Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gaius Publius: One Way to Ease the Worldwide Water Crisis — End Privatization

“We have 15 years to avert a full-blown water crisis.” Why stopping privatization of water will help.

Will Hillary Clinton Adopt Hedgie Billionaire John Arnold’s Schemes for Retirement Insecurity?

To solve any “retirement security” problems, why not just expand the proven and popular Social Security program?

Dodd Frank’s 5th Anniversary Passes, But Should We Celebrate?

This Real News Network segment gives a detailed assessment of what Dodd Frank did and did not accomplish.

2:00PM Water Cooler 7/27/15

Today’s Water Cooler: TPP and Malaysia, all Trump, all the time, Chinese markets, Medicare Part D, class warfare, pursuit of happiness

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Greece Negotiations Already Starting to Look Wobbly

Silly me! I thought that given that the Greek government had prostrated itself and had complied with the creditor demand to pass legislation double-plus quickly or else, that the worst of the hurdles to getting the third bailout passed had been surmounted.

I should know better than that.

Debt Miracle: Why the Country that Borrowed the Most Industrialised First

Is debt really that bad? This column looks at the towering debts, rapid tax hikes, and constant state of war that led to Britain’s Industrial Revolution, showing that the devil is in the detail when assessing sovereign debt. When we consider the dangers of debt in today’s world, we should keep an eye on its potential benefits as well.

The Yellen Subsidy: Fed Chair Pumps for Keeping Financiers Fat Over Filling Potholes

Yellen tries conning journalists and the Great Unwashed Public in her defense of preserving the current level of Fed dividends to banks.

Joe Firestone: Declarations of Dependence: A New e-Book on the Neoliberal Nation-Subjugating “Trade Deals”

By Joe Firestone, Ph.D., Managing Director, CEO of the Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI), and Director of KMCI’s CKIM Certificate program. He taught political science as the graduate and undergraduate level and blogs regularly at Corrente, Firedoglake and New Economic Perspectives. Originally published at New Economic Perspectives The trade agreements currently being negotiated by the […]

The Previous Sole Superpower: From the Opium Wars to the Origin of the Species

The Opium Wars illustrate the brutal effectiveness of Great Britain’s use of a particular notion of freedom as a means of conquest.

Comparison of Greek and English Version of Kathimerini Scoop on Varoufakis Parallel Currency Plan

Filling in some details on a bombshell report about a call that Varoufakis had with hedge fund managers about a parallel currency.

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Greece’s Drachma Drama: Why Planning Is Too Important to be Left to Economists

In conference call with hedgies, Yanis Varoufakis claims to have had approval to plan a parallel banking system using the drachma: Plan B.

Asset Management and Financial Stability

The growth of the asset management industry has raised concerns about its potential impacts on financial stability. This column assesses the systemic risk created by fund managers’ incentive problems and a first-mover advantage for end investors. Fund flows and fund ownership affect asset prices, and fund managers’ behaviour can amplify risks. This lends support to the expansion and strengthening of industry oversight, both at the individual fund and market levels.

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