Holiday Schedule and Sort of Comments Holiday

Dear patient readers,

I hope all of you are able to get some R&R and do something fun over the Christmas holidays. We will be posting on a reduced schedule. Most weekdays, we will have daily Links and 2 cross posts or “reruns” from our archives though Monday January 3. Nicholas Corbishley will be posting next week and we’ll also have some new material from Lambert and Jerri when they cover Sundays and Mondays. Lambert is similarly cutting back on Water Cooler by hosting open threads.

However, our able and hardworking moderators, Jules and katiebird, will be off from tomorrow through January 3. We would like to keep comments open, but only Lambert and I will be on duty. That means comments that come in when we are not on the grid will take a while to be reviewed and freed. Sorry about that, but the alternative is shutting down comments entirely, which we have done on past comment holidays.

Please be on good behavior. Because Lambert and I also need breaks, I know I am likely to be even less patient with less than ideal conduct, like stating things as if they were fact when they are not common knowledge and therefore need evidentiary support, assignments, thread-jacking, broken record, and other forms of bad faith argumentation. I would rather not have to put coal in some readers’ stockings!

And stay safe!

An old holiday fave:

And maybe this will be a new one:

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  1. larry

    I think you have come to a reasonable compromise, although I understood your previous position. A great holiday to everyone , especially in these difficult times. Stay safe all.

  2. B flat

    Yves, will you consider requests? A few years ago a commenter wrote a post about, well, commenting and persuasion vs arguing. Can’t recall their name though.
    May everyone have a lovely, refreshing holiday!

    1. Lambert Strether

      I am afraid we can’t help you with that. Not only is Google useless for search — for me, it consistently fails to return posts with text I know I have written, and that goes for other texts, too — our own internal comment database fields are so enormous that WP hangs when we search it. tl;dr: We can’t find anything.

      Adding, if you or some other reader can give us some keywords, we could take a shot, but “persuasion” is just too vague.

  3. DJG, Reality Czar

    Best wishes as the light returns (which may be the reason for the season, eh?, from Saint Lucy’s Day, always about light, to the Epiphany and its promise that the divine can show itself).

    May the new year be fruitful, prosperous, and joyous for all–filled with delight.

    From the Metta Sutta, as translated by Thanissaro Bhikku:

    Let no one deceive another or despise anyone anywhere, or through anger or irritation wish for another to suffer.

  4. Samuel Conner

    Merry Christmas all,

    As a combination safety precaution and (I hope) amusing political/personality news retrospective, when out and about in crowded circumstances, if not accoutred with N95 or better respiratory protection, try to … “not inhale.”

    Hope that provided some healthful deep ventilation in non-crowded circumstances.

  5. Copeland

    Only 8 hours and 46 minutes of daylight where I am today. The winter solstice always reminds me of the growing season to come, and planning what I will grow this time around.

    Cheers and stay safe NC writers, readers and commenters!

    1. Lambert Strether

      > The winter solstice always reminds me of the growing season to come, and planning what I will grow this time around.

      It is a good thing that there are organic, material reasons grounds for optimism :-)

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