Links 3/22/08

Leaping stingray kills US woman BBC

Steve Forbes on Ending the Panic Cactus, Angry Bear

The Bear Meltdown Rattles B-Students Business Week. I am no doubt going to anger a lot of fellow MBAs, but in my view, fewer people getting that degree would be a plus. I was in a position to get far more out of it than most (liberal arts major, no work experience) and I felt what I was taught in two years could have been boiled down to six months. They are mainly finishing schools and employment agencies. And they often have the effect of encouraging kids to go into whatever is hot at the time (the top recruiters at B-schools are almost inevitably industries due for a correction) whether or not it really is a fit with their talents and temperament.

Continuation Point Michael Panzner

Another 75 James Hamilton, Econbrowser. I had wanted to feature this post, but it somehow got overlooked. Worth reading still, in part because it is as close as the even-tempered Hamilton ever gets to a rant.

Fannie, Freddie Face “Severe” Capital Pressures, Say Analysts Housing Wire

Antidote du jour. This video has made the rounds, but I though it still made for a good bunny feature for Easter:

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  1. Anonymous

    Love your B-school commentary, and wouldn’t mind hearing more about it.

    I’m in an engineering field, with a graduate degree. My current manager says that MBAs are responsible for many of the problems we have (cost-cutting at the expense of quality and PowerPoint as a communications medium), yet as I look around the folks my age who are getting promoted are those with a B.S. and an M.B.A.

    Time to go to finishing school?

  2. John W.

    Great blog!

    So, if you were to advise a young-ish man about what would be an appropriate degree in lieu of an MBA, what would it be? I’ve been accepted at good schools for grad degrees in finance, financial economics, and a few MBA’s. I can’t make up my mind!

    Any suggestions??

  3. Yves Smith


    That will require a long-form reply. Give me a couple of days.

    Out of curiosity, why did you focus on finance and business?

  4. John

    In the post-undergrad years, I’ve worked with special needs kids, been a middle school teacher, a journalist and others. I need something more competitive to get me up in the morning.

    I’ve had a deep interest in fin/econ since my undergrad years. I need a professional degree, and it is this or law. And I do not want to go near law.

    I’d like to focus on agriculture economics/finance, if possible, as I grew up on a farm.

    Any tips would be mucho appreciated!

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