Thursday, January 19, 2017

More on the Economic Hardship of Young Adults

Young adults have had a very rough go and don’t have good reason to expect their economic condition to improve much.

Bill Black: Trump Far More Interested in Business Deals than the Business of the Nation

Former financial regulator Bill Black discusses how Trump’s decision to hand off his business to his children poses a huge conflict of interest and is also unconstitutional.

Tillerson Dodges Discussing Who Knew What When about ExxonMobil’s Efforts to Deceive the Public on Climate Change

Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson dodges question about who knew what when at ExxonMobil about company’s history of promoting and funding climate science denial despite its internal awareness of the reality of climate change, as state AG probes continue.

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North Dakota Governor: DAPL Likely to Get Easement Once Trump Is President

Trump is likely to give DAPL, the Dakota Access Pipeline, an easement despite Army Corps of Engineers’ objections.

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Gaius Publius: Who’s Blackmailing the President & Why Aren’t Democrats Upset About It?

The CIA tries a ham-handed stunt to blackmail Trump and Democrats applaud. This is too close for comfort to an attack on democratic rule.

The Fed in an Age of Uncertainty

How uncertainty over the wisdom of the Fed starting to tighten in 2017 and its reading of Trump policies might impact other economies.

2:00PM Water Cooler 1/13/2017

Today’s Water Cooler: Trump infrastructure, our hysterical nomenklatura, Sanders rallies, Cory Booker, China exports, containers, CRISPR, AI

How To Balance Sovereignty and Integration in a Voluntary EU

Why is the EU project in trouble and what might be done to fix it?

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Debate Over Health Care Yet Again Omits Elephants In the Room: Excessive Costs Due to Terrible Incentives and Pricing, Administrative Costs, Pharma Looting

Health care in America is broken and the press and pundits seem desperate to paper over how bad it is.

Does Immigration Boost Growth? A Look at Data From Around the World

Comparative data on immigration doesn’t support the tidy economists’ story that it good for growth…at least not recently.

The Destructive Power of Preemption: How Congress Can Use It to Bar State Action on Climate

How federal preemption of environmental rules can stymie the plans of California and other states to ignore Trump’s policies.

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