Seeking Reader Help in Finding New Site Contributor(s) to Fill Jerri-Lynn’s Shoes

As you will see from a companion post, we are saddened to announce that Jerri-Lynn is retiring, but she has many exciting endeavors beckoning. Jerri did give us very generous notice, and we thought we had found an accomplished writer in the form of Jonah Birch to take up her 4 times a month (two days every other week) commitment. However, even though readers liked Jonah’s initial posts, Jonah has concluded that doing Links isn’t for him and he will be exiting at the end of July.

The conundrum we face is that Links has become Naked Capitalism’s flagship. Many of you say at fundraiser time that you wake up in the morning with Links. But it does take more “production” than a regular post, and that plus having to become an informational whale filtering the ocean for krill is also not necessarily for everyone.

So we hope you can help us find talented, energetic, and tough-minded candidates. Jonah had spoken up for all of Jerri’s slots (Links, an original post, and a cross post, published Sunday and Monday mornings every other week) but the slots could be divided up among more than one person.

As much as we’d like a contributor to have a long and happy tenure here, past site writers have used Naked Capitalism as a stepping-stone to even bigger and better things. Philip Pilkington is now happily ensconced at the storied asset manager GMO and Nathan Tankus is now a recognized economics commentator, both on Substack and Twitter.

Having said that, old greybeards (after all Lambert and I are long in tooth) are welcome too!

We anticipate that a new contributor will have written often on a professional basis, say a journalist, commentator, analyst, or even an old-school blogger, who would like a regular part-time gig and/or would also like exposure to Naked Capitalism’s engaged readership. Being unphased by deadlines is important. Being willing to have a point of view is also critical.

Lambert has a detailed production guide, and Naked Capitalism isn’t big on fussy formatting. So while there is a learning curve for how we do things, it isn’t very steep.

If you have someone to recommend, please write Yves at yves-at-nakedcapitalism-dot-com and put “Site Writer” in the subject line. Thanks!

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  1. Clint Olsen Wright

    I wish I knew of several qualified people to recommend. I’m amazed at the output of NC’s link editors but at the same time take it for granted they’ll be there each morning.
    How would the actual job description for a site writer read? Hours in front of a computer screen; multi-subscriptions to paywalled publications; friends galore on FB; the skill to compose high calibre commentary.
    Best of outcomes on your head hunt.

  2. playon

    I so wish I could help you find someone, but it’s far out of my own bailiwick. Like many others here, I very much enjoy waking up with a cup of teas and reading the links page. Perhaps one of the growing number people who have been banned from social media could be a good fit?

  3. BradN

    Is it possible that two or more writers would be able to fit the bill with less demand on each?
    Possibly different areas of coverage.
    Just spitballing here.

    1. Terry Flynn

      I thought this too. There are 4-8 members of the commentariat who I quite often search for when I’m busy but want to get up to speed on discussion in a thread that has grown large.

      I doubt any single one has time to do the job but a combination….?

  4. Matthew G. Saroff

    I’d volunteer, but as anyone who has read my blog knows, I’m a bad writer without original ideas and a penchant for typographical errors.

  5. Soredemos

    Honestly, and maybe I’m alone in this, but I could stand to see less frequent, or at least less robust, Links posts. It’s simply too much information. Unless you’re Data from Star Trek, I simply don’t see how anyone can honestly be expected to even digest a summary of all of it. I literally don’t know how the NC crew manages to assemble them daily, especially while writing other posts. Any it basically does it twice with the Water Cooler post. That’s not even getting to the comments section, which frequently is of far more value than the links themselves (which isn’t to insult the effort put into gathering the links; they’re a jumping off point for discussion).

    The events of my mother’s death and the complete mess she left behind have forced me on many days, for well over a month, to either ignore NC entirely, or quickly scan it for keywords that I particularly care about, which basically amount to Ukraine and covid. Even as events in my life die down back to a semblance of normal, I don’t think I’ll be returning to the old routine. There are only so many hours in the day, and I can’t spend them all in this internet salon. I don’t think less content would actually necessarily be a bad thing. naked capitalism doesn’t have to always remain at the breakneck pace it has set itself.

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