Thursday, June 4, 2020

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/29/2020

COVID charts of Southeast Asia ~ Biden leaves basement ~ Klobuchar veepstakes ~ Briahna Joy Gray ~ Pollsters ~ Manufacturing, personal income, consumer sentiment ~ Hydroxychloroquine ~ SIR models ~ Cannabis in ancient Isreael ~ Minneapolis “thugs”; mystery man with umbrella ~ Monet

COVID-19 in Mauritius and Other Tourist Paradises: A Progress Report

Mauritius coped well with Covid-19 despite its tiny size and the importance of tourism.

Links 5/29/2020

Death, Suicides, And The Pandemic Economy

The data on suicides and economic distress is more muddy than you’d expect.

Uber Destroys More Value: Demolishes Bikes from Failed Rental Businesses Rather Than Donate Them

Uber behaves badly yet again.

Heiner Flassbeck: The Euro Arrangement Is Faulty

Heiner Flassbeck shows it defies macroeconomic logic to promote surpluses for Germany, prohibit government deficits everywhere else and forbid the central bank from acting as the central bank of each Euro member.

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/28/2020

COVID, charted globally ~ Biden to reach youth vote through financial planning seminar ~ Biden sharts (!) ~ Klobuchar’s karma ~ Trump and seniors ~ Peter Strzok’s wild memo ~ Manufacturing, housing, GDP, retail ~ Carbon as a cash crop ~ Remdesivir hype ~ Ulysses S. Grant ~ Skateboarding

Yes, You Can Drink the Water: Clean and Safe Public Water Supplies. Microplastics, A Plea for a Modest Post Coronavirus Priority

Leaders of countries should consider what they must do to ensure we can drink the water in a world after we have learned to cope with coronavirus.

Links 5/28/2020

U.S. Declares a Vaccine War on the World

The U.S. fumbled its coronavirus response. Its intent to hoard vaccine profits only isolates it from other countries working on remedies.

COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Surge: The Impact of Wisconsin’s In-Person Primary Vote

Yves here. Correlation is not causation, but the Wisconsin primary looks to have ushered in more Covid-19 infections. By Phillip Alvelda. Originally published at the Institute for New Economic Thinking website The world is on edge at the prospect of a resurgent wave of infections. Models and speculation are rife, but facts remain scarce, which […]

Coronavirus Bad Look at Grandview Medical Center ER in Birmingham, Alabama

Coronavirus mask defiers in all the wrong places.

2:00PM Water Cooler 5/27/2020

COVID19 maps and charts beyond New York ~ Reade’s degree ~ Biden’s papers ~ Biden on Syria ~ Trump + Pence 4EVA (?) ~ Presidential transitions ~ Manufacturing ~ Killer mountain streams ~ BlackRock and Exxon ~ Humorous vegetables ~ Social distancing ~ Slavitt’s empathy ~ Sleep

5 Ways to Make Voting Easier for Everyone in America—Even in a Pandemic

Not surprisingly, unfriendly voting methods have a lot to do with the US having the lowest turnout rates among developed countries.

Links 5/27/2020