Monday, October 18, 2021

WHO Approved a Malaria Vaccine for Children – a Global Health Expert Explains Why That Is a Big Deal

WHO approves first ever malaria vaccine.

Chicago Boys’ 100% Private Pension System in Chile Is in Big Trouble

Once touted by its creator as the “Mercedes Benz” of pensions, Chile’s defined contribution scheme is suffering major outflows

‘Waive the Patents’: Moderna Still Refuses to Share Covid-19 Vaccine Recipe

Modern refuses to share vaccine recipe and acts as if they have absolutely no responsibility beyond maximizing their return on investment.

Sleep and the Covid-19 Pandemic

An unsystematic survey of the effect of SARS-COV-2, the virus, on sleeping individuals; and the effect of COVID-19, the disease, on populations.

On the Economic Geography of Climate Change

A crucial aspect of human adaptation to climate change is geographic mobility. As a consequence, limitations to mobility will worsen the socioeconomic costs of climate change.

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The Supply Chain Crisis: How We Got Here

On some of the key management practices and fads that produced dependence on extended and revealed-to-be-fragile supply chains.

Popularism and the Child Tax Credit

On the use and misuse of popularism as a tool to inform policy decisions.

Did Labor Action Over Vaccine Mandates Compel Southwest to Cancel Thousands of Flights?

The strange story of Southwest’s operational collapse this weekend

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Major Insurers Running Billions of Dollars Behind on Payments to Hospitals and Doctors

Disputes between insurers and hospitals are nothing new. But this fight sticks more patients in the middle, worried they’ll have to pay unresolved claims.

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Book Review: The ‘Mystery’ Illnesses Informed by Culture

Illness may be even less straightforward than you think.

Never Mind the Pandora Papers: Why Secrecy Still Rules in the UK

Thanks to poor drafting and a lack of enforcement, anti-secrecy legislation intended to make it clearer who owns UK companies isn’t working

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