Procrastinators of the World, Unite! Last Day, Last Chance for Our 2021 Fundraiser!

Thanks to the generosity of many loyal readers, we’re getting close to our targets. We’re at 1550 donors, and so we’ve raised our donor target to 1800. And at $36,490, we are nearing our final fundraiser target of $45,000 for original reporting.

Many of you are preparing to see family and friends for Thanksgiving. We hope you can include your Naked Capitalism family in your holiday festivities through the donations page!

We are doing well on our financial targets but are surprisingly lagging on our donor totals. Our average donation size is up markedly this year, showing that those of you who have given very much appreciate our coverage in the last year. Perhaps those of you who have not yet donated have had to retrench due to Covid or precarity, or have already donated to other causes.

If you can only give a little, please consider giving a little. We would like to see support from the Naked Capitalism community that is as broad-based as possible. So whether you’ve given before, or this is your first time, we hope you can find a way to squeeze us into your budget for this year.

Remember, not only can we anticipate intensifying battles over Covid policy coming as some European countries that were touting their vaccination successes are now imposing lockdowns, but in the US, the 2022 midterms are coming. Where would we be without Lambert putting on his yellow waders? And let us not forget the seemingly never-ending Brexit and CalPERS soap operas, as well as institutional collapse in the health care system and elsewhere.

Some of you who planned to give may have been busy with family, travel, work demands. And some like deadlines! So please take a couple of minutes to visit our fundraiser page to chip in for another year of razor-sharp analysis, one-stop news recaps twice a day, lively and insightful discussions, occasional snark, and your daily dose of cute animal pictures.

Help make 2021 a year when the fundraiser had surpassed both its financial and donor goals! Remember, every dollar (or pound or Euro or Australian or New Zealand dollar) you give now goes to original reporting. The fundraiser ends tomorrow night at midnight PDT.

Will you help make this fundraiser an even bigger success? Give now, and give generously through our fundraiser page. Remember, if you help us beat our goals, that means we can do even more on your behalf!

We’ve deeply appreciated not only the many donations we’ve gotten, but also the kind notes from readers. As The Culp Creek Curmudgeon wrote:

Although I’ve been reading Naked Capitalism for years now, this is my first time donating as my wife and I came into some unexpected money recently.

I found Naked Capitalism as I began scouring the internet for news sources during invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. I became clear to me at that point that the MSM was a big part of the problem and I needed a better way to be informed. One link led to another and I ended up at Naked Capitalism. I’ve never left.

One of the things I realized was that I needed a better grasp of economics. Naked Capitalism has been invaluable in that process. You deserve a donation for introducing me to MMT if nothing else. But there’s been so much more. I appreciate the incredible breadth of sources in your news round-ups.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything that I read at Naked Capitalism — how could I? — but I always feel like I’m learning something every time. Keep up this vital work, you’re truly needed.

From Erik:

Thanks so much for your consistently excellent work. Sometimes it seems like NC is the only place to go to find rational takes on current events.

And FreeMarketApologist:

Donated! Many thanks to everybody at NC for all their work over the years. NC is a major resource for me, providing a window into news, information, and views I might not have otherwise seen, and a place to review, challenge, and debate both my views and those of the status quo. I’m happy to be a reader and occasional commenter!

And elissa3:

You are my go-to site. Very happy to contribute in this small way.

We’re coming up on the last chance for the 2021 fundraiser. You can give through our fundraiser page, where you can use a credit or debit card or a PayPal account (the charge will be in the name of Aurora Advisors).

You can also send a check (we like checks!) in the name of Aurora Advisors Incorporated to

Aurora Advisors Incorporated
164 Peachtree Circle
Mountain Brook, AL 35213

Please also send an e-mail to with the headline “Check is in the mail” (and just the $ en route in the message) to have your contribution included in the total number of donations.

Give now to Naked Capitalism. Whatever you can provide, whether $5 or $50 or $5,000, it helps us all keep this community vibrant. This isn’t just a donation. You making a statement that you want a different debate, a different society, and a different culture. It’s time to join us as we make sure this site can do an even better job of marshaling our energies to take on the lies that prop up a diseased power structure and promote a more just social order.

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  1. Mucho

    Thanks you for this reminder Yves: I just donated!

    A big thank you to Lambert, Jerri-Lynn, Nick, the guest contributors and all the members of the commentariat for delivering high quality food for thought. Instead of a quick sugar rush or a bite-sized snack, you continue to give me something to chew on and to sustain me.

    Less metaphorically: your hard thinking helped keep me and my family healthy (and sane) these past two years in times of Covid. Thank you for that, especially.

  2. griffen

    Okay, I’ve delayed long enough. I’ll put something into the jar today, double promise and pinkie swear. As typically added by others, the content and links provided are invaluable. It’s a rare moment when I skip a few days and not able to read or remain tangentially updated.

    Thanks for all that you guys bring to the table, and the crucial commentary being offered.

  3. annie

    i donated early but never received confirmation. this may be policy, but leaves me with lingering worry that it wasn’t received, especially since i got emails afterwards asking for donation.
    ( paid by credit card, though it turned out to be paypal.)

  4. Sue inSoCal

    I have difficulty with critical thinking related to multiple sclerosis and brain injury. As an old lawyer, I’m acutely aware of my loss of function. Due to lack of stamina, NC has become the only site I check daily. I appreciate that I don’t have to worry what others think on NC. Although there are divergent opinions here, there’s little “flaming” that goes on and the discourse is lively. (There’s also the rule enforced against MSU. Thanks Yves! You had me at that one.) There is vast information here; it’s a treasure trove and due to my processing abilities (or lack thereof) I often say technical issues may be over my head, but someone is always available to explain without condescension. If you have time to read only one blog, this is the one. Just about everything and anything is addressed here. For all of you who make this site work, a hearty thank you. For all of you haven’t yet donated, chip in! It’s a deal!

  5. ChiGal

    I think the low donor number is astonishing. Counterpunch is running a fundraiser right now and unless my math is wrong are claiming 550,000 donors (.05 of 11 million readers).

    I really believe that $5 donations matter just as much as larger ones, and they add up. There may not be 11 million NC readers, but if there are 11 thousand (maybe our hosts can weigh in?) the analogous donor number (again, if my math is correct) should be 550–whoopsie, NC is closing in on 3x the donor percentage of Counterpunch in that scenario!

    Wow, do we readers value NC! Not what I expected the math to show!

    But if there are 110,000 readers, the analogous number of donors would be 5,500 and in that case the donor percentage is less than half that of Counterpunch.

    I guess not knowing the numbers this was a dumb exercise but my real point is that if they are deluged with $5 donations right about now, it would be a huge plus for Naked Capitalism. I think our hosts mean it when they say any donation however small means a lot.


  6. Rat in the Cage in Room 101

    Finally made my donation. I saw and read Yves’ emails and said, yea I’ll get to this but never did and then saw the reminder when I visited the site today!

    Thank you Yves, Lambert, Jerri-Lynn, Nick and the usual suspects for their outstanding work!

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