Links 4/19/08

Man hypnotises himself before operation BBC. As in “Look Ma, no anaesthetic!”

Financial crisis forces Britons into austerity Telegraph

Cat Desktop Bed Is a Good Idea, But Cats Will Never Go For It Gizmodo (hat tip Kevin Drum). This is really unnecessary. Contrary to public opinion, cats can be trained to stay off keyboards (although weaning them off “distract the human” strategies is another matter).

Eagle owl terrorising village’s pets and children Telegraph

How cheap are US banks? Macro Man. Not bad at all for a quick and dirty analysis.

Surplus countries depreciating when they should be appreciating Brad Setser

Ultra-Bears: I take it back! Accrued Interest. AI asks his bears what they’d need to see to go long. The comments are quite good.

The foreclosure ‘discount’ Calculated Risk. You must go and see what $640,000 bought at the peak of the market. Yikes.

Krugman’s conundrum Economist (hat tip Mark Thoma)

CDS may undermine debt governance -law professor Reuters (hat tip Michael Panzner)

Antidote du jour:

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