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Why You Should Back the Sanders/AOC Plan to Cap Credit Card Interest Rates at 15%, Re-Launch the Postal Savings Bank

A new bill by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seeks to limit credit abuses and make banking more accessible.


Student Loan Forgiveness Program Offers False Hope, Rejects 99% of Applications

The infamous HAMP program, which the Administration revised so many times on the fly as to give incompetent and mendacious mortgage servicers air cover for failing to modify mortgages, at least had a stealth purpose. As Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said to the SIGTARP’s Neil Barofsky, it was to foam the runway for banks by […]


Bill Black: If Current Laws Prosecuting Bankers Aren’t Used, What Can Warren Change?

Bill Black demolishes the notion that we can’t prosecute banksters with laws now in place. He there’s no need to pass new laws – as Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes – but instead to appoint regulators and legal officers who’ll use what we know about dealing with criminogenic environments to prosecute white collar criminals. And to provide them with support and resources.