Links 6/28/08

Treasury chief on ‘wombat leave’ BBC

North Pole May Be Ice Free for First Time This Summer National Geographic. I’m going on a family trip to Alaska in August, and expect to be thoroughly depressed by the signs of global warming.

Iran: The Threat Thomas Powers, New York Review of Books. A must read.

Rogers Tells Investors Not to `Give Up’ on China Bloomberg

Wine economics and economical wine Richard Baldwin, VoxEU

Everyone Wants More Hedge Fund Control of Banks Dean Baker

Have Swaps Overdone the Gloom? Wall Street Journal. This article is a bit lightweight, in that it mentions that the ABX index has been criticized, yet does not discuss its shortcomings.

An anti-stagflation strategy: move back home Tim Harford, Financial Times. Funny

Antidote du jour:

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  1. W

    Re:Iran The Threat- The President’s male pride seems to have been aroused; he said he was going to solve the Iranian problem and he doesn’t want to back down. The intensity of Bush’s desire to crush this final opponent is evident in his words and his body language, but does he retain the power to carry out his threats.

    What do you leftist pothheads know about reality anyway?…ah em re-alty…

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