A Fond Farewell to Jerri-Lynn

Sadly all good things must come to an end, and one of them is Jerri-Lynn’s regular and incisive contributions to Naked Capitalism. Her husband retired this spring. They both like to travel plus Jerri wants to devote more energy to her novels.

I know based on comments to her posts that many of you will miss her legal analysis, her many and varied climate and environment posts, from the cost of fast fashion to coral reefs to the war on plastic, her having developed a beat on the right to repair, and since the war in Ukraine, her explanation of how India was playing its increasingly influential geopolitical role. And of course her bird photos and cooking tips!

Some of you also had the opportunity to chat with Jerri at meetups in New York and London. She said she very much enjoyed these engaging conversations with uniformly well-informed and articulate readers.

Jerri will publish her own sign-off post this week.

Lambert and I are personally saddened that Jerri will no longer be a mainstay at Naked Capitalism. We very much appreciated her tales from around the globe, her wide-ranging gossip, from Oxonians to Obama and Larry Tribe, and her literary interests. We hope all of you will wish her well with her adventures.

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    1. AdMo West

      Hard writings ahead with the collapse of all western economies and the deaths of so many vaxxed citizens starting within a year….she chose a good time to make a graceful exit.

  1. RA

    I, for one, will definitely miss seeing links or posts with the byline Jerri-Lynn. I came to expect that meant great content.

    Among posts I most enjoyed were ones where she shared her perspectives on a fellow Harvard Law School student — the Obamamometer.

    I think it began here:

    I don’t think I ever saw a post from Jerri-Lynn that wasn’t good.

    Best wishes, and thanks for the memories.

  2. paul

    I hope jerri’s india centric links will persist in her absence.

    They were a very rare,this side of the hemisphere, insight into that unfathomable part of the world.

  3. caucus99percenter

    May the Spirit of Aloha accompany Jerri-Lynn in all her travels and the warmth of the Sun, the Life-giver, shine always in her heart.

  4. Randall Flagg

    Thank you Jerri-Lynn for being a contributor to one of the best continuing educations one could hope for.
    All the best always to you and yours. Be well.

  5. Qufuness

    Your subcontinental coverage was particularly great, Jerry-Lynn. Many thanks and good luck to you on your journey ahead!

  6. Tom Pfotzer

    We all wish you well, Jerry-Lynn, and very much appreciate all you did, and all you hoped for during your time here @ NC.

    Happy trails, and please be assured that we’d love to hear from you from time to time to let us know how you’re doing.

  7. Wyatt Powell


    Thank you Jerri-Lynn <3 glad you and your husband will be enjoying the retirement life! Hope to see you in guest articles sometime.

    Congratulations ^_^

  8. Chuck Harris

    Best wishes in your travels. I have always appreciated your writing and insights. Especially like your garden stories and reports on your mothers garden.

    1. CitizenSissy

      Congrats Jerri-Lynn – thank you for the wide-ranging and fascinating insights, as well as for the baking conversations! I consider those who’ve retired to have made it over the wall – please post pictures of your travels.

  9. griffen

    Well wishes to you on the next steps of the journey. Hope those travels include some time in the Carolinas, where some of these foodie and farm to table anecdotes from JLS were revisited.

  10. PlutoniumKun

    Sad news for us BTL, I always greatly enjoyed J-L’s insights on India and her other interests. It really widened the perspective of NC even more than I thought possible. I know sometimes they didn’t attract many comments, but thats because the topics were so new to many of us, and so well written and comprehensive, they really didn’t need any further elaboration or questions.

    May I wish J-L and her husband very best wishes with their futures and I look forward to reading Jerri’s books when they are published.

  11. Brooklin Bridge

    Wishing you all the best going forward Jerri-Lynn. Will miss those remarkable photos almost as much as your reports (esp. on right to repair).


  12. Carla

    Jerri-Lynn, wishing you and your husband a happy, healthy and fulfilling retirement. It has been a joy getting to “know” you through bird antidotes, updates on your Brooklyn garden, your (ahem) informed take on Obomber, your passionate advocacy for the right to repair, and especially, your wonderful coverage of India. I’m really going to miss your Links, posts, and commentary.

  13. Ignacio

    Jerry, best wishes and enjoy the writing and the travelling! Will miss your insights!

  14. Kevin Smith MD

    It’s been a delight to read Jerri-Lynn’s wit, wisdom and analyses, and her links. Wishing her all the best.

  15. Eclair

    India, fast fashion, plastics: they’re all connected and thanks to Jerri-Lynn, NC readers are a bit more aware of the complexities in those areas. Thank you so much, Jerri-Lynn, for all your work. Enjoy your travels, and, maybe, after twelve months or so, you will become bored and want to return to enlighten your friends at NC.

  16. The Rev Kev

    Goodbye Jerry-Lynn. Have learned a lot from your writings and I wish you and your husband well in the next chapter of your lives. Don’t forget to send us a digital postcard every now and then with an update on how you are going.

  17. thoughtfulperson

    Thanks for your ongoing attention to India and legal analysis, especially recently. Hope we see your name in a guest post or comments upon occasion!

  18. orlbucfan

    Oh well, Jerri-Lynn, change is the one constant in life. Be safe, and stay well, you and your Hubster! I’m going to miss you, especially the ecological, natural, Indian, and your concise legal analyses. Your garden pics will be missed, too. Please don’t be a stranger, and drop by and visit us occasionally. Always take very good care, y’hear! :-)

  19. SomeGuyinAZ

    Jerri-Lynn, Thank You. May you find utter contentment in everything you choose to pursue.

    Safe Travels.

  20. Rod

    Thanks again for your service to enlighten.
    Your Climate Focus was much appreciated by myself.
    I hope your garden And landscape prospers into your future.
    Stay well

  21. Colonel Smithers

    Thank you, Yves.

    @JLS: Enjoy a splendid retirement and safe travels.

    One hopes we will still hear from JLS about India and the textiles sector.

  22. Reify99

    I’ll particularly miss your posts on India Jerri-Lynn and I look forward to your novels coming out.

  23. fresno dan

    A fond farewell, safe travels, and joy and happiness as you go down life’s highways. The contributions freely given are the most valuable, the best, and the most appreciated.

  24. Oh

    Thanks for you wonderful contributions and hard work at Naked Capitalism. It’s sad to see you leave. I totally enjoyed your posts and links. Wishing you and yours the very best! Happy trails!

  25. FlyoverBoy

    I can only echo what the others have said: Selfishly sad for us, but happy for you and well deserved. Thank you, congratulations, and all enjoyment to you.

  26. dday

    Thanks for the great posts. I much liked the mystery book recommendations and the insight into India.

  27. NL

    Looking forward to her book on Indian textiles, now that Jerri-Lynn will
    have the leisure to work on it. Best!

  28. Vikas

    Darn. What a thing to wake up to. Vey much enjoyed Jerri Lynn’s posts. And I will second (or third) the appreciation for the big step up in coverage of India that occurred when she joined. India coverage curated with the NC lens made it a rarity of high value in the world of Anglo-American news writing.

  29. super extra

    Thank you for your contributions J-LS! and do enjoy your traveling and writing going forward!

  30. dogwood

    Thoroughly enjoyed your Sunday reading line-ups, and was also grateful to have a guide on not only textiles but the broader scope of Indian life. Also learned from and appreciated your legal insights. Wishing you much happiness and will miss you here at NC, Jerri-Lynn. Hope you’ll pop in from time to time! And I think that you may have been the one who introduced us to the twitter feed of Sam the Birder – thanks for that too! All the best!

    1. Martin Oline

      I will also miss the Sunday reading book recommendations and hints. They will be greatly missed. I will be watching for her future writing if Scofield is not a Pseudonym. Enjoy your retirement as much as you can. The ability to travel and function will slowly slip away so ‘get it while you can.’

  31. Pelham

    All the best to Jerri-Lynn and all the thanks I could ever muster for the great work here at NC. This is our household’s mainstay news and info source and the scale in which we test all other sources in the balance. To adopt a recent phrase too often brandished in self congratulation but can be applied here most sincerely, “in this house” J-L’s absence will be felt.

  32. Biologist

    Oh nooo! You will be missed JL! Always loved your climate and environmental takes, and your insights with respect to India.

    Wishing you all the best on future endeavours!

  33. Questa Nota

    J-LS, have a fun and enriching retirement. Thank you for your articles over the years. If you happen to notice something noteworthy, please share episodes with the NC readers.

    1. juno mas

      Oh, No!!! Say it ain’t so!!! J-L, Oh.

      It’s hard to see talent go. Please send missives and insights from time to time to share with NC commentariat.

  34. petal

    Very sad to hear Jerri-Lynn is leaving, but sending all the best to her and her husband for fun times and great adventures!

  35. curlydan

    We will miss you, Jerri-Lynn. Thanks for all your analyses and contributions here. Have fun with traveling and writing!

  36. shinola

    Many thanks Jerri-Lynn – I really enjoyed your article selections & your POV.

    Wishing you the best in your future travels & endeavors. Please do check back in from time to time & let us know how things are going.

  37. Susan the other

    I would enjoy occasional posts of your observations – not necessarily long but distilled down to your seasoned impressions. The world is changing so fast and most of us Americans are living in our own isolated frame of mind.

  38. Elizabeth

    Jerri Lynn, I will miss seeing your postings, especially your legal analyses, your novel recommendations and so many more of your contributions to NC. I wish you and your hubby all the best in your next adventure! I hope you drop by NC in the future.

  39. John Zelnicker

    Like all those commenting before me, I will miss your posts and comments, Jerri.

    While I am happy that you are moving on to new and exciting endeavors, I am sad that we will not see your wonderful and incisive posts on gardening, India, plastics, the right to repair, and all the others.

    Be well, stay safe, and please bless us with occasional posts from the hinterlands.

  40. Lunker Walleye

    Thank you, Jerri-Lynn. I appreciated your textile articles above all and your contributions in general. You will be missed.

  41. Mark Gisleson

    We’ll miss Jerry-Lynn’s content more than she’ll miss providing it, but gigs like this aren’t easy to walk away from. It’s hard to break habits, even good ones.

    Good luck in all the new things you find time to do.

  42. enoughisenough

    Thank you so much Jerri-Lynn, for all your work, and excellent selection of links and great commentary!

  43. Waking Up

    Will really miss Jerri-Lynn’s intelligent, insightful, and empathetic contributions to NC.

  44. Alex Cox

    Thank you Jerri-Lynn, and good writing! I hope your voice will still be heard among the comments.

  45. Bugs

    Like many readers/commenters, I’ve admired your India reporting and analysis. Over the past 20 years or so, I’ve spent many months across the country and you have a clear view and lucid prose when explaining the intricacies of a place that isn’t well discussed or understood in the West. Jai Hind.

  46. Redolent

    JL…..ditto Susan t.o.’s comment. ‘Seasoned impressions’….
    Your global perspectives, and trotting, ….the richness of your observational talents. Do weigh in with NC when the occasion fits. The curious here will wait, and be grateful. All the best.

  47. none

    We will miss you, JL! Even though you’ve left the “staff”, I hope you’ll drop by for a visit now and then.

  48. JustAnotherVolunteer

    I look forward to the book on textile artisans and will missed the varied reading and environmental links. I’ll also miss the mix of optimism and realism in the Sunday mix. I found this and I thought folks might like to see an origin story: http://tech.mit.edu/V102/PDF/V102-N27.pdf

    See the opinion piece on page four – 30 years ago almost to the day.

    Enjoy retirement but save a few rounds for the fight –

  49. BillS

    Godspeed Jerri-Lynn. I will miss your writing here at NC. I look forward to an occasional digital postcard!

  50. ChrisRUEcon

    Thanks for everything, Jerri-Lynn! I will echo the sentiment expressed many times over today that I appreciated all your contributions, but especially those on India over the course of your stay with us. I hope that #NC finds a way to have that persist hereafter. India looms so large in what we can imagine about a new, emerging multi-polar world, and deserves a place in “the discourse”.

    I hope you and your husband enjoy retirement. Please do make sure to share any and all news about your novel(s)!

    Finally, I will forever consider it a badge of honour that I made your chuckle of the day once! Thanks so much for appreciating my comment! All the very best!!

  51. QR

    Sad as a reader, but also glad for you, Jerri-Lynn! Those plans for a new season sound wonderful indeed. Many thanks for the information and thoughts you’ve shared here, and best wishes in your future plans.

  52. ChrisPacific

    Sorry to see you go, Jerri-Lynn, and thanks for all your contributions. I always felt that your deep dives in your areas of expertise and your patient untangling of complexity in a way that made it easy to follow were great examples of what Naked Capitalism was all about. All the best for your travels and novel writing!

  53. Tom Pfotzer

    Wow, Jerri-Lynn, look at all these people, and all those wonderful things they said about you!

    I came by to see what others had said, but it took a loooonnng time to scroll down to the (temporarily) bottom.

    If you had any doubts about how much people care about you, I hope this puts it to bed for good.

    What an affirmation!

  54. greensachs

    No Jerri-Lynn, gut punch.
    I feel we are all better for having been introduced to her experience and insight.
    Sometimes growing is painful. Let’s hope that the light she emanates only expands and flourishes.

  55. playon

    I’m late to the party as usual, but want to say thanks Jerri-Lynn for all your contributions to this great site. Best wishes and stay safe on your travels.

  56. Sue inSoCal

    J-L, I’m always late; I just checked in. I wish you and yours all the best with retirement and your endeavors! I love your writings, particularly regarding textiles. Buon viaggi!

  57. SusanS

    I wish you the best Jerri-Lynn!! Maybe you can do guest posts now and then on your travels with your husband.

  58. MichaelSF

    While I’m always glad to see a deserving person get to enjoy retirement, I can’t say that I’m not sad that it comes at the loss of so much interesting and informative reading. I expect her replacement will do a fine job, but it will probably be with a different emphasis. That means I get to learn more new stuff, but that is balanced against losing the new stuff that was her specialty that will no longer be posted.

    Jerri-Lynn can leave knowing she’s made NC a better place, and we all appreciate her work.

  59. McWatt

    This site represents the hard work of just a few people. Thanks Jerri for helping us make better sense of the world around us.

  60. tawal

    Thank you Jerri-Lynn. I was recently thinking how great this website is, how much your insights made it even so much better.
    Thank you for sharing your incisive perspective.
    You come from an angle that is so much more knowledgeable than mine, especially about the law. I enjoyed your contributions immensely.
    Safe, educational, Safaris!
    Be Well and Thank You,

  61. dk

    When I see pictures of amazing birds, Jerri-Lynn’s signature antidotes get an extra refresh read-rewrite cycle in my memories, and they will continue to. I’m grateful for having seen through her eyes in her voice.

  62. Nick Corbishley

    I echo so many of the beautiful sentiments expressed in this thread. Jerri-Lynn has been a wonderful asset for Naked Capitalism over the years and she will be sorely missed, though I suspect she will be contributing guest posts in the future, hopefully on a regular basis. She is also a very generous, amiable spirit who made me feel at home the moment I began contributing to NC, and who offered to cover my posts when I was knocked for six (a British expression that Jerri is probably familiar with) by the Delta variant last summer. Will miss your links, your articles, your antidotes and your anecdotes, Jerri, but I look forward to being your friend over the months and years ahead.

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