1. doc holiday


    Nice to see a link for you at Wall Street Journal – MarketBeat

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    Keep up the great work on these stories, your one of the very best resources around these days!

  2. Steve Diamond

    well the first chart looks strangely reminiscent of the housing price charts up until last year…when the new price highs hit a top and started tumbling…what is good for the goose, right? So shouldn’t we expect a reversion to the mean for homeowner vacancy rates, too?

  3. RK

    I read an interesting linkage developing between
    the bursting housing bubble and a segment of commercial real estate- apartment complexes. The high level of undocumented workers in construction during the boom are now being laid off and are leaving. They were by and large renters. In addition, the recent state restrictions on RENTING to undocumented people are having the same effect. The result is that many of these complexes are hollowing out, and turning cash flow negative.

  4. Anonymous

    The first chart, “Homeowner Vacancy Rate” appears mislabeled on its Y-axis. Shouldn’t it be “Percent of all Homeowner Units”, not “Percent of all Rental Units”?

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