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The “Existential Battle” Is for Control of the Democratic Party

Democratic Party operatives would have voters focus on Trump, as opposed to the batttle within their party over the Sanders-led effort to implement policies that serve Americans broadly, not the top 10% .


Nobel Economist Angus Deaton: Inequality is Destroying Democratic Capitalism

Angus Deaton argues that the present level of inequality is a threat to “democratic capitalism” but contends that historically, even more severe inequality has been reversed.


How NGOs in Rich Countries Control their Counterparts in Poor Countries..and Why they Refuse to Resolve it

Many NGOs around the world are fighting inequality between the rich and the poor, but the bigger NGOs are unwilling to fight policies that keep rich NGOs richer.

should also ask themselves why they are unwilling to let others who are less resourced take up the space where their voice can be heard.