Musical Interlude (“On the Path of Decent Groove”): Outback

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We are presenting our musical interlude feature today in the hope that it might provide those of you who are driving over the long holiday weekend some new listening ideas. One summer in the 1990s, I spent the better part of a month in New Mexico. My Santa Fe friends had picked up the “Baka” CD by the Australian group Outback. It became our road music. Even though they had plenty of other disks, we wound up playing it virtually non-stop on our treks.

Sadly, Outback lasted only four years and produced two CDs, the aforementioned Baka and and Dance the Devil Away. I bet you’ll love the didgeridoo.

My CDs are still in moving boxes,1 and oddly the Outback songs that are on YouTube are seldom named. Some fave tracks, first from Outback:

And three from Dance the Devil Away:



1 I dutifully copied most of my music onto my hard disk before I moved to Oz in 2002-2004. After I returned to NYC, a techie managed to wipe the files. I was too bummed to repeat the exercise.

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  1. tennesseewaltzer

    Thank you so much for this. It’s perfectly lovely. I applaud this musical interlude addition to the website. As I am learning about different musical genres.

  2. The Rev Kev

    A long holiday weekend? *checks internet* ah, your Memorial day long weekend. Hope that you guys have a good one. If there is one sound associated with the outback, it has to be the didgeridoo. It is unique. When you hear that sound, you know exactly what it is. Having said that, I could just imagine it being played in New Mexico. For those unfamiliar with what one looks like, here is a brief video clip- (3:29 mins)

  3. BrianM

    Thank you. Both CDs now on order :)
    There were moments that reminded me a bit of Mike Oldfield, though I don’t recall him having a didgeridoo in his repertoire. Definitely liked it though.

  4. Cynical Engineer

    I’d encourage you to take another run at copying the CD’s…I did my collection originally in the early 2000’s, and then re-ripped them last year to get lossless copies. The second time took about 1/10th the effort as the first time. If you email me, I can make some specific recommendations on software & hardware that make the process much easier.

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