Naked Capitalism (Again) Named One of Top 100 Economics Blogs

Thanks to our dedicated writers, as well as the considerable insights and input o our commentariat, Naked Capitalism is again included on Intelligent Economist’s annual roster, Top 100 Economics Blogs. As you’ll see when you visit the site, the selection very much focuses on strongly economics oriented site. As the Japanese would say, we are flattered and honored to be included.1

Also thanks to our friends at Angry Bear, who gave us a shout out:

Angry Bear makes the list again in 2023. You will also find Econospeak, Naked Capitalism, One-Handed Economist, CEPR, Calculated Risk, Bonddad blog (New Deal democrat), Capital Ebbs and Flows are listed also. If I missed anyone, it is not on purpose.

In addition to the sites named by Angry Bear, our running buddies/cross post sources on the list include Bill Mitchell, Bruegel, Credit Writedowns, The Institute of New Economic Thinking, The Big Picture, TripleCrisis, and VoxEU.

Thanks to all!


1 As your humble blogger sometimes says, “I am not an economist but am often mistaken for one.” Being buzzword compatible goes a long way.

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  1. CarlH

    Congratulations to everyone who contributes to this wonderful site, and of course, to Yves and Lambert! Thank you all for everything.

  2. The Rev Kev

    Congratulations to Yves and Lambert and the rest of the team who outdo themselves continuously putting this site together plus all the guest writers. Getting recognition like this is well deserved and also very satisfying.

  3. Cristobal

    Truly a great site. Not being an ¨economist¨ can sometimes be a good thing. As the writers and comentarists of this site know, the correct name for the discipline should be – and originally was – political economics.

  4. Terry Flynn


    When trying to find the bread crumb trail to a great article that makes a factual well argued piece, specifying nakedcapitalism in “web source” field so often is my saviour!

    1. notabanker

      If we had likes, and I’m glad we don’t, this comment would probably be a record setter. Couldn’t agree more.

    2. Karl

      Also, a top 100 commentariat, which for knowledge, insight and humor supplement the blog posts wonderfully. Often I learn as much (or more) from the comments as the blog posts themselves.

      So, Bravo also for the moderators!

  5. Mike X

    I’m (almost) strictly a reader and not a commenter but I have to throw in my congratulations too- “Huzzah to NC!”. So nice to have a place to go to learn about what is actually happening in the world, and not what TPTB are demanding I believe is happening. Invaluable.

  6. Camelotkidd

    Naked Capitalism is the antidote to the corporate media with their soft censorship and partisan propaganda
    Well done!

    1. Jeff Z

      IIRC, it was part of another organization where I happen to know the editor. I have emailed him to let him know, so we might know more in a bit.

      This is an outstanding blog, so Congrats to Yves and everyone else for that!

      1. Jeff Z

        I heard back from the editor. Yes the blog is defunct because they had to take it down because it had been hacked. ( His words. )

        He said that might work on getting the archives up, but it might be a while because it’s such a small organization.

  7. TomW

    This blog is notable for the quality of its daily links. As well as the general intelligence level exhibited in the comments.

  8. skippy

    Kudos to YS and the NC team in challenging the mainstream perspective in an rapidly changing world we all share. Would highlight all Lambert’s hard work with Covid and the assistance of the brain trust on this matter, epic levels of obfuscation on a once in a century public health concern.

  9. ChrisPacific

    Congrats! Well deserved.

    Eric Crampton is on there (last entry). I don’t like his perspective much (he’s very neoliberal) but I admit he writes well. He’s also capable of formulating an argument rather than just reciting dogma, so he can be a good bias check sometimes.

  10. Futility

    Congrats! My first click in the morning since years. I learned a lot not just about economics. Reading the comments also reminds me that I am not alone in this upside down world. Thanks to all the contributors!

  11. Khan

    I am new to NK, after spending some time on moonofalabama, but appreciate to read news other than the propaganda that is being spewed out by the MSM. Are there other noteworthy websites to follow with similar viewpoints?

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