Links 3/10/08

Lessons of 1000 years of trade and war VoxEU

The Face Slap Theory Paul Krugman, New York Times.

Signs Of The Time Part 5 Boom2Bust. Lawyer sues casino for failing to recognize compulsion and stop her.

Auction-rate warnings fell on deaf ears MarketWatch

Is McCain Telling Me That There’s Lots of Bombing in Manhattan? PGL, Angry Bear

NYC: Traces of Sedatives in NYC Water PhysOrg. You’d never guess, given the behavior of the locals.

Fed Watch: Set to Accede to the Market? Tim Duy, Economist’s View. Duy argues that the Fed won’t cut 75 basis points. The problem is that Duy once before made the mistake of predicting that the Fed would do the right thing and not cut once before and was proven wrong. But this is very much worth reading for the quality of its reading of the economic tea leaves.

Don’t Mark to Markit Alea

Antidote du jour:

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