Links 7/17/08

Democracies with separation of powers less likely to stop using torture PhysOrg

Offshoring is a Dubious Policy, When the Question is Oil Drilling Jeff Frankel

Growing disparities in life expectancy Economic Policy Institute

When the state does not enforce property rights Dani Rodrik. I assume his closing comment is sarcastic.

The May TIC data (with special attention to Agencies and London) Brad Setser

Finance and the Fed: the battle is not over Sam Natapoff, Financial Times. Some vignettes of the often-fractious relationship between the US government and its central bank.

Social Safety Nets, Inflation Fighting, and Market Discipline Mark Thoma

Antidote du jour:

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  1. Danny


    I don’t think Rodrik is being sarcastic. Looking at it from an economist’s point of view, the mines were unproductive, now they are. People are earning money because a gang has provided protective services. They charge a fee for their effort. What is the difference between the state (an organized gang) collecting taxes (institutionalized fees) and this example of the free market in action? I bet the fee is lower than it is in most developed countries and the gang probably does a better job.

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