Sunday, December 4, 2016

Catch Us Discussing the New McCarthyism with Josh Scheer of KPFA/TruthDig Today, Dec.1 at Noon PST

We’ll speak with Josh Scheer about the how the Washington Post’s smear against 199 independent news sites is more serious than it might seem.

2:00PM Water Cooler 11/30/2016

Today’s Water Cooler: RCEP, “They Had One Job,” Trump conflicts and cabinet, Ranked Choice Voting, ADP, income, copper, zinc, Czar Nicholas

Why Has CalPERS Given Chief Investment Officer Ted Eliopoulos a $135,000 Gift Via a Bonus That Violates His Bonus Formula?

CalPERS flagrantly violated its procedures by granting its CIO, Ted Eliopoulos, a bonus greatly in excess of the level allowed.

Links 11/30/16


Can Uber Ever Deliver? Part One – Understanding Uber’s Bleak Operating Economics

Uber’s financials statements and economics shows a complete lack of progress towards profit and no reason to expect significant improvement.

Trump Starts Revealing His True Colors: Government by Plutocrats, For Plutocrats

The outlines of how Trump will govern are emerging from the fog, as revealed by his Cabinet picks. As expected, there is a lot not to like.

We’re Under Attack

The Washington Post validated a McCarthyite effort to blacklist 200 sites, threatening independent media and Naked Capitalism specifically.

2:00PM Water Cooler 11/29/2016

Today’s Water Cooler: NAFTA, TPP, more Trump appointments, “RIP, my Shillaries,” GDP, retail, the bezzle, #NoDAPL, brutal winters, haggis

Trump Loves to Win, But American Generals Have Forgotten How

Trump recognizes that the senior U.S. military leadership doesn’t know how to win. But can he do anything about it?

Links 11/29/16

black ewe and white lamb links

How the Global Left Destroyed Itself (or, All Sex Is Not Rape)

Why the politics of sex in particular, and identity politics in general, have undermined the left.

Wall Street Journal Puts Foot in Mouth and Chews Via False Claim That Tax Law Change Would Lead US Companies To Move Cash to US

Yet again, we ebunk the myth that tax gaming leads US companies to hoard cash overseas. Tax accounting has nada to do with where money sits.

Trump’s Existential Threat: Climate Change

Trump will encounter opposition from the military if he persists with climate change denialism.

2:00PM Water Cooler 11/28/2016

Everybody’s in despair, every girl and boy, But when Quinn the Eskimo gets here everybody’s gonna jump for joy.

Still More Myths About Clinton’s Defeat in Election 2016 Debunked

Clinton’s “17 Intelligence Agencies” talking point, and “Trump is a Russian puppet” talking point