Monday, August 31, 2015

2:00PM Water Cooler 8/27/15

Today’s Water Cooler: Clinton on guns, Trump on third party, Sanders on scaling, GDP revision, epigenetic change, tsundoku (unread books)

Conflict Over Water In Central Asia

Expect water wars to become more common and deadly.

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Currency Depreciations Don’t Boost Exports as Much as They Used To

A new study has important implications for IMF policies as well as for Greece, both “reformers” and those who advocate a Grexit.

Household Labor, Caring Labor, Unpaid Labor

A discussion of the practical and policy implications of failing to measure household labor and production.

Real Household Net Worth: Look Out Below?

Even with the wild end-of-day rally yesterday, Steve Roth describes how absent a strong continuation of the snapback, real household net worth is likely to show a year-to-year fall by the end of September. And that’s not a good sign at all.

2:00PM Water Cooler 8/26/15

Today’s Water Cooler: Mr. Market calmer, for now, Trump blocking and tackling, Biden boomlet, ObamaCare networks, Linux bday, origin of life

Wolf Richter: Americans’ Economic Outlook Plunges

The latest poll of Americans’ economic outlook shows most expect things to get worse…and the survey was before the market rout started last Friday.

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Michael Hudson: Smoke and Mirrors of Corporate Buybacks Behind the Market Crash

Hudson clearly differentiates what is happening in the Chinese versus the US markets, with emphasis on the role of corporate buybacks here.

The Real Dark Side of Health Care: Health Care Corruption

A top journal excoriated two doctors who engaged in disrespectful behavior, but is vastly less vigilant or heated when faced with health care corruption, as in the sort of conduct that can and often does kill people.

King Coal, Dethroned, and Its Aftermath

The history the coal industry is tragic and its collapse is its grim final act.

2:00PM Water Cooler 8/25/15

Today’s Water Cooler: Mr. Market seems more calm, Trump’s appeal, Sanders strategy, Corbynmania, Travis Kalanick invents the bus, sarcasm

Louis Proyect: A Brief Response to Joe Firestone on IT/Grexit

Why believing that there must be an easy way for Greece to pull of a Grexit does not make it so.

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