Links 6/12/08

Are overconfident CEOs born or made? PhysOrg

42 days detention without charge? I favour 48 Willem Buiter

Palestinian-Israeli violence: new evidence VoxEU

Spitzer’s Next Act: Distressed Real Estate Wall Street Journal

Abu Dhabi fund sets sights on Chrysler Building Financial Times. Reminds me of when the Japanese were bought iconic properties at peak-of-the-market prices, although the Kuwatis may prove to be cannier than the last cash-rich bunch that rode into town.

Why Not Deflation? Econompic Data

Is Chinese export growth accelerating once again? and Shhh.. don’t tell any one. The US trade deficit is getting worse, not better Brad Setser. And even I had hoped things were getting better….

OCC’s Dugan Takes Aim at HOPE NOW’s Workout Claims Paul Jackson

Antidote du jour:

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