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We Speak on RT TV About Goldman’s Predatory Culture and the Latest Stress Tests

I ducked out of the Atlantic Economy Summit to see Lauren Lyster of RT TV. We talked about the hot story of the day, the New York Times op-ed by departing Goldman executive director Greg Smith that decried what he saw as a deterioration in the firm’s values over his 12 year career.


We Speak on Democracy Now About the Mortgage Settlement

Hope you don’t mind the spate of posts with my various media appearances on the mortgage settlement. This was my first time on Democracy Now and they do do their homework. A producer ran out to me when I was on deck to ask if the total deal was $25 or $26 billion. I said all the Administration messaging was $26 billion, but the numbers seemed to add up to more like $25 billion, they must be rounding up on the subtotals. He came back and said they couldn’t make it add up to $26 billion and so would report it as $25 billion.

Here’s the segment:


We Speak on BNN About the US Housing Market

This was the weirdest little booth at NASDAQ. The seat was at an off angle to the camera, and I couldn’t sit up straight without bumping my head against the glass behind me, which is curved. So I look a bit whopperjawed and uncomfortable at the top but I think it came out fine in the end.


We Speak on BNN About the S&P Negative Watch for US Debt

I had hesitated to post this video, since I wasn’t too happy about it. Just before the segment was about to start, I got a cross feed on the audio, which meant I was listening to another show! I had to open the door to my itty bitty booth and yell to the production guys to fix it (I was already tethered so I couldn’t really go anywhere). This happened twice. The remote video was also on a big delay, so I couldn’t watch it to see my hosts.

I think that got me sufficiently adrenalined up that I got a bit stroopy and also invoking ideas (like gold standard versus fiat currency constraints) without explaining them enough.

Oh well. One reader thought it was OK and chided me for not linking to it. Hope you like it.


Reagonomics Was Pro Business, Not Pro “Market”: We Speak on Real News Network

The centenary of Reagan’s birth is providing an excuse for trotting out a lot of hoary old myths and selective history about the 40th president. We gave a bit of an antidote on the Real News Network.

As much as I thought this clip came out well, I have a minor quibble, and wished the folks at Real News Network had not invoked the expression “free market” in the headline on their site. It’s a dangerous bit of propaganda, a malleable, often slippery concept (per Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty “It means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less”) and is rife with internal contradictions (see our long form discussion in ECONNED for details). The equivalent expression in the 1960s was “free enterprise” and that conveyed far more accurately whose interests were really served by the sort of liberalization being sought.