Michael Hudson: Naked Capitalism – Your Guide, Philosopher, and Friend in Times of Crisis

During the past year I have become a more regular contributor to Naked Capitalism, the main reason being the superior quality of discussion by the commentators. That’s why Naked Capitalism readers get the first look at my posts. There is nothing remotely like the Naked Capitalism commentariat on any other site that I know of – thanks largely to the backstage efforts of the moderation team, punctuated by Yves’ interventions to keep the discussions on topic and evidence-based.

Moderation by humans takes resources, as in funding (which is why social media sites try to make algorithms do the impossible). This is my segue for you to go to the Tip Jar and give a nice big donation. Bear in mind that a well-staffed moderation team means happy moderators and comments being freed up faster, creating a virtuous cycle of happier readers and an even more lively comments section.

No other site has a wide-ranging and high caliber news summary which matches the daily Links at Naked Capitalism. That daily aggregation and curation looks effortless, but it isn’t. I’ve taken numerous ideas and references in my posts that have been based on quotes and citations from NC readers. So my work benefits not just from morning traffic but also from readers who forward links for Links.

Naked Capitalism provides the clearest narrative of today’s Western financial crisis. Naked Capitalism’s coverage of the Covid disaster has been a daily reminder to its readers to remain mavericks, and avoid being driven into the stockade that is “herd immunity.” I’m especially glad to emphasize that no other siterecognize so clearly that little progress can be made here in the United States with the Democratic and Republicans parties forming a duopoly.

I watched the conservative 1950s turn into demands for change of the 1960s. We can achieve more than a diagnosis of the economy’s self-destruction, although such a diagnosis must be our starting point. Societies actually can make a quantum leap in a short time frame. That’s “punctuated evolution” (or, as a virologist would say, “saltation”). So having a good picture of the mess we’re in may bring change closer.

So I’m happy to support this year’s fund-raising campaign. When you put the Covid crisis, the debt crisis, Brexit and the post-industrialization of Germany and the EU together (and these are only some of Naked Capitalism’s strong beats), we have a critical mass of important and ahead-of-the-curve analysis. We must keep it polished and thriving. So please give as much as you can. Whether a little or a lot, $5, $50, or $5,000, all will keep Naked Capitalism in fine form and in there punching. So off to the Tip Jar!

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  1. skippy

    Not that the next years will make a difference, other than offer, opportunity for readers make heads or tails of what is going around them is a huge reason to support this blog and those that it provides a place to disseminate information that is not found elsewhere.

    Wow how long has it been, post GFC, heady early NC days, so much to learn and experience, yet today because of this blog, its admin and posters, whooboy at the dinner table out and about ….

    My world is richer from it and money is the last thing I mean …

  2. chuck roast

    Political Economy was basically incinerated in the US after Thorstein Veblen. Yves has done yeoman’s work resurrecting it from the ash can of history. ;-) Amazing! My go-to spot for over 15 years. Thank you Michael for your unique intellectual contribution.

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