Links 12/9/07

A couple of these items are stories from last week that I missed….

The Historical Origins of Africa’s Underdevelopment Vox EU

House prices seen falling 30 pct Reuters

OECD advises Fed, ECB, BoJ to hold rates through ’08 Boston Globe

Frying Pan into the Fire Russ Winter. Some great charts in this post.

Are central banks diversifying away from the dollar? Brad Setser

What Doesn’t Seem to be on Anyone’s Platform Angry Bear

Reshaping the Debate on Raising Taxes Robert Frank, New York Times

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  1. Independent Accountant of full of balogna on Africa. I you are interested in the real story read “IQ and the Wealth of Nations” by Lynn and Vanhalen.

  2. Anonymous

    VoxEU article: “According to my calculations, if the slave trades had not occurred, then 72% of the average income gap between Africa and the rest of the world would not exist today”.

    While he’s at it, maybe he can calculate the effects of the 1870 Franco-Prussian war on the EU’s GDP. To two decimal places, please. Oh, and the Black Death plague of the 1340s too. For that one, plus or minus two percent accuracy would be fine.

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