Links 7/5/08

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Sulston argues for open medicine BBC

Species Extinction Threat Underestimated Due To Math Glitch Science Daily. And the error is huge….

Only seven years left for global warming target: UN panel chief PhysOrg

Hey progressive bloggers — Stop carrying the Republican’s pollen RFK Action Front. Makes an important observation about how the party that lands the first punch frames the debate.

Is the Labor Department Understating Job Loss? Dean Baker and Persons “Marginally Attached to the Labor Force” +B/D Barry Ritholtz. The birth/death input strikes again.

Good news for the fourth of July Brad Setser

House Prices vs. Consumer Spending Calculated Risk

Number of Those Unemployed For at Least 6 Months Rises Wall Street Journal

Is global shipping slowing drastically? Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. The famed Baltic Dry Index has taken a dip, but some sightings says a more profound fall may be en route.

TPG walks away from UK bank rescue Financial Times and for byplay, TPG’s opportunism should be no surprise Times Online. This story hasn’t gotten the attention in the US that it deserves, and is a cautionary tale for those who think private equity firms will play a significant role in recapitalizing the banking industry.

The intergenerational transmission of risk and trust attitudes Thomas Dohmen. Armin Falk, David Huffman, and Uwe Sunde, VoxEU

Antidote du jour:

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  1. HoosierDaddy

    What’s interesting about the drop in shipping utilization is this is happening as the lines reduce transit speed (effectively lowering capacity).

  2. Toby Rogers

    Hi Yves! Thanks for the link. As always, your site is informative and interesting. And the photo of the dog on the couch is hilarious (we all need an antidote from time to time)! Thanks for all your good work!

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