Early Alert for an Early Fundraiser!

Dear Patient Readers,

We are letting you know that we will be starting our fundraiser super early this year….in just a week!

For those of you relatively new to the site, we have a fundraiser every year, and it’s the most important revenue source for the site.1 We run it for typically two weeks in the fall, but we’ve settled on a liberal definition of when fall starts so as to get this absolutely critical endeavor done as early as possible. That will allow us to stay cool-headed in what we expect to be increasingly crazy news flow as the US midterm elections approach while things are slotted only to get more stressful geopolitically and potentially economically too.

We make a special effort to make our fundraiser posts entertaining. Names you will probably recognize, both writers and members of the commentariat, will weigh in.

We hope you’ll give generously, whether for you that means $5 or $50 or $5000 (our Donation Page tells you how). Every bit helps, particularly when donors know from experience that even if they can make only a modest contribution, there are other supporters who’ve had a good year and will share their fortune with us, and thus with all of you.

And if you aren’t in a position to make a financial contribution, not to worry, there are other ways to help, such as sharing posts with friends and family, suggesting links for our daily Links, sending Antidote du Jour and Plantidote candidates, and giving analysis, links, lyrics, and witticisms in comments. But for those of you who are the earlybird sort, feel free to go to the Tip Jar now and chip in. We’ll count these “dress rehearsal” period donations in with the fundraiser total.

Please wish us a very successful event! And thanks so much for your support!

PS Because we are running our fundraiser so early, we are considering having a one day “fundraiser reminder” later this fall, for those readers who like making their giving decisions closer to the traditional Thanksgiving-New Year period.

Photo by Sasha Matic on Unsplash


1 Sadly, we aren’t at the point where we can totally forego ads, but reader donations do allow us to have markedly less ad clutter than most sites, such as no popups and no video ads.

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  1. Art_DogCT

    When my pension appears in my account next Friday, I will most happily join in. I hope this year’s fundraiser is a great success!

    1. Hickory

      When my social security appears in my account in 30 years, I will also most happily chip in. Just kidding!

      This site is an oasis in a sea of BS. I’ll happily join the tidal wave of givers.

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