"Peculiar Libertarian Beliefs"

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A little weekend levity, courtesy Economic Investigations:

That recessions are always and everywhere caused by the government. (That’s because they mostly know only one theoretical account/scenario for such an event.)

That the seigniorage caused by a 3% annual rate of inflation plays a big role in politics and that it’s big enough to motivate a trans-institutional conspiracy between fiscal and monetary authorities.

That Rand and Rothbard have been ignored by academics because of their political views.

That while voting is ineffective, it’s paramount not to vote, as not to “sanction” the system.

That homesteading the handicapped is a viable solution to “social issues”.

That asking “What does the contract say?” will solve pretty much any moral dilemma.

That there’s only one True notion of property rights. Unfortunately, they haven’t agreed among themselves which one it is.

That the government produces nothing, that public spending is net waste, but then praise the internet as an explosion of creativity, private (?) initiative and entrepreneurship.

That the debate of the ’70s are still relevant.

That the debate of the ’30s are still relevant.

That Austrian Economics proves things.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have only just found your blog but everything I have read so far is excellent and suggests real understanding. I have long thought that Mancur Olson’s principle work demolished libertarian premises, even more so when they ignore it.

  2. russell120


    It is unfair to take libertarian views to their logical extreme. My brief flirtation with libertarianism a number of years ago (before I met my wife, Ofcourse!) indicated that the best thing they have going for them is hot chicks with guns.

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