Links 4/2/08

World views US ‘more positively’ BBC. Don’t get too excited, this is improvement from a very low level.

Octopus sex more sophisticated than arm-wrestling PhysOrg

Britain faces up to the prospect of house prices American-style Financial Times

Hope over Tasmanian Devil cancer BBC

Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile demands Engadget Mobile discontinue using the color magenta Endgadget

Opening Polemic April 1 2008 Across the Curve. Be sure to read the closing paragraphs

Why Is Congress So Anxious to Make Homeownership Unaffordable? Dean Baker

Analysts: 200,000 Banking Industry Layoffs Predicted Huffington Post. And, predictably, two people who said they were in real estate (that means they are brokers) were trying to tell some chump in line in the grocery store that the next six months is the time to buy real estate in Manhattan.

The Liquidity Society Michael Panzner

Antidote du jour:

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    The FT writes re the British housing market: “Deposits are being imposed that require home buyers to have an equity stake in the property from the start.” My lord, the sky is falling!

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