Links 7/18/08

Beavers breed again in England BBC

Measures to help species cope with climate change? PhysOrg

WSJ: One fact about government outsourcing is settled: It sure doesn’t save money rdan Angry Bear

Apple Climbs Into Third Place in U.S. PC Market PC Magazine

Fatalism is not the answer Aline van Duyn, Financial Times. Headlines like that are a pet peeve of mine, particularly when the article if anything proves the reverse.

Is Your Bank at Risk? Newsweek. A sign of the times.

Prime looks terrible Ed Harrison

Top 8 Worst Real Estate Deals on Record Mortgage Calculator. An entertaining list, although I have to imagine there might be a deal or two in Japan that would merit inclusion.

Antidote du jour:

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  1. dearieme

    The explanation for the pet peeve article may be found at the bottom:
    “Gillian Tett is away”.

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