Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule and Sort of Comments Holiday

Dear patient readers,

Hopefully most of you will be able to get some R&R over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and we would like to join you. We will be posting on our “weekend” schedule, meaning Links and two posts from Thursday through next Monday. Lambert might be nice and give a Water Cooler Friday.

Our comments DJ Jules will also be taking off from Thursday through Monday. That does NOT mean we are shutting off comments, although we did manage to miss our end of summer comments holiday this year. But not having Jules on duty means Lambert and I will be managing comments, and neither of us is very active during US daytime hours. So please be patient. We will get to any comments in moderation, but in most cases, it will be more leisurely than usual.

And have a happy Turkey Day!

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  1. Randall Flagg

    Happy Thanksgiving to all at NC, the entire community and commentators!! Thanks for being a truly unique and thoughtful site!!
    For my two cents you should just shut it down for the holiday and take a complete break. Absolutely deserved! We’ll get by after the brief pangs of withdrawal.

    1. juno mas

      Agreed. Sometimes it’s best to go Cold Turkey ;) (NC is Tik-Tok for the experienced. A total black-out can expose your addiction.) Get some rest folks.

  2. Mantid

    Even if you don’t do Thanksgiving, enjoy this late week and weekend. If you do it, have a great one. Can’t wait to read the comments, but none from me out of respect for the crew. Out for the break :-)

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