Links 5/10/08

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You’ve Seen the YouTube Video; Now Try the Documentary New York Times. In case you aren’t one of the 30 million who has seen Battle at Kruger.

U.K. turns CCTV, terrorism laws on pooping dogs CNet. Note it has been determined that the CCTV does not deter crime, so it’s nice to learn it is useful for something.

Notes on the High End Rich Toscano. A few sightings on the degree of distress in high-end real estate.

Home repossessions to double this year for mortgage defaulters Times Online

First ink, now blood Economist. The prospects for investment and commercial bank layoffs.

The Healthiest Part of the Financial-Services World Felix Salmon

James Galbraith vs. Paul Krugman Mark Thoma

What if we’d been on the gold standard? James Hamilton, Econbrowser

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