Monday, September 25, 2017

The Sickness of American Healthcare

Some key facts that have been omitted from the debate over Obamacare and healthcare generally, apparently by design.

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Too Big To Fail Banks: “The Robotics Are Coming!” Really?

More and more bank CEOs tout robotics as the answer for the industry’s precarious cost position. But will it promise more than it delivers?

Google Betting Big on Being Able to Overturn EU Antitrust Decision; Effectively Thumbs Its Nose at Compliance

Google got hit with a huge EU fine and faces even bigger charges for non-compliance. So why is it playing hardball?

Catalonia’s Defiance of Spanish Authority Turns into Rebellion

Catalonia and the Spanish government are in a power struggle, with Madrid moving to strip Catalonia of its autonomy. What are the stakes?

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/18/2017

Today’s Water Cooler: Trump on trade, 2018, Obama legacy, housing market, the Bezzle, BernieCare, Juggalos, verbena, automobile design

The Medicare for All Act of 2017: The Policies

BernieCare vs .ConyersCare in #MedicareForAll implementations, how to handle displaced worker, how to talk about taxes.

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When Wall Street Owns Main Street — Literally

If housing is back, then why is the percentage of people who own homes in our country at a twenty-year low?

Climate Change Enabling US Military to Play Greatly Enlarged Domestic Role

Why climate change is great for the Pentagon’s budget and bad for Americans’ freedom.

CalPERS Illegally Trying to Hide Its Scheming to Hand Over Private Equity to BlackRock

oard candidate Margaret Brown objects to CalPERS’ illegal secret discussions, most importantly, of outsourcing private equity to BlackRock.

The Medicare for All Act of 2017: The Politics

The politics of BernieCare: The co-sponsors, the coverage, the funding mechanism.

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California Has a System That Punishes the Poor Through Traffic Violations—Civil Rights Groups Are Starting to Change That

Law enforcement for profit in California

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