves, Lambert and the rest of the NC gang for all their work and dedication. It is greatly appreciated. Happy birthday!!

          1. Swamp Yankee

            Heartily seconded, David! Keith Newman, I’ve also been relating IM Doc’s series here at NC on the Pfizer vaccine paper to people with whom I close and who also value independent, quality sources of information. The Greek Crisis of 2015 took me here, and it has indeed become my daily paper, and more even than that, a genuine kind of Republic of Letters as dreamt of in the 18th century. Happy Birthday to the entire crew here and fond wishes for many more!

    4. Bazarov

      I was going to post something similar–David beat me to it!

      Naked Capitalism has become my daily “newspaper.”

      I read links and the comments with coffee and return later in the day to read the Water Cooler and comments.

      I have other sources I consult, but the “mainstream media” now gets only a passing glance (so I can know what narratives the establishment/PR firms are pushing) and a groan.

    5. DJG

      David: Agreed. For news coming from the English-speaking world, NC is the place to be.

      My only difference in English-language sources is that I try to scan Chicago’s local newspapers (which have become woefully depleted) so as to figure out how goofy things are on the local level.

      Somehow, the Italian papers haven’t succumbed to terminal silliness, so I also scan La Repubblica and La Stampa. Often, their take on the news is much different from the Anglo-American echo chamber.

    6. Antoine LeDada

      Agreed completely! Same here, first site read at usually 7:00, but I can only read the links after I’ve shown the « Animal du jour » (yes french-speaking quebecers) to my three daughters and gathered the « awww cute » comments.

    7. mrsyk

      Thank you David for putting down the words. I too began reading NC in ‘07. I was working in finance at the time and was directed to NC via a list of recommended links on the real estate blog Calculated Risk. So a big thank you team for getting me out of bed every morning.

    8. John Anthony La Pietra

      You may already have been a teenager when I found out about you, NC and crew (and commentarians) — but I was delighted to find you were wise and mature beyond your years. And I’m very happy to be a constant reader . . . even if I’m all too often a day or more behind the times.

  5. foghorn longhorn

    Happy birthday NC.
    This place is an oasis of sanity in a clearly spinning out of control world.
    Hope we are all around for another 14 year run.

  6. Larry Y

    I came to the blog during 2008 financial crisis, searching for analysis and answers. Aside from healthcare (having travelled a lot and relatives overseas), was immersed in neoliberalism and Libertarianism due to university study of economics and reading the Economist magazine and NY Times. This has been an antidote to that.

  7. johnherbiehancock

    Happy Birthday, NC! love the site. Wish I found it years earlier… would have helped my political understanding and maturity immensely.

  8. bassmule

    In a media world where stenography passes for reporting, and maintaining “access” results in comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted, NC pretty much stands alone. A sign of the times: When I tell people about it, they want to know what flavor of partisanship it espouses. Many are unable to imagine nonpartisan, reality-based reporting. Thanks to Yves and the whole crew for doing what you all do every day.

  9. John

    Happy Birthday and Onward. I marvel at the sheer tenacity it appears to take to continue an enterprise such as this. Thank you.

  10. festoonic

    There is no substitute for this blog and the curiosity, intellectual and moral rigor, and remarkably good spirits I find here. Thank you, and many, many happy returns.

  11. The Rev Kev

    Fourteen years? Man, that is a long stretch and is proof of NC’s popularity. What was happening back in 2006 then? George Bush was still President and people thought that that was as bad as it could get. They had just realized that the light at the end of the tunnel in Iraq was actually the headlight for an oncoming train. Wall street was pushing dodgy mortgages which was heading for an epic explosion. And now we almost feel nostalgic for those simpler times.

    I’m trying to think of why NC is so important and for the life of me, the thought came when listening to the news tonight. It was all about Russia doing a Pearl Harbour on America which demanded a response with Pompeo coming on to say that it was totally the Russians. Back in 2006 such a propaganda effort would have been hard to push but now it is so seamless. I swear to god that it reminded me of a South Park episode when Stan Marsh realized that what he used to listen to suddenly sounded different now-


    And that is how I feel about the different news channels now. NC has become an island of sanity is a sea of crap. And like a lot of how people feel, some of the comments are pure gold and you never know when some comment will have brilliant insight. And here I would like to repeat the names of the people that make NC what it is – Yves, Lambert, Jerri-Lynn, Hubert Horan, John Siman, Thomas Neuburger, Michael Olenick, Clive, Nick Corbishley, Jules Dickson, Dave Jagoda and Keith Freeman. Thanks guys.

    An odd news article passed my way earlier today which might be relevant. They were doing an archaeological dig last year on a new Villa in Pompeii. In a box, they discovered a collection of carbonized scrolls from the height of the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago. Using the new technology highlighted in an article earlier this year, they have started to recover the text from each scroll and the title of the first one was “Nudus Capitalismus.” Merry Christmas guys!

  12. Daniel

    Many, many thanks for this great, indispensable, intelligent, wide-ranging, undogmatic source of news and critical thinking. And the same to the commentariat here. A wonderful holiday season for all.

  13. Stanley Dundee

    Happy birthday NC from a longtime reader (since 2007) and occasional commenter! Echo remarks from David about NC as daily paper. I can hardly bear to miss a day, although it’s a huge time demand even to scan all the bookmarks and water cooler links. I would like to add a shout-out to Michael Hudson, political economist extraordinaire, who has often graced the site and the NYC meetups. And a special thanks to Lambert who has really taken the leading edge of political analysis in these ever-darkening days. Finally thanks to the amazing commentariat who prove the exception to my rule that comments on the internet are worse than useless. Wishing good health and prosperity to all!

  14. soulmatic09

    Happy Birthday! Like many I find this site absolutely indispensable. Even more so now than when I started reading around 2006.

    One of my many great discoveries on this site was the work of Paul Jay and the Real News Network. I follow his new podcast now as he is also one of the best in the game today.

    Here’s to 14 more great years

  15. sgr2

    Greetings from Finland.

    Happy 14th and congratulations too! I absolutely can’t imagine life without you. Every day you provide information in an intelligent format that I look forward to learning from. You — all of you — and as well as your witty commenters, provide a breathe of fresh air to the sometimes (ok, well lately most of the time) rather dreary world we live in. Please keep up the good work!

  16. Arizona Slim

    At times, this is my Daily Dose of Dystopia. NC also makes me laugh until I can’t stand it anymore.

    And the commentariat? OMG. You guys and gals are the best.

    Happy 14th to Naked Capitalism!

  17. Oso_in_Oakland

    this has been a morning must-read ever since I purchased Econned. imho the best news site aggregation on the internet and i sincerely hope it will be around another fourteen years. the only thing lacking is the understanding that white is also an identity. the whiteness here is suffocating. like attending a HS reunion when you were the only black person in the school. it’s not the entity itself, rather the different life experience and the unwillingness of the many to recognize the validity of the few.

    1. juno mas

      Point taken. There seem to be other non-white readers who have varied life experiences and do add their perspective to the the discussion on NC.

      I’m a old white guy that has recently commented that Kamala Harris is not Barbara Jordan. That the predominate African American experience in the US one of generational denigration, segregation, economic uncertainty, unsafe neighborhoods and underfunded schools, etc. My conscious lifetime has spanned the Civil Rights era of the late 50’s into the 60’s and beyond ( I watched the smoke rise into the sky from the Watts “riots” (screams for help, really)).

      I cannot speak for the Black experience in the US. But it has been clear to me over a lifetime that America is not beautiful for all. As shown in this summers street demonstrations, there are many white allies willing to become part of the louder Black voice in the US. Please tell your friends to add to the NC commentariat.


  18. michael99

    For many years, from the time I started really tuning in to politics in my 20s, being Democrat-leaning and wanting to be an informed voter, I relied principally on sources such as the PBS News Hour, Washington Week, Charlie Rose, US News and World Report, NPR, and the San Francisco Chroncle.

    I thought this made me well-informed. I now see these supposedly liberal sources were feeding me a steady diet of neoliberalism. The more leftist political views I had in my youth gave way to moderate, centrist Dem positions: fiscally conservative but socially liberal, trusting in markets more than the government, and the need to scale back fiscally unsound “entitlements”.

    During the Bush II administration I had a growing sense that something was wrong. The neoliberal program was not leading to shared prosperity as promised; it was socialism for the rich and personal responsibility for the masses.

    Fortunately around 2007/2008 I found this site. Thank you for helping to lift the veil.

  19. curlydan

    While my parents have their daily newspaper to sit down and read each day, for the much of the last 14 years, I have my Naked Capitalism.

    Happy Birthday… and many more!

    P.S. you look so young… I thought you were at least 16

  20. GF

    Congratulations on the big 14. My wife and I have only been on board for half the duration. We were enlightened by a Paul Krugman column, in which a reader had asked him what he reads, in 2013 while on a year long adventure to South Chatham Cape Cod. Thanks Yves et al for the great work you do to help sort through the BS of the current world.

  21. David in Santa Cruz

    I can’t recall how I stumbled upon this wonderful blog and community 2007-ish (Moyers?), but it has been my lifeline to reality through the fog of nonsense shrouding the collapse of rigorous inquiry and the rise of monopoly corporate corruption in the global polity. Let us not forget the one who should be the object of our gratitude: Yves Smith.

    Yves, you are relentless. Thank you.

  22. Eileen Appelbaum

    Congratulations on your first fourteen years. Looking forward to many more years of you making good trouble. The amount of work that goes into NC seems overwhelming to me. Thank you and your regular contributors for bringing to your readers’ attention important work that we would otherwise have missed on a wide range of topics.

  23. Alex Cox


    I discovered NC when it was denounced by “propornot” in the Washington Post and have enjoyed it greatly ever since.

    Thanks to you all!

  24. Rain Lover

    I echo all of the comments when I say you are the best. I started reading NC this year and it is rapidly becoming the only site I bother with. I also have referred family and friends to NC. I especially appreciate the coverage of the pandemic and the vaccines — priceless. And the comments always add additional information and laughs to the mix. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  25. elissa3

    Joyeux anniversaire! As I’ve said before, you are my go-to site for news. I don’t know how I’d be able to stay in touch with the world without you. Kudos to all: editors, contributors, and the commentariat. You are superlative!

  26. caucus99percenter

    Amen to all my fellow commenters’ previous festive laudatory comments and expressions of gratitude! NC is daily reading for me as well. It’s an oasis of real food and water in a desert of MSM news-like non-substance.

  27. Carolinian

    You could also list all the blogs from way back when that haven’t survived–the point being that this one has legs and a proprietor dedicated enough to stay the course. We are all huge fans.

  28. aleph_0

    Happy birthday, and thanks for all of the work you all do!

    I just realized that I think I’ve been a daily reader since 2007, when a mentor referred me here and a few other finance blogs that eventually turned out to be not as good. Anyway, like some of those above, this site has become my daily newspaper; I really appreciate your curation work in addition to the original reporting you do.

  29. Eclair

    I can barely remember life before NC: darkness, wailing, this terrible feeling of being alone. Then, like the sun bursting over the horizon …. NC appeared!

    Fourteen is a great age! Adolescents are just getting into their growth, they have boundless physical energy, deep intellectual curiosity, and a total ignorance of their own mortality. In other words, prime generators of beautiful trouble. Vive NC!

  30. lordkoos

    Happy birthday to Naked Capitalism, my #1 site to read every morning. At this point I can’t imagine a world without NC.

  31. homeroid

    Jeez has it been that long? Thank you all for all these years.
    We geezers at the local watering hole (lat 59.65-lng 151.53) thank you.
    When your 21 i will ring the bell.

  32. Michael

    Found NC from posters on Yahoo FNMA & Calculated Risk in Year 1.
    Invaluable help in understanding the spread of financial products of mass destruction.
    I liquidated and retired a year before the economy went BooM!

    Now its my daily dose of reality. So many subjects covered and commented on by great minds.

    Thanks Yves and thanks to all of your team.

  33. CarlH

    Congratulations NC! My only regret was not discovering this exceptional site and community 11 years before I did!

  34. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday NC! You are my daily newspaper now – I once thought I couldn’t live without reading a newspaper, but NC changed that, Thanks to Yves and all her wonderful crew, the commenters, and guest posts who make NC the best blog ever. I wish you all a very happy holiday season and good health. Thanks so much!!!

  35. Tomonthebeach

    I monitor about 30 RSS feeds. NakedCapitalism is at the top of Daily Reads list. Almost all the good stuff is right there, which speeds moving through the rest of the news, views, and junk looking for information and enlightenment. Happy 2021. Luv you all!

  36. Glen

    Thank you Yves! (And Lambert, and all contributors)

    You are an island of light offering reason and humanity in a sea of darkness!

    I would also point out that the guest posters and commenters here are most excellent. It has been a truly world class education for me. Thank you all!

  37. Tom Pfotzer

    I have been reading NC for at least a decade.

    Tenacity, endurance and determination have helped a lot, no doubt. I admire those traits.

    But fealty to thinking, to analysis, and the willingness to tolerate and mine divergent perspectives is really what makes NC so worthwhile.

    The prime movers are wonderful. We love you.

    The commenters are every bit as good. Bring in your friends, and even your not-friends, if they can think.

    14 years of effort has really done a lot of good. Just reflect for minute on how many people you’ve helped.

  38. TiredNurse

    Happy 14th!

    I love NC, my favorite news source, I quote this place daily at work and tell everyone I work with to dump the big network news and come here for what’s really going on around us. The commentariat here is second to none as well.

  39. caucus99percenter

    Yves and Lambert prove every day what a load of [family blogging] b.s. the Washington Post’s slogan is. “Darkness” isn’t what makes Democracy die — it’s the mainstream press’s betrayal of a prime NC practice and principle: what has been called counter-suggestibility. Real journalism must always be counter-suggestible.

  40. drumlin woodchuckles

    This is one of three blogs I make sure to read every computer-day. The other two are Ian Welsh and Sic Semper Tyrannis ( though that is getting sour and bitter in some areas.) ( And Reddit, though that is a site and not a blog).

    Then there are a few other blogs I read every few days, such as Ran Prieur.

    And a few others that I read at more extended regular intervals.

    I appreciate that commenters generally get to stay as long as they are trying to be more useful-than-not for most of the time. The ability to bring and offer links to other hopefully-useful sites and places for fellow-commenter consideration is also a valuable thing.

    I hope Naked Capitalism can persist until the Internet itself goes dark and down.

  41. Janie

    Happy birthday and many more. I read fewer and fewer sites now, which is good since keeping up with the excellent comments here is a full time job. Many thanks to all.

  42. Petter

    Happy birthday. There isn’t anything I can add to what has already been written. Like others, NC is my daily go to source and has been for I can’t actually remember how many years. Congratulations and thank you.

  43. juno mas

    Discovering naked capitalism and the talent and tenacity of Yves Smith and crew is on par with the discovery of the Grove of Titans at Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park (a progenitor?) by the general population in 1998. You can’t wait to share in the grand and awesome experience.

    NC is truly gaining the exposure and stunning height of the redwood Titans.

    Happy Birthday to All that make it so!

  44. fwe'theewell

    On this anniversary of Our Lady and in the season of Our Lord, it came to me that we yearn for expiation. The poor, wretched spenders and wealthy, wretched hoarders alike. We all know my support for the guillotine, but maybe the concept of jubilee needs to expand to include the creditors too. On the other hand, maybe this is what they have their fingers crossed is the case. Since pensions – the middle class umbilical – are the biggest “investors,” the middle class “invested” are the ones to move. The very top rarified types (bunker people) just need to be deposed and vacationed in the luxury suites they themselves appointed. AND OF COURSE THANK YU / HAPPY BDAY I thought that’d be obvious from the way I started the rant!

  45. Tony Butka

    Time flies. NC is consistently my first read for matters economic. And political. Job well done, and better each year.

  46. Jon Cloke

    I began looking at economics back in the late 1980s just before the Non-Inflationary Continuous Expansion era and, seriously, thought there must be something wrong with me.

    Here we were, low inflation, continuous expansion, socialist bloc collapsed and I thought what was in the foundational economics textbooks was garbage.

    I must be insane, right?

    Later on I came across the works of Steve Keen and then Naked Capitalism, and realised that classical capitalism is just another of the evolving social systems that humanity worships at the feet of, an old cargo cult held up by the graves of old dead white men

    It depends on whether you think capitalism is viable in the long-term (I don’t), whether you think it will evolve into another system before climate change destroys us (probably not), or whether changing to something devolved, complex and less massively destructive is possible in the face of rapidly accelerating global centralization under corporate behemoths (not really), but at any rate avenues like Naked Capitalism show us, bright light in the face of the rapidly-growing darkness of extinction, where our end is likely to come from…

    Well done, NC!

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