Austria Imposes Full Covid Lockdown and Plans Mandatory Vaccination Early Next Year

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The situation is fluid, but one thing is clear: Austria’s imposition of lockdowns shows that after five months of the EU’s Green Pass, the Covid-19 virus is far from under control.

The population of Austria began this week (Nov. 15) waking up to yet another Covid-19 lockdown – but with a difference: this one was for only a sub-section of the population, albeit a very large one: the unvaccinated. In other words, life was to continue as normal for the 66% of the country’s population who had received one or more doses of the Covid-19 vaccine or could prove they have recovered from the virus within the last 180 days, but if you belonged to the 34% who were not in these two categories, you would need a very good excuse to leave your house.

By the end of this week, the whole script had changed. On Friday morning, the Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced a full lockdown and declared mandatory vaccination for everyone, to begin in February. From the New York Times:

Austria will go into a nationwide lockdown on Monday and impose a coronavirus vaccination mandate in February, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said on Friday. It is the first such lockdown in a European nation since the spring, and the first national vaccine mandate to be announced in a Western democracy.

Austria has one of Europe’s highest national coronavirus infection rates, with 14,212 new cases registered in 24 hours on Thursday. And the Alpine country has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe….

Recent restrictions on unvaccinated people have failed to bring the outbreak sufficiently under control, leading to the measures announced on Friday.

It’s the first ruling of its kind in any liberal democracy. As Politico reports, It is the first European country — and one of the first in the world — to impose compulsory vaccination. It’s a huge step in the global public health response, especially for vaccines that are still,, authorised by the Europe Medicines Agency only on a “fast track” basis. During the same address the president also declared a lockdown for everyone that will last a maximum of 20 days.

So, in the space of just five days the Austrian government has gone from selective lockdown for the unvaccinated to blanket lockdown for everyone, becoming the first western European country to go into full lockdown after the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccines. If other European countries follow suit, the global economy and markets could be in for a very bumpy winter. That said, the main focus of this article, the lion’s share of which was written yesterday, is on the government’s lockdown of the unvaccinated. We are in, as Lambert is wont to say, an overly dynamic situation.

Segregation on Steroids

The decision to launch the world’s first official lockdown of the unvaccinated was taken on Sunday (Nov 14) by Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, whose Austrian People’s Party (OVP) leads the coalition government with the Green Party, as well as the heads of the nine autonomous federal provinces. On that day the number of newly confirmed Covid infections had surged to almost 12,000 (equivalent to around 90,000 new daily cases in the UK or 444,000 in the US). A total of 441 of the country’s roughly 2,000 ICU beds were occupied by Covid-19 patients.

The new measures came into force after midnight on Monday morning with the following key restrictions for the unjabbed or those who had Covid more than 6 months ago. They were told they could only leave their house:

• To go to work
• To go to school, college or university
• To go to the doctor’s or hospital or attend a vaccination centre
• To exercise
• To shop for essential items i.e. food

Anyone who had received just the first vaccination would remain exempt from the restrictions as long as they can provide negative PCR test results.

The new rules would be enforced by the police, with on-the-spot fines of up to €1450. More than two million citizens were affected by this discriminatory lockdown. The measures were to continue until November 24th, when they would be revisited. According to Federal Health Minister, Wolfgang Mückstein (Green Party), more restrictions such as evening curfews were likely to be brought in unless the exponential rise in cases in this fourth national wave is kept in check by the new measures. Instead, the country has gone into full national lockdown.

The Green Pass Effect

So far, EU Member States’ use of their respective iterations of the so-called Green Pass, which was launched in June, has produced mixed results. Since France’s Macron government introduced its pass sanitaire regulations in late June, which essentially banned people without the pass from the interiors and exteriors of bars, cafés and restaurants, from using the national train network and even entering a hospital, apart from for emergency procedures, vaccination rates have rocketed. On July 1, just 31% of the population was fully vaccinated. By Nov. 15 that number had more than doubled, to 69%. Yet in that time the country has seen one wave of infections wane only for a new one to wax just a couple of months later.

In Italy Draghi’s coalition government unleashed one of the world’s strictest “no jab, no job mandates” in mid-October, as I reported for NC at the time:

[A]ll residents of Italy need a covid passport, or Green Pass, to access not only public spaces but also public and private workplaces. The pass proves that they have either been vaccinated against Covid-19, have recovered from the disease in the past six months or have recently tested negative. And now they need it to make a living, to feed their families.

The “no jab, no job” rule applies to workers of all kinds, including the self employed, domestic staff and even people working remotely. If you’d still rather not get vaccinated, you have the option of showing proof of a negative test every two days. That can cost anywhere between €15 and €50 each time — far beyond the means of most low-paid workers. If you still refuse to get vaccinated or present proof of negative tests, you face unpaid suspension as well as a fine of up to €1,500. Public sector workers have five days to present the green pass before being suspended. Private sector workers without a green pass face suspension from the first day.

It’s hard to track down just how many of the 3.8 million workers have relented and taken the vaccine, or at least downloaded the green pass. But one thing is clear: if Draghi’s draconian policy was aimed at containing Covid-19 infections, it doesn’t seem to be working. Since October 15 Italy’s Covid infections have increased from around 3,000 a day to around 10,000 a day.

A similar story is playing out across Europe’s landmass. Most EU Member States have required hospitality green passes or similar health passports to enter restaurants, bars, museums, libraries and other public places. Yet in many of those countries cases are rising at breakneck speed. Germany shattered a new record on Thursday, reporting more than 65,000 new cases. In Spain the restrictions on unvaccinated people are still fairly light after Spain’s Supreme Court ruled in August against the use of covid passports to restrict access to public spaces, only to dial back its decision a month later. Spain has one of the highest vaccination in Europe as well as one of the warmest climes and a population that is largely willing to mask up in most indoor public places, all of which helps. But while the number of daily new cases is still pretty low, it is rising.

In Europe’s league table of those who have received two vaccinations, Austria languishes in the bottom half. On Nov. 18 its seven-day incidence rose to 971 per 100,000 people, with 15,145 new cases on that day. Previously the highest infection rate was in 2020 when the country went into full lockdown.

Near the top of the table is Ireland where cases have also exploded over the past month. The 14-day incidence of the disease currently stands at 959 per 100,000 people, which is roughly the same as Austria’s. This is despite the fact that Ireland has one of the most vaccinated populations in Europe, with over 90% of all over-16s fully vaccinated. That hasn’t stopped Irish officials from blaming the unvaccinated members of the public for the latest wave as they reimpose curfews on pubs and clubs.

Austrian Hotspots

Back in Austria, the federal nature of the country means that individual states can decide on further measures if they wish. The present hotspots for new infections are Upper Austria and Salzburg. Upper Austria is an interesting case, with the highest infection but lowest vaccination rates. It is a stronghold of the Freedom Party of Austria with its long-held scepticism towards the media, science in general and vaccinations in particular. The governor of the state, Thomas Stelzer, of the People’s Party, said that Upper Austria would, with Salzburg, declare a total lockdown if the Federal government did not do so on Friday, which may have forced Schallenberg’s hand.

Over the past 30 years right-wing politics in Austria has tended to move away from the centre ground towards more radical policies. This has affected the previously traditional Austrian People’s Party, whose leader is still Sebastian Kurz but who was forced to step down as Federal Chancellor for a second time just last month after becoming embroiled in a financial scandal. The main reason for this change has been immigration, a factor not unconnected to the present lockdown.

The implosion of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s led to huge numbers of refugees heading west, with no fewer than 900,000 arriving in Germany alone in 1992. Austria was for many of those displaced the first country to escape to and this sudden influx, particularly to the capital, Vienna, created issues which have improved but not gone away. Another large influx during the Syrian crisis in 2015 played into the hands of the anti-immigration parties, moving the political dial further to the right.

This is relevant to the present situation concerning the differentiated lockdown. It is often stated that many of those refusing to be vaccinated are non-Austrians living in Austria i.e. predominantly refugees from Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia. In August 2020 Sebastian Kurz as Federal Chancellor stated that “the virus is arriving in Austria by car”, which implied those returning from summer holidays with family in the former Yugoslavia, not true Austrians returning from Italy or holidaymakers visiting Austria from Northern Europe. In other words, ethnic scapegoating can play a part in party political deliberations at the highest level

Class War Redux

Conspicuously absent from much of the debate over Austria’s ratcheting of Europe’s vaccine passport regime are the people most affected by the measures: the more than two million unvaccinated people who have been placed under semi-house arrest. In most media reports they are spoken of but rarely to. One exception is the British website Unherd, which published an article and min-documentary on what is happening in the country. In the video Unherd‘s executive director Freddie Sayers spoke to a couple (a Brazilian lady, an Austrian man) living on the outskirts of Vienna about why they hadn’t got vaccinated and what they felt about the new rules. He also interviewed passersby on one of Vienna’s plushest streets. One of the things he noticed was a distinct class division underlying reactions to the government’s measures:

“I think it comes much too late,” says one woman. “They’re crazy. All the trouble we have is due to those people that believe in, I don’t know, that the earth is flat… If the majority of society depends on idiots, then they can’t be helped and it’s the end of society!”

Her view is typical — there is very little sympathy here, and a good deal of frustration. Only a few voices take the opposing view, and they tend to be passers-through more than the wealthy locals; the doormen and deliverymen we try to talk to just shake their heads. One man simply describes the latest lockdown as “bullshit”.

What is striking is that very few think the policy will actually work. Covid levels per capita have shot up in recent weeks, and Austria now has one of the highest case rates in Europe. The rationale behind the lockdown is that it will increase the level of vaccination (low for a Western European country at 65%); but even supporters of the move predict that it will be followed up by more universal measures soon enough. The Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg openly explains that the policy is a heavy-handed “nudge”: “My aim is very clear: to get the unvaccinated to get vaccinated, not to lock up the unvaccinated,” he told ORF radio station.

On a practical level, though, the logic of the new rules does not withstand much scrutiny: unvaccinated workers are permitted to travel to and from work, and they work disproportionately within the hospitality sector. This means that they are currently allowed into restaurants and bars to serve, but not to consume. In any case, if there were only vaccinated people in a venue, that wouldn’t necessarily make it Covid-free. Many places require daily testing for non-vaccinated staff, yet not for the vaccinated, leading to the odd situation where the unvaccinated are “safer” than the patrons.

There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense about the new reality taking shape across Europe. One thing that is clear is that five months of the EU’s Green Pass, the Covid-19 virus is far from under control. Governments all over the continent are frantically segregating their populations and redrawing the terms and conditions of the social contract on the basis of a vaccine that barely stops the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, as even Bill Gates acknowledged last week.

The vaccine passports also create a false sense of security among those who are vaccinated. As a result, they are more likely to ditch masks and congregate in crowded indoor spaces. They are also being told in some countries that they don’t need to quarantine after exposure to a covid case (while the unvaccinated are told the opposite). This, as Yves has previously noted, is a “prescription for more cases”, which is precisely what we are seeing in Europe.

The worst thing about what Austria’s lockdown of the unvaccinated is that it sets yet another precedent in the ongoing division and segregation of many of the world’s supposedly liberal democracies. The governors of five regions in Italy are already talking about following Vienna’s lead and locking down the unvaccinated people there. If they did that, it would make it all but impossible for those without a Green Pass to even eke out a living in the informal economy.


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  1. Louis Fyne

    honest question: why isn’t the media talking more about places like Gibraltar or Vermont or County Waterford, Ireland?—places with near universal vaccination, but covid is roaring through the population.

    Clearly it’s a combination of non-sterlising vaccine + the vaccinated are engaging in riskier behavior under the false (but understandable) impression that they are literally invincible.

    1. PlutoniumKun

      The Irish science advisory body has more or less admitted that it got its modelling hopelessly wrong over the summer – it had advised the government that Delta would peak in Sept/Oct, so a late October opening up was appropriate. But they have openly blamed the unvaccinated for the current surge, which is clearly absurd. Unlike the UK, Ireland still has pretty strong compliance with masking indoors, and the schools here are moderately good about ventilation (most are pretty draughty anyway). We are now in the worst of all worlds for the hospitality/entertainment business as there is no official lockdown, but people are staying at home anyway.

      I was talking to some UK friends last night and there is a real contrast – they say that everything is pretty much ‘normal’ in terms of pubs and clubs, etc., almost no masking. There is an interesting contrast in that in the UK they’ve had a steady high rate, while in Ireland it was low and then it peaked with staggering speed. No doubt the modellers are busy trying to work out what it means, but if they don’t get their brains around the fact that vaccination does not have any signficiant impact on spread, then they will keep getting it wrong. The only good news is that hospitalisations are proportionally well below previous waves.

      I think the problem for the media (not that i want to defend them, but the Irish media has generally been far better at getting the science right than in the UK), is that for as long as no senior official scientists are bluntly saying that the vaccines do not protect others, only the vaccinated, they can’t come out and make this clear. Its astonishing the number of scientifically literate people I know who genuinely think that they can’t catch covid off a vaccinated person.

    2. Sawdust

      It’s a religion. Taking an empirical attitude to vaccines in the 21st century is like taking an empirical attitude to the Trinity in the 11th century.

      1. Carolinian

        A Grand Inquisitor may be needed. Throw ’em in water and if they don’t float they were lying about being a witch vaxxed.

        Seriously though Medieval plagues were often blamed on witches. See Ingmar Bergman The Seventh Seal.

        Good thing we’re now all modern and scientific.

    3. Objective Ace

      Because they either don’t understand the science or are ignoring the science in order to scapecoat the unvaccinated for how poorly they’re handled the situation. Its apparent by the non-sequitur statements in the release:

      >Recent restrictions on unvaccinated people have failed to bring the outbreak sufficiently under control.

      As you note, why would anyone expect it too? Its going to be pretty hard not to get the message once everyone is vaccinated though. In one sense that could be a beneficial side-effect: forcing politicians to finally accept what we NC readers have understood for going on a year now

    4. Tom Stone

      Coercion is its own reward.
      Power, it’s about power and hubris,and nothing else.
      Oh,except the unintended consequences of a Government that pisses away what legitimacy it once had.
      Don’t worry,be HAPPY!

  2. The Rev Kev

    This is nuts. Gibraltar, for example, has about 118% of the eligible population vaccinated. That figure is higher than 100% as there are so many Spaniards who cross the border daily and have had to be vaccinated too. But infections are still spreading causing Gibraltar to cancel Christmas celebrations-

    But for arguments sake, lets assume that Austria magically can lock up all those that are unvaccinated – all several million. So what happens next? Well the virus still spreads through the population and breakthrough cases become more prominent. And here we aren’t even talking about any new variants being introduced.

    Austria may not have elections until 2024 but you can’t tell me that this measure will not create fracture points through Austrian society. Worse case scenario here is that this overly dynamic situation becomes a kinetic one. And if Austria decides to let the 2022 ski season to go ahead, all bets are off.

    1. flora

      It might seem trivial to talk about what these emotionally whip-sawing, on-again-off-again lockdowns are doing to the mental health of a significant part of the population. Seeing the substantial rise in depression, substance abuse, and opioid overdoses makes me think it’s an important point to consider when evaluating when and for how long and on what basis to set a lockdown.

    2. megrim

      The “lockdown” of the unvaxxed was so leaky, I’m not sure how anyone expected it to have any effect, even if the vaxxed weren’t contributing to the spread. If the unvaxxed can still go to work, to school, shopping, etc, how is that supposed to slow down anything? I’m so over reading about half measures.

  3. BillS

    I was expecting the vaccine requirement to come at some point. The Green Pass was never the proper legal instrument to impose vaccines on people. I am not sure about Austria, but in Italy, workers shut out of their jobs by the Green Pass requirement have a valid constitutional argument against the government (Italian constitution states that all citizens have a right to a livelihood. I do not think this has been tested yet.) The discussion is over who pays for the repeated testing for unvaccinated workers – the state, employers or the workers themselves.

    With the vaccine requirement, legal grounds arise to deny workers their constitutionally guaranteed rights. This, of course, affects the work-at-home PMC less. The option of repeated testing goes away.

    We are certainly not being told much about the infection rate among vaccinated people in Italy. Italy, if reports are true, has a vaccination rate above 82%, yet the virus is spreading like wildfire again. Strangely, Trentino Alto Adige is the exception, with low vaccination rates. (Why this is, is not all that clear to me. One possibility is that it a very traditional Catholic region where vaccines are suspected to contain fetal cells, and hence anathema to Catholic sensibilities. Another possibility is that, like the mountain zones of neighboring Veneto and Lombardy, the native population is naturally suspicious of decrees coming from Rome.)

    I am of the opinion that a vaccine requirement enacted at the start would have poisoned the discourse much less than attempting a de-facto obbligo di vaccinarsi using the Green Pass. The “nudging” effect has not worked at all on the doubters.

      1. Mantid

        Thanks Flora. With that timeline in mind, when the results are in and show little progress, the terminology will change and the mandates will remain in effect. Pfizer and the CDC’s PR folks will come up with a catchy phrase for insisting on vaccines and their mandates. Would one rather buy a legacy car or a used car?

        I am just gobsmacked that no one has called the M-RNA vaccine’s “advanced technology” and “innovative delivery platform” on their bluff. We’re told how flexible and versatile the the technology is. If so, why are we still using the original vaccine? It’s been a year now. Where are the “new improved” vaccines? Where’s the “ultraccine”? Where’s the “Mondovax”? With M-rna’s I thought we’d have a PBS vax-a-thon special. Where’s Jerry Lewis when we need him? I call BS on MRNA technology!

      2. Noone from Nowheresville.

        Except the world will soon need a reliable scapegoat. Articles likes this scare me more than GM & Yves new variant articles. There’s some serious storycraft and coordinated policies being deployed. What do you imagine it will look like if the leaky vaccines let one of the variants through? (higher probability than any of us would like) Do we think people will go after government officials and drug manufacturers or will they go after the scapegoats who have already been identified for them?

        We only have to think about that unmitigated glee IM Doc observed and was rightly worried about. Or think about the rights and rule of law we readily gave up after 9/11.

        It’s a very good thing to keep our eyes on what happens in Europe and the rest of the world.

        And to pay close attention to what happens here with workers subject to the mandate. That twitter post from the chicken processing plant (from links I think) was terrifying about current lack of inspectors, potential losing more to the mandates, plus workers themselves. I feel like there’s a rather crude level of brinksmanship being played.

  4. Craig Fisher

    It’s fascinating that we consider leaving to work at some pointless office job important enough to warrant breaking the vaccine curfew, but visiting a friend or your family is not.

    It tells you a lot about what the people with the power to impose lockdowns think is important for you to be doing with your time.

  5. Mikel

    It’s scary to watch the panic and desperation of people unwilling to realize non-sterilizing therapeutic shots won’t stop the virus.
    They also seem scared to deal with how much healthcare and other systems need to change. Alot of Covid deaths would have been preventable from simple mitigating factors and an improved state of healthcare around the world.

    The biggest reason for the continued spread is their deer-in-the-headlights realization about airborne transmission and what that means for lifestyles.

    1. Modal Node

      I don’t see much panic or desperation. “They” have gaslit half of us to believe the virus isn’t dangerous at all, and the other half to believe that if you do get sick, it’s your own fault for not taking precautions.

      Quite a success, (from the chamber of commerce’s pov). It’s gone from “we’re in it together”, to “every man for himself”.

      They are probably delighted with how it’s panned out.

      1. BeliTsari

        Kinda reminiscent of the mayor, in Jaws? Well, that and trying to set us up for day-after pills, for upscale honkies? The usually Panglossian Gothamist’s readers seem to be reporting BAD side effects (ignoring uppity essentials’ lack of sick-leave, childcare, ACA insurance or W4 jobs preventing booster uptake; sero-prevalence as high as vaccination rate, in “some areas!”) We’d gone to an UWS testing/inoculation Quickie Mart, where exhausted folks wandered, several unmasked, sneezing; as random workers gave shots, in the aisles (following folks around, disrobing as needed, to quickly give shots). We’d left.

  6. Tom Stone

    I tune in to KGO radio to catch weather and traffic reports and sometimes hear the Covid news.
    I’m still hearing that the Vaccines confer complete immunity to Covid 19.

  7. ProudWappie

    How can the authorities even contemplate vaccine mandates, if we see more and more signs of significantly increased all-cause mortality throughout Europe? In Germany, figures seem to hint at a correlation between rate of vaccination and the increased mortality (and not in the vulnerable age ranges). Maybe we should look at what’s going on first, before we are pushing vaccines on everyone, let alone children.

  8. Rob Dunford

    I live in the UK and I know several families, where one member has caught COVID but no one else has, then other families where everyone gets it.
    This virus is proving to be a unique beast.

  9. generic

    “Class war?” At least from my limited sample here in Austria I don’t see any particular class character to vaccine refusal. That’s of course only anecdote, but not worse than asking random people on the street. And “segregation?” Really?
    There is of course a certain component of scapegoating involved. The measures now are much too late and too tepid to prevent a quite significant mass death event.
    The idea of the “lockdown for the unvaccinated” comes from this summer as some incentive-brained idea to get the vaccination rate up. It was obvious at the time that enforcement would be near impossible, though it might have done some good if it had been implemented at the time. Now it just wasted a few weeks. After all, even if we shot everyone with the Moderna gun we wouldn’t see any real effect in the next four weeks. But I still see no reason not to require the vaccine. If it’s safe enough to inject into 75% of the population it’s safe enough to require everyone to get it.
    Some minor notes on Austria: The capital is doing quite a bit better since they started requiring tests in relative high-risk environments also for the vaccinated some weeks ago and also opened up boosters for everyone after four months, while the rest of the country was still insisting on 6+ months.

    1. generic

      Actually, got that last part wrong. Vienna only opened up boosters a week ago so that part shouldn’t have any effect yet. They did keep more mask mandates then the rest of the country though.

  10. Beth

    We need more coercive measures, and globally. Enforced vaccine mandates and mask mandates. The vaccines are leaky but they are what we have for the time being. We never would have even begun to control TB without coercive measures, and they are still in place: take your meds or you go before the judge at Bellevue and you will be admitted to a negative pressure room for as long as it takes. I don’t see a whole lot of progressive libertarians demonstrating in front of Bellevue.

  11. bernard karpf

    A bit confused here. As the article is not able or can’t establish how MANY people, in the ICU were unvaccinated.
    At this point, we know that transmission of the virus is from both vaccinated an unvaccinated.

    But an essential matter is — does the vaccine diminish the chances that someone does not go into the hospital. Austria, according to the article, has a whopping 24% of their ICU beds occupied with Covid patients. Thats a strain on the system.

    It seems to me, reasonable, that a gov’t take stringent measures to halt the virus’ burden on the hospital system. As that is an emergency.
    My MD states that the unvaccinated are having a worse time with the virus and are more likely to need be housed in the medical facility. But that matter, for many is still open to conjecture, as the ‘data’ doesn’t seem to be fully in. So, is the vaccine, helping DIMINISH, the consequences of the virus or not – is what i wish could be answered authoritatively.

  12. saywhat?

    So, is the vaccine, helping DIMINISH, the consequences of the virus or not – is what i wish could be answered authoritatively. bernard karpf

    It appears to me that the current “vaccines” are a net benefit to those with sufficiently bad co-morbidities BUT a net risk to the healthy.

    Thus, *gasp!*, imo, discretion should be applied on an individual basis as to who is vaccinated lest the hospitals and ICUs be filled with non-Covid cases, not to mention unnecessary crippling and reduced life spans.

  13. Sue inSoCal

    This situation is absolutely confounding. As I understand, not only are there Covid surges, but there exist the variants, and my expectation is there will be further surges from those. How much, I don’t know. As someone stated, leaky or not, the vaccine is what we have. It’s my understanding from my doc that if one become infected with a variant (or reinfected?), one has far less of a chance of winding up in a hospital. Because of chronic illness, I’ll take the chance with the shot. Hospital emergency is something to avoid like, well, the plague.

  14. bernard karpf

    SayWhat and Sue inSocAL

    It IS SO confounding, i agree. Could someone ‘riddle me this Batman’?

    If 10,000 people were given the original 2 vaccines ——and ——they formed a community that was BLOCKED off from any other people —–for a determinate amount of time (say, 3 months), would that community have eradicated the virus by virtue of not allowing a variant to arise? thanks

  15. Jaszu

    “If you’ve ever wondered whether you would have complied during 1930s Germany, now you know.” — Banner of a Covid-19 protester

    The saying goes “SEEK the truth and you shall find it” –and NOT that you find the truth by passively ACCEPTING what authorities tell you is the “truth” like herd animals unthinkingly obey their shepherds’ orders. Yet almost nobody ACTIVELY SEEKS the truth, they only PASSIVELY ACCEPT as “truth” what the authorities tell them and so become UNthinking members of “herd stupidity.”

    Do YOU actually SEEK the truth or are you a mindless member of “herd stupidity”?

    I suggest you study (not briefly scan) “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at

    You can ONLY see the official lies IF you SEEK the truth…. it means you must LOOK “behind the curtain” — behind the official narratives.

    “The inhumane abominations, issued by the highly credentialed professional class of psychopaths-in-control and their lauded sycophantic minions, of “No Jews Allowed” and “No Colored People Allowed” of yesterday is the “No Unvaccinated People Allowed” of today.” (from cited article)

  16. Aéna Shahadat

    Czech republc, Austria’s neighbor, had whopping 22400 new cases in one day on friday the 18th november. The graphic is frightening:

    I wonder if they are going to do something or not. In the article I’ve read they were saying ‘huh, maybe we should do something? My mother (75) had Astra Zeneca and she wants to believe that it protects her from getting the virus. If the truth sinks in that that is not the case, many people will freak out. (And that will worsen their immunity) Even if the vaccines are pretty good at keeping us away from emergency units.

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