1. Anonymous

    to what end? Perhaps like the prevous discussion, Americans are overly focues ion the wrong things. So we have a temrinal cancer patient and can elongate thier life a year or two? Is that progress? Or is that Pharma enrichment?

  2. MikeInOregon

    As a health care professional, what is the first question you ask a patient?

    “Do you have insurance?”

    The American insurance-based health-care system destroys market signals. Consumers have little knowledge or concern for costs. The insuror pays it.

    Insurers’ statisticians have no problem building in profits around health care provider’s & consumer’s abuse and over consumption.

    There is no market equilibrium when there is no market choice. There is a spiral. The most likely result is some kind of Centrally Planned health care or health insurance. The consumer will not benefit from market choice and the system will not improve through innovation.

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