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Michael Hudson on Coronavirus and Debt Winners and Losers

Michael Hudson explains why debt cancellation and turning banks into utilities is the only sound response to the cornacrisis.


The Cost of Staying Open: Voluntary Social Distancing and Lockdowns in the US

Yves here. As various analyses have shown, in many places, governments implemented lockdowns after citizens had started restricting their activities to avoid contracting Covid-19. It’s useful to see economists address the question of what the cost of doing nothing or very little would have been. By Adam Brzezinski, DPhil (PhD) candidate in Economics, University of […]


Revealed: Nearly 400,000 British Companies Evade Anti-Money Laundering Checks

David Cameron promised to stop scammers and kleptocrats hiding behind British shell companies. But almost one in ten UK firms still do not declare ‘persons of significant control’