Links 1/6/08

Chinese consumer spending is down China Financial Markets

A Bullish Call Barrons. Happened to come across this December 16 article, which should serve as a warning to take forecasts of any kind with a handful of salt.

Asymmetrical Unwind of the Credit Bubble Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

Peter Barnes’ cap-and-dividend plan is fatally incomplete Gristmill

Iguanas Fall From Trees With Cold Snap PhysOrg

How to Remember 1968 Todd Gitlin, Los Angeles Times

The Last Shoe to Drop in the Unavoidable Recession Ahead: Faltering Employment and Labor Market Nouriel Roubini

While we are on the subject of recession, I would not put it past this Administration will announce weakly positive GDP figures that are later revised to negative. Stay tuned.

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