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Mario Draghi: The ECB Has No Mandate To Ensure Checks Clear Or Credit Cards Work

By Nathan Tankus, a writer from New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @NathanTankus Last week Mario Draghi held a press conference following the decision to raise ELA a paltry 900 million dollars for Greek banks. In that press conference he said many things but I’d like to focus on one passage that has gotten […]


Cecilia Nahon: Argentina vs the Vultures

This Institute of New Economic Thinking interview describes how Argentina’s completed sovereign debt restructuring was derailed by vulture fund NML Capital in a reading of the original bonds’ pari passu clause that was contrary to well-established practice. Even the US Treasury had weighed in on the side of Argentina in an amicus brief. The interview of Argentine ambassador Cecilia Nahon by Marshall Auerbach goes into the backstory of the restructuring, that Argentina’s woes in no small measure resulted from following the IMF’s neoliberal fads du jour.


The Economics of P2P Lending

Yves here. The odds are high that if super low interest rates continue (virtually certain), P2P lending will continue to rise rapidly as yield-desperate investors seek better returns. As more money flows through these channels, it virtually assures less careful selection. The question is how bad the downside will be when lenders get bruised and how the market evolves after its inevitable first large-scale setback (the first venture in this market ended in tears, but it was sufficiently small so as not to have burned enough people so as to sour the image of this concept).